25 August 2016

39. NOTD


it was time for a fresh manicure and I didn't want to use any of the polishes that are in my project polish, one of the main reasons was that I wanted to create simple nail art and I needed a specific color, so I found this old dusty shade. I will show you my attempt to do some decent art on my nails some other time when I will collect a couple of photos and I will show you everything at once.

This is Catrice Purplelized. A beautiful plum with silver shimmer and with some unusual warmth to it, I feel like the color is perfect for Autumn but I don't restrict myself and I wear beautiful colors all year round.

My bottle has a wonky brush so it was hard to apply and also the formula has got a bit thick (I have it for a couple of years, at least four so I can forgive the not so great formula) but I still love the color and I wish Cartice would kept it so I could repurchase it forever.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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