29 August 2016

Peach Punch


as promised I'm back with the other shade I got from the new Avon lipstick line. I love the pink one in the shade Rose so much that it was actually hard to put it down and replace it with the peachy shade.

Avon Shine Burst lipstick in the shade Peach Punch. They decided that this one fits in the nude category and put it into nude/gold metallic tube which is beautiful if I might add.

The shade looks pretty bright coral in the tube and I had high hopes since I'm looking for a vibrant shade like that for the past year and I really thought this is it.

Even the swatch shows some of the vibrancy of the shade and glossy finish.

On the lips it turns out to be lighter and slightly less vibrant, I layered several layers and it didn't look good, so with this shade less is more.
I already raved about this line in my previous post. I love how moisturized my lips felt after using it all day, glossy finish, lovely pigmented color but not too much so it would bleed over the lines. I thought I found the perfect line of lipsticks for me but this shade, Peach Punch performs different than the other, Rose shade.
My lips got patchy after a while so I assume it is not moisturizing enough also the shade looks different on my lips than it looks on swatch (I'm not too bummed about it because I still like it), if I layer it it gets a bit blotchy and uneven. To fix all that I had to incorporate lip balm to moisturize, clear lip liner to even out the texture and then apply lipstick but only one to two layers, anything more than that is already too much. It is a bit of a hassle to be honest but I won't return it since I purchased them in a set (I would have to return both of them and my sister also took one shade) but if I could I wold sent this shade back but Rose is still in my favorites, there is nothing that could change that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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