01 May 2024



I am super late but my empties have been waiting for me. First photo is showcasing my empties in March and second is from April.

First is one of my favorite hand creams. It is Avon care coconut hydrating hand cream. Lightly scented, easily spreadable and very moisturizing. The price is also not too high and this one remains as one of my favorites and I am buying it again.

Next is Teaology matcha tea ultra firming face cream. This was a blunder since I wanted the gel version but I was in too much of a rush and I also didn't know that there is also a cream version. It is super green and if I didn't blend it all the way in I could look like shreek :) towards the end I started to really like it (the formula not the color) but I will rather get the gel version since it is moisturizing enough and I prefer the texture.

On top is my beloved Artdeco eyeshadow base. It is somewhat my skin tone and has some minor shimmer but I don't mind it since I rarely wear matte looks. This is one of the rare bases which holds my eyeshadow s in place. I already purchased a new pot and I already started using it.

Holika Holika petit moisturizing BB cream is one of my old school products. I used to wear it on its own but now I only wear BB creams on my vacation or I put them on my neck to help matching my face to the rest of my body. At the moment I am using another one of my holy grails which is Skin 79 Gold BB and that one tops this one for me. This one has a bit thinner texture and can look a bit dark on me but with a little effort I can make it work.

The very last item is Beauty of Joseon calming serum Green Tea & Panthenol with calming and moisturizing properties. Full of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. I liked the thin formula and slight green tint but honestly I didn't noticed much of a difference in my skin. I also have two other versions and I will see if the two will be more effective but for now this green version won't be bought again.

I has been ages since I used Herbal Essences shampoos and when I saw this one I just had to have it. It is deep repair with manuka honey. The scent was divine and it did made my hair softer but using it non stop the conditioner on top also made an impact. I hoped this shampoo will be even more moisturizing but I guess I can't have it all. I haven't decided if this shampoo will be repurchased since I have a bunch of other shampoos but I loved the scent and that is also important :)

I had this Balea Flower Shower body wash before. It is super inexpensive and smells like Blackberries. For me thise Balea body washes are a hit or a miss, some scents turn out plasticky but fortunatelly this one is nice I am not picky as long as I get some bubbles and it gets me clean. Att he moment I am using a plum scented one which is also nice.

Heimish makes All clean make-up cleansing balm. This is first time using a balm to remove make-up (I think) and it is amazing. It does removes everything but it doesn't leave much residue. I always follow with second 

Little tube on top is Kiehl's Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado. Me and my sister made a little purchase and they let you pick some items. My sister really likes it and she suggested to get this mini for myself. I find this formula weird. It doesn't mix with water or serums. I had to make sure my skin and fingers were dry othervise it just didn't want to move around but when I figure this out it was nice but it started to bug me so much that at the end I just used it up and I won't be buying it.

Next is hand cream from Iliria, their famous 48h protecting hand cream. The formula is easily absorbed, it doesn't leave greassy stains and makes my hands super soft. It is neck to neck with Avon coconut one, the scent on this one is gentle and cream like (when you smell it you get the idea that you are smelling a lotion). I already purchased two of them as backups.

Another one of Catrice fixing sprays is gone. Such a big impact in a small 50 ml bottle. It can feel like hair spray on my face if I apply too much at once but it does hold my make up in place. Everytime I place an order through online skincare and fragrance store I get a few of those, probably I have now around 20 backups and I am not planing on stopping anytime soon.

The very last item is another holy grail of mine and I went through so many tubes of it already and I already have two backups ;) It is Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer. It is normal cream texture but absorbs quickly and hydrates my skin all day long. One weird fact is that I have been using it for a few years but the packaging changes so many times... it is insane, thankfully the product remains the same.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 February 2024



I got a bit lazy and I decided to join both empties posts into one. First photo features products used in the first half and second photo shows products used at the end of the month.

First of there is Balea Flower Dream body wash and shampoo. I only used it as a body was and even though it implies floral scent to me it smelled like fresh Raspberries. I really liked it and I would get it again in a heartbeat.

Next is a staple of mine, Beauty Glam Niacinamide serum, I love adding it to my night time routine under heavier creams to smooth my texture and help with sensitivity of my skin. I already have a new bottle of it and when it will be on sale I am getting it again.

Third is my beloved Dr. Grandel ferment peeling. It comes in a glass and inside is thin white powder when mixed with water it gets activated. The foam is super thin and light, I just massage it onto my face and rinse afterwards, my skin is immediately smoother and what I like it is how gentle it is. No particles and no burning, my sensitive skin approves and this is my second bottle already. These last for about one year so for me it is money well spent.

Tube is Frudia Mango lip balm. It is a thick product with barely there fruity scent (I hopped for a stronger and juicer scent) but I did like the which texture, perfect for night time. More often than not I would wake up with product still on and that is something I like. My lips never looked dry or chapped afterwards so formula is right. Next time I would like to try some other versions as well, I am tempted by Grape version.

Last in line is Catrice Illuminating blush in the shade I'm nuts about you. Lovely peach shade which added some brightness to my face. I really grow to like this blush as I think it looked really nice against my skin tone. In a way it will be missed but I'm also very excited to wear something else, maybe pink blush.

One of my favourite dry shampoos is this Batiste blush option. Fresh Peony scent and well known and loved formula. I already have a few backups of it, it just shows my love.

Second is Balea perfumed deodorant. This is my second and last bottle of it, I purchased it of well know Mugler Alien scent but I don't trust this formula enough to wear it on its own. Usually I would top my other deos with it to add some scent. I also have lotion with this scent and I enjoy it very much.

Avon advance technique smooth as silk hair oil is the bomb. In the past I have used up a few bottles of it and I sill like it. My hair loves it and look less brittle or dry if I use it. I got into a habit of using it on clean damp hair every time I wash them and my hair look healthy and happy (if that is possible).

Last is my beloved Catrice ultra last fixing spray. It does feel like hairspray but with right dosage it is not noticeable and my make-up lasts all day long. I already have 10+ backups of it :) Talk about obsessed ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 February 2024

Project Polish


I completely forgot to upload my last batch of finished polishes from last year. This year I am starting over and continue with my quest of minimising my nail varnish collection.

I keep coming back to this Essence Sweet as Candy color as it is inexpensive and light, just as I like. I went through four bottles already and have a few backups but I see that this shade is discontinued :( I like this barely there look, it just looks polished and goes with everything. I am already buying different but similar looking shades to replace this beauty.

Next is my very last Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop nail varnish. I had many of these (I purchased them when they were on sale before they discontinue them). This one is a similar concept but even more sheer and therefore I liked it less. Mostly I was using it as a base coat. I am really glad that they are gone for good.

Rockablue is the name of the next Essence polish but it is grey not blue. Very light and I love this type of grey. I don't think I have similar shade to this one in my stash at the moment but it will be replaced with light blue... as I'm still trying to minimise my purchases and replace varnishes with what I already have.

The very last one is Essie Mademoiselle. Again, a light pink but this one is super sheer (similar to Essence Soda Pop & Candy Shop) but more expensive... at the end I was using it as a top coat to add a bit of jelly look. I have some other Essie nail polishes that I like better with similar effect.

My goal to reach 10 or less nail polishes is still in progress, at the moment I have 56 colored or textured bottles. Still much better than last year and I need to speed up a bit (less buying and more focus :).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 February 2024



it is time for my empties. There are some big bottles included and they took me long time to finish them up but fortunately I liked both of them.

I purchased this Nuxe body revitalising nourishing milk with green tea extract a while ago but it took me quite long time to finish it up (actually it isn't completely gone since there is still product inside but I can't pump it out, I will have to tilt it and pour it out into some other container to use it all up). It had a slight green scent which isn't my favourite but it did absorb into my skin fast and kept it nourished. Towards the end I was using another scented lotion over it to compensate for the scent. It isn't a bad lotion, my only complaint is the scent which isn't unpleasant but I like something else.

Big black bottle is Avon advance techniques miracle defender shampoo for fuller and thicker look since my hair are thin and lack volume. It was a nice shampoo and my hair liked it but it is already discontinued so I won't be able to get it again. At the moment I'm using something with Honey and I prefer the new bottle so even if I would have a chance I would not get it again.

Next in line is Estee Lauder enlighten, dark spot correcting night serum. It worked as a serum for evening out my skin tone all over and as a dark spot corrective (for targeted areas and for my whole face to match with the rest of my body) with consistent use it also helped to reduce my redness. I was very pleased with this item and it is such a shame that I can't find it again, it seems like it is discontinued :(

Bloomin Garden is a limited edition hand cream from my favourite Avon care soothing line and it is their standard Jasmin & Glycerine version. I like the change of packaging but the content seems to stay the same. It is fast absorbing and nourishing enough hand cream with a light floral scent. Definitely my favourite together with Coconut and Banana version.

Second to last is Dove anti-perspirant with Lotus flower and Rice water scent. It is a roll-on product which is my preferred way and the scent for me is perfect. Very light (not strong in the sense that people across the room would smell me) but it is also gentle as a type. Sort of like a fabric softener, at the moment I'm already using something else and it doesn't compare with this one. I did not sweat much so full test was not made but still I like it enough to buy it again.

And the very last item is Alkemilla cosmetics lip balm in the Banana scent. It is a bit on the sweet like candy banana scent but still very nice, I have a problem with the texture since it is very hard and extra waxy. I would be okay with it if the harder texture would mean longevity but I have to constantly apply more and it bugs me. The scent is a plus for me but hard texture and applying it every 15 minutes bothers me soo much that I am willing to throw it away before finishing it up completely. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2024



new year and a fresh start. Apparently I'm starting January with some new lip balms :) These below are really lovely and so far what I'm using doesn't get close to these three. 

I finished up another bottle of Catrice ultra last fixing spray. I love this one the most out of all of fixing sprays that I have tried. I love the long-lasting matte effect that it has on my face but it doesn't look flat matte. It almost looks like shiny skin but matte... it is really impossible to describe. If you are on a hunt for a new fixing spray and have oily skin I would suggest you to try it out.

On the bottom is Ahava time to hydrate essential day moisturiser. It had a lightweight feel and it absorbed completely into my skin in about 15-20 minutes. If my skin was oily it was hydrating enough but on days when my skin needed a bit more it just didn't cut it. Later I started layering it with more hydrating serums and then it was better for days when my skin needed some extra care. I don't think I will get it again even though it wasn't the creams fault but I should use it on warmer days. 

Lastly there are three lip balms which are completely used up. Yellow one is Crazy Rumor's Honey Comb. I am obsessed with anything honey related and I like the scent on this one, even though it is honey and floral scent. I had one from them before, it was the Grape Jelly flavour which was a bit softer in texture and because of that I prefer that one. This isn't bad at all but comparing the two I liked the softer, more buttery formula. I will definitely try more versions as soon as I use up some more balms.

The last two are reformulated Terra Nature lip balms (before they also had two and I loved one, the other one was just okay) and I was nervous to try the new versions. I hoped for the best and I can say that I love both of them :)  Nude one is Shea butter & Argan oil and the pink one is Shea butter & Almond oil. They are both super soft (they might melt in hot Summer weather but that is the kind of formula that I personally like). They both just melt into my lips and keep them nourished all day long, I like the glossy finish and the pink one has tiny, barely visible shimmer particles which only add to the glow. I honestly love them the most in my collection and when I saw double pack of the nude one I immediately purchased it, shame that I couldn't find the pink duo as well since I would get it as well. These two are my favourite formulas at the moment and I only wish for them to bring more flavours or if I stay more humble I hope they will not discontinue them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 December 2023



this time around there is a big bunch of empties coming form my side.

First is a classic for me as it is my favourite morning cream. It is Neutrogena clear & defeat oil free moisturiser. It doesn't add oil, lightweight texture is enough to moisturise and make-up sits nicely over the top. I already have a few back-ups ready.

Next is Beauty GlamHyaluronic boost serum which I like to add to my skincare at night time. It is a bit thicker but not sticky, it is nice to layer some heavier creams over the top or even oils. I already have a back up of it already.

The tube is Avon's sensitive dual collagen eye cream. The formula is on the lightweight side and I noticed over time that my wrinkles got less obvious. I only used it at night time but even once a day it was enough to see the results. I really liked it and will buy it again but furst I have to go through a few other eye creams.

Next is also product from Avon and it is 5 in one lash genius mascara in Blackest Black. It has a big chubby plastic wand reminiscent of the one from their Supershock line (this one slims in the middle, like an hourglass shape). The formula was getting better with time (like most mascaras does for me) and it elongated my lashes and separated them, in the end it looked quite natural and that is what I'm looking for. At the moment I have plenty of different mascaras but eventually I will buy this one again.

My favourite concealer is this inexpensive Essence camouflage+ matt concealer in the shade Light Rose (it only has a rosy undertone). It is not too dry and it settles into my fine lines very minimally plus the price is so cheap. I continue to buy it again and again, sometimes I try different shade but always come back to this concealer (there is also healthy glow version instead of matt which I also like, I don't find any difference in texture so I buy one or the other).

First and barely visible is a swatch of Avon Jelly lip tint in the shade Sheer Pink, it looks more peachy but once applied to my lips it starts turning bright pink (it warms up but I don't know why I couldn't get that shade on the back of my hand). Sometimes this taste a bit like plastic and I don't like that but the stain was even and nice. This item is already discontinued but even if it would still be available I would not get it because of the taste, there are way too many similar items on the market that taste better.

Also in a black packaging is Catrice melting kiss lipstick in the shade Catching Feels. It is a soft pink with sliver shimmer which doesn't look too sparkly but instead make my lips look more glossy. I very much love this formula and will buy it again. I would like to try other shades as well but I'm definitely getting this soft pink again.

Last lipstick is also discontinued item and it is Essence colour up! shine on! lippie in the shade Rosey Glitz. it is a brown toned nude and super glossy. It is buildable and my preferred way is one or two layers so I would get just a wash of colour, more like a tinted lip balm and the scent is something like baked goods... so very nice. It does make me sad that these are no longer sold since this is my second and apparently last bullet of it. 

At the end there is Avon nail experts cuticle care conditioner. The texture is across between water and oil and I liked putting and massaging it into my cuticles before remaining my nails. I don't think this is still available since it is so very old but right now I'm using oil and I prefer this formula since it isn't so oily and greasy. If I find it or something similar I will get it again. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 November 2023



I had big plans on finishing up tons of products but the day was approaching and it was becoming more and more obvious that there will be less finished items than planed in the first place. Oh well, I guess it will be better next month.

I have finished up Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey pout Homme body wash. It was a gift with purchase and it made me fell in love with this aquatic and to my nose unisex scent. It is light in touch and stays with me for a long time (I'm showering in the evening so it is hard to tell just how long-lasting the scent is but after a while my PJ got a light linger of it). I will definitely get myself a bottle of this perfume while I probably won't buy this body wash again. I like generic body washes to save up my money for fragrance ;)

Next is MAC fix+ face setting spray. I liked it a lot but still my beloved Catrice fixing spray wins (for me it works better and it is cheaper) but I'm still glad to try it out. I recently picked up the matte version so I will see if that one will become my favourite.

Avon also makes body sprays and I purchased this Jasmine Whisper body mist that makes my sheets smell  like clean laundry (that is how I used it up). The scent is gone soon but since I fall asleep really fast it doesn't really matter. I know I said that I won't be buying body sprays (poor longevity) so I don't remember how I acquired this particular bottle but all I know is that I enjoyed this scent but I won't be buying it again, I would get other products with this scent (body wash or moisturisers). 

Next in line is another Avon product and it is Jelly lip tint in the shade Sheer Pink. It looks very pale but it turns hot pink with the help of the warmth of my skin. I liked the even tint all over my lips but I was getting sick of the color so I was glad that I managed to finish it up. This is long discontinued but even if it would still be available I would pass it only because of the bright color.

The very last item is Carmex Pomegranate lip balm. It does smell fruity and it is very soft but the SPF makes for a weird taste. Slightly bitter and unpleasant. I'm super glad that it is finished because I have no desire to buy it again. Usually sun protection in lip products results in bitter and awkward taste so I'm not a big fan.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day