01 August 2016

Essence is on sale


today was a very successful day, well at least in terms of shopping. I found Essence products on sale (finally) and I took the advantage to throw in the basket as much as possible well, I made myself a list and I dedicated whole post to it here.

I initially only wanted one bronzer and one blush but we all know things never go as planed in real life ;)

This is my first silky blush and it is in the shade Natural Beauty. I also really wanted to get Indian Summer (any Stereophonic fans out  there? I'm especially in love with their song Indian Summer which is constantly on repeat) but these two are very similar IS is a bit warmer, more red so I decided to only get the NB which is more neutral and I think I will use it way more.

Continue with bronzer no. 1, it is sun club shimmer bronzing powder for light skin in the shade Sunloved. It is very warm, golden and shimmery. I am a bit scared but on swatches it looked really nice with more of a sateen finish. I will see it myself after I try it out.

Next we have a product which wasn't even on my wishlist (those are the perks of coming into the store among the first and everything was pretty much still there). It is pure nude powder in Nude Beige, there is also a lighter shade but it was already sold out so I grabbed second lighter shade after swatching it on the back of my hand and realizing it has a beautiful sateen finish.

Second bronzer is again from the sun club range and it is 2 in 1 bronzing powder in Sunshine. I spread all of them and tried to get the one with more bronzer opposed to highlighter but I still think the highlighter area is quite big. I will have to try it to see if it will even work as a bronzer considering how little of that color you get.

Next we have nail related products and I think I did good, only two.

I decided to play a little with my manicures in the future so I grabbed nail art stickers, holo stripes. When I will use them I will for sure take a photo and show it here as well.

The last item is nail polish in a beautiful forest green shade with a great name I feel good (very James Brown). I only picked this shade because it is unique in my collection against Serendipity (I have a ton of lavender nail polishes, it is probably my favorite color on my nails but enough is enough).

I will have lots of fun trying them out and every product will also be featured on my blog so come back to see more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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