18 August 2016

Chocolate Nudes


I'm back with another oldie. This palette has been discontinued last month and probably it is sold out (Catrice palettes usually do) but maybe you can still find it somewhere or you already own it but forgot about it.

Catrice Chocolate Nudes eye shadow palette contains three matte and three shimmery shades for a lovely neutral make-up.

I think the shades are beautiful and look very much like chocolate also if you are a fan of matte you can create lovely looks using only the three truly matte shades. I however am not a fan of flat matte look but I tried them and actually ended up liking it. I think I am converted, my favorite finish is still sateen or shimmer but matte is not that bad.
I always use eye shadow primer first and I top it of with a barely there cream powder shadow to take away the stickiness but with this palette that is the mistake. These shadows needs somewhat sticky base to even show up, especially matte third shade has very low pigmentation but if I use it on top of a primer I can get decent color payoff.

First shade is lovely light shimmery one which I love putting in my inner corners to brighten them up. For my pale complexion and love for a very obvious highlighter it is perfect.

Second shade is matte cream color, on the swatch on my hand you can't even see it but I swear it is there. It looks like nothing but I like to use it as a base (not with these colors) or just as a simple all over the lid shade but then I make sure I use something in the crease to slightly define the eye.

Third shade is taupe and it stands out a little among the warmer tones but it is great. I mentioned that this one has the weakest pigmentation and I have to really pack it on in order to show up but I don't resent it too much because for me it is great for the crease and I prefer to build color there slowly to avoid exaggeration.

Forth shade is darker shimmery one but on the skin it looses some shimmer and is not as metallic as it looks in the pan. I like it but next shade won my heart.

Fifth, second to last shade is the star in this palette in my opinion. It is warm gold with brown undertone and it looks very chocolate-y and shimmery. I can already see myself using this shade first among the  others and I'm already on a lookout to find something similar to replace this one when I will use it up.

Last we have darker warmer brown which is also matte. I only use it to smudge my lash line because it is too dark for anything else. I became really obsessed with it and it already (temporary) replaced my usual dark grey pencil as I find myself reaching for this rich hue more often to define my eyes than anything.

Under the line I can see why this palette is getting such a negative reputation. Lack of pigmentation is the main reason but if you are fair and more comfortable wearing lighter tones as I am then you will find this one to be great for you. I even love mattes that are in there and I use them quite often and for a person who didn't liked dull finish that says a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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