24 August 2016

Rose Splash


I decided for today to just continue with the lip glosses. I already reviewed one shade yesterday if you missed it.

So, this is Avon Shine Burst lip gloss in the shade Rose Splash.

To me this is true rose pink color, they however decided to put some silver shimmer in it, which you can see on the close up photo.

Worn on the lips it doesn't really show up as a straight up shimmer or glitter but as a sheen and I would call this finish a frosty one. I personally don't mind it if I like the shade and this is a nice one. This particular one isn't very juicy/glossy looking but I think that happens with the frosty finish (I have another frosty lip gloss from a different range and it also doesn't look very glossy on its own, to me it looks almost like I'm wearing a lipstick).
The formula is again to me the same as it is with the ultra glazewear line which I like a lot but it makes me wonder why they felt the need to create 'new' line with different name if the formula is the same?

If you see some interesting shades within the Shine Burst range I suggest you to get them, they are lovely lip glosses with moisturizing properties and the price tag right now is great.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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