15 September 2021



I'm fresh from my Summer vacation and I feel super rejuvenated. I could finish up more than just two bottles of sun lotion but I was rotating among different tubes and that was all I could finish.

DM brand called Sun Dance makes affordable sun lotions and by my experiences very nice ones (they do protect my skin from UVB light because I don't burn ;). First is light sun lotion with SPF 20 with Coconut scent (very nice and tropical if I my add and it doesn't turn plastick-y). It is a mineral protection with Titanium Dioxide and because it is in nano particles it is not sticky or white. I actually really like it and because the protection is a bit lower as what I normally go for I layer it with something else and in this case I used another Sun Dance item. Sensitive sun lotion with calming Panthenol and with SPF 30. It contains the same mineral filter in nano particles but this one is a bit thicker and greasier for the first few minutes but after it sinks in I can't feel it at all. These two were with me last year already and I also came back from my vacation burn free and with a hint of tan. I will repurchase them again but I'm afraid that they revamped their range and have completely different range of products now...

Online I purchase this Jojoba oil from Dr. Feelgood brand that honesty I haven't herd of before. I really liked the packaging but the oil didn't feel quite right. I'm used to thicker oils and this one was extra thin. The good part was that it absorbed really fast and I used it as a moisturizer but I purchase it as an oil to remove my make-up and for that thicker texture is preferred. With this one I'm really on the fence because it isn't a bad product just not quite what I expected... and I'm not sure if I would repurchase it again.

Last two items are two face powders. First is Essence all about matt waterproof fixing powder which was available only in one white shade. This did gave me a bit of a white cast so I had to be careful when applying to prevent me from looking like Casper the ghost. I believe because the formula is waterproof it was extra drying so sometimes when applied over fresh, slightly sticky make-up it looked a bit cakey but the longer I had it on, the better it looked. Obviously, the illusion didn't last all day long (I have extremely oily skin) so after around four or five hours my natural oils would come through and I needed to touch up but it was better to use a different powder on top because this one looked too cakey. I'm glad that it is gone and I wouldn't repurchase it again even if it would still be available (I believe it is long discontinued).

The second is one of my favorite ones and it is Rimmel London Stay Matte in the shade Transparent. This one looks good applied over fresh make-up or reapplied through the day. The shade is great (but I also think that it doesn't have that much of coverage) and it is super inexpensive. I just ordered two more so I guess I can say that I love it :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 August 2021



a little selection of 'ordinary' items but next time expect to see some used up sun lotions because I'm finally going to the beach and have fun on the sun.

Essence Shine, Shine, Shine lip gloss in the shade Think Pink is one of my absolute favorites. Great shiny formula with a hint of color. Such a shame that they stopped making these but before they were completely sold out I got myself a back up of this shade so I'm not too sad.

Avon makes amazing mascaras, both, me and my sister are big fans of them and this one is actually my sisters favorite, I personally like to switch it up a bit but this Supershock mascara in Black always makes my lashes look super separated and long. My tube is a limited edition packaging but the brush is the exact same. At the moment I'm using different one (another one of my favorites) but soon I will repurchase this one again.

Another Avon product and this one is the body wash from senses, florist collection named Spring Bloom. To me, this was a bit fresher and with some zing, like it had some ginger in it. Not super floral or sweet, I liked it but wasn't my favorite and I'm glad I finished up this big bottle and I'm ready to start using something more up my alley (something sweeter and creamier).

Another floral product but in my opinion more true to its name is this Batiste dry shampoo called Floral. This is a typical Batiste dry shampoo, a bit white but nothing a good shake can't handle, it absorbs oils nicely through the day and keeps my hair fresher for longer. I'm super happy with this one and I'm going to repurchase it again.

The very last item is this lovely The Body Shop hand cream in Almond Milk & Honey version. The scent is creamy and super comforting, the formula absorbs fast and takes care of my dehydrated hands (hello sanitizers on every step). I can only rave about this product, the only negative thing that I can think of is small tube, because I finished it up way too fast... :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2021



today I have super short list of items I have finished up in the first half of the month, I think in the second half I will have some more products, but we shall see.

Her it goes another tube of Neutrogena oil free daily face moisturizer. For years this has been my favorite and it still is. Love the light texture which keeps me matte for longer, how fast it absorbs and even if sometimes my skin feels dry this helps it relive instantly. This remains my holy grail and I'm already on my next tube.

I randomly picked up this Biobaza natural doe in Green Tea Sensation and it was a lucky pick. It is a deodorant and not anti-perspirant so I still sweat but the formula made me smell fresh all day long. For me this really thick all the boxes and the green tea scent is so calming and fresh smelling... I would definitely repurchase it  again.

The last two items are exactly the same and are The Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane body lotions. They were limited editions scents but I bought a lot of them because I can't resist the cooling peppermint-y scent with sweet sugar notes. I loved using them even now in the hot Summer and I'm super sad that this line isn't permanent. I still have one hand cream left and then it is gone. I sincerely hope that soon they will bring it back and I would go and buy some more :)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 August 2021

Big Softie and XXL Charm


today I have some of my favorite make-up products to talk about... that is lip products and more specifically lip glosses. I'm still loving the glossy lip.

Essence Plumping nudes lip glosses in shades Big Softie and  XXL Charm are the two that I picked out for the range.

In the name there is a clue of what kind of shades to expect :)
I picked out one 'neutral' nude and one sparkly number to have fun with it.

It has a regular applicator and the packaging holds up to 4,5 ml of product (it seems to me that they are making glosses smaller and smaller, tubes used to hold around 8-9 ml of product...).

Big Softie has a cream finish and it is a touch warmer, if I don't apply whole lot it doesn't bother me otherwise it can be a bit too warm toned for me. The other fun shade is XXL Charm and it doesn't have whole lot of pigment but it is jam packed with shimmer. On the lips it looks almost frosty but because it is glossy it doesn't bother me. I just have to be careful and not over do it.

They are a bit cooling but compared to some other plumping products these go on the mild side and so far I'm liking the fact that they aren't very strong because I'm starting to realize that I prefer non-tingling lip products. They also have a mild fruity scent which is a bit unexpected but really nice. 

All in all I'm quite happy about them, they are not my favorite and most probably I won't repurchase them but still. Fruity scent is a plus, light tingling also doesn't bother me and the shades are wearable. I can see myself wearing them daily and finish them up before this year ends.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 July 2021



since time flies so fast I only have time for a short empties post.

This is my favorite eye cream but sadly they decided to discontinue it. It is Avon anew hydro-advance eye cream. It has a bit thicker consistency and it feel extra nourishing. I would use it in the evening and I didn't mind the heavier texture (I think it would not be very appropriate under my make-up). My skin around my eyes looked much better when I was using it, smaller wrinkles were filled in and it made me look more youthful. Now I'm on a hunt for a new eye cream that would work at least half as good as this one.

Next is my favorite foundation. Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation in the shade Porcelain Beige. I went through various bottles and I'm already using up a new one. I love the shade, coverage is buildable so it is great for the days when I don't need much coverage or on other days I can pile it on, and it covers almost everything. 

With this one I'm not 100 % sure that the brand name is Acqua alle Rose or Roberts?? Anyway, it is a micellar water infused with Rose water. In general my skin responds nicely to Rose water that was the reason I purchased this one. I think that there are better micellar waters, more effective but it was nice one. Nothing bad to say about it, it just felt like it didn't remove all my make-up from my face. I won't repurchase it but I'm interested in their toner.

Last item is this limited edition lip balm from Essence High beauty line. I didn't like the wide opening because it made applying it  harder than it should be but the formula was great. Slightly pink toned which looked nice on my lips and formula was super glossy almost as lip gloss but the best part were the hydrating properties. My lips were soft and supple all day long. If they ever come back with it I'm repurchasing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 July 2021



in todays empties I only have amazing products. Some are definitely going to be repurchased and back with me soon.


First we have the Ziaja Olive body wash. I purchased a full set from this olive line and so far I quite like their products. This is a body wash which was pretty liquid and a little bit at the time was enough to wash my entire body (sometimes I even used it as a shampoo and it cleansed my hair very well without stripping them too much). This big 500 ml bottle lasted me for months and thankfully the scent was also very pleasant. Creamy olive scent, I think ;) Very, very nice and I would repurchase it again.

Next is  my beloved Burdock shampoo from Ilirija. Very simple and basic looking bottle but the product does its job. It is a bit thicker and it foams really nicely. It cleansed my hair, removed all product buildup and the next day my hair were silky soft and they smell naturally herbal. This shampoo has become my favorite and it is dirty cheap. At the moment I'm using something else which is also very nice and could become my new favorite... well, they could share number one spot ;)

A couple of years ago I purchased this The Body Shop Satsuma body spray (back in the days I liked body sprays but now I prefer something more longlasting). This is a truly zesty and sparkling scent. It really reminds me of this citrusy fruit and especially the peel, because it is a little bitter and sparkling. It was a really nice refreshing scent but as I mentioned before it does not last, so I won't be buying it again in a body spray format but perhaps I will get something else from this line because the scent was lovely.

Second to last is Catrice Prime and Fine fixing spray. I have tried some of their limited edition options and so far I liked them all so why not try the 'regular' one. I did and I think it is just as good. The spray creates a fine mist and my make-up lasts longer, especially under my mask. I will definitely pick up another one but so far I have one from a previous LE and I just bought the new one form their current LE Bronze away to... after all of them will be finished I'm going back to this one.

The very last item is another Catrice product and it is from their Clean ID line and it is lip oil and since it only holds up to 2 ml it was gone pretty fast. It was a clear oil but very glossy looking and not super thin compared to some other lip oils. It also hydrated and nourished my lips so I liked it very much, unfortunately it is discontinued and I can't get a hold on it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 July 2021

Think Pink, No - Brainer, Oh my Plump! and Strawberry Red


a little while ago my heart skipped a beat when I found out that Essence is discontinuing their line of Shine, shine, shine lip glosses. These are some of my favorites and will now be gone :(

Later on, I figured that they reformulated them and packed them in a different packaging. I have not tried the new versions but I took the advantage and bought four more before they were completely gone.

I could not resist in getting a back up of my beloved Think Pink version, next is No - Brainer (slightly warm, brown toned nude), Oh my Plump! is a bright coral with the volumizing effect (this one has a cookie scent and a minty feel to the lips, it is not very cooling which I appreciate because I figure it out that I don't like super cooling lip products anymore) and the last one is named Strawberry Red. All three, besides the volumizing one have fruity scent, which I think is very nice and pleasant.

All four have intense shimmer which helps with the glow, but they could tone it down a notch. After they dry the shimmer stays and can migrate around my lips but I don't think it is very bad, I can manage it.

Think Pink, which is a soft pink shade is still my favorite. No - Brainer is a bit too warm for me but I try to put a thin layer on my lips and I'm fine. Oh my Plump! and Strawberry Red are both on a more pigmented end and I have to be careful when I'm applying them, because otherwise I can look like a clown ;)

These have nice scent, pleasant, non sticky formula that I really like. At first I was sad to see them go but seeing all the new versions... I think after all of these are used up, I will happily pick something from the new range. I can't find many reviews on them, so I guess I will have to test them myself.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day