31 January 2021



this is jet another empties post in a row. For now this is all I could do but I'm planning on some more posts in the future, more interesting than my trash ;)

Garnier body lotion, oil beauty with Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose oil. This has a lovely light texture which absorbs very fast and leaves my skin silky smooth. I bought this after my sister recommendation and she was wright. This smells divine (creamy and super comforting), is moisturizing and doesn't leave my skin sticky. This is a love and I will repurchase it again.

Next is another one of my sister's favorites and it is from beloved brand Rituals. Mine is from the: The Rituals of Sakura collection which smells like organic rice milk and cherry blossom and it is caring shower oil. I felt weird showering with it so I made my own little ritual of using it. I would shower and before patting my body dry I would apply it all over, massage a bit and then just quickly rinse it off. That way I made sure my body was clean and because I lightly rinse it off the scent stayed on my skin for longer. This seriously smells amazing. I will try and buy the lotion, if I will find some nice sales.

Nivea 1 minute urban detox mask is something I loved a couple of years ago but my love for it slowly died. I still like it but now I prefer the blue one from this line. This has little granules which do some of the scrubbing and now I prefer to use enzyme opposed to mechanical scrubs. I would massage it onto my face while in the shower and rinse it of. The base of the mask feels a bit thick so it is easy to put it on all over my face and it stays there for as long as I want (it doesn't slip), it almost feels like a clay mask and that helps with that clean feel that I used to really love but now I feel like it is maybe a bit too much. I noticed I got more gentle with my skin lately and I think it suits me more, so this mask won't be repurchased.

Next is Ren clearcalm 3 replenishing gel cream for blemish prone skin. This one does come with a big plastic lid which I threw away some time ago (I hate lids that are detachable and I will most likely throw them away as soon as possible unless there is a big opening and the product gets exposed to the air, so all of my pots still do have lid but most spray bottles don't). With this product the lid is important and I wish I wouldn't throw it away because sometimes the product that is at the top of the nozzle would get a bit dry and would block the product to get out. If you ever buy this product or something from Ren that has this type of a bottle, keep the lid. So, I still used it and I have to say I didn't notice anything special  about it (maybe the magical ingredient evaporated because of my stupid mistake). This product applies nicely only on dry skin (forget toners and serums underneath, this cream needs some slip) and I had to apply little by little otherwise it just didn't sink in. When it did, my skin just drink it up and was left thirsty. I always had to put something more moisturizing on top because this wasn't enough and did I notice my blemishes disappearing faster? Nope, my skin didn't particularly love it and I'm super happy that it is gone and now I can move to something different.

The very last item is Essence Bloom, Baby Bloom! lip gloss in the shade Hibis-kiss. It was a limited edition gloss which looked more like lip oil in my opinion. The shade was clear, very fruity sweet (I loved the scent) and it looked extra glossy just like lip oil. Sadly it also disappeared super fast, 15/20 minutes and it was gone. I started to use it at home and it went very quickly. I think it took me a month and it was gone. Also I would like to mention that the bottle started to leak. No matter how many times did I wipe it, the product as always coming trough and because the consistency is more like an oil it was running very fast and was leaving greasy marks all over. I'm super happy that it is gone and even though I liked the scent and it was moisturizing enough to be used on its own I would not repurchase it (not that it is still available).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2021



today I have a very small empties post. I tried to finish as many as possible before the end of December that I had barely any products left to finish in the first half of this month.

First is one of my favorites and it is Avon Anew Hydro-Advance eye cream. It is already discontinued now but I have two more backups and in the mean time I hope they will release something similar. The cream is slightly thicker and it takes around 10 minutes to absorb which is too long for me in the morning but I loved it in the evening when I don't mind greasier textures. I used a couple of pots before and I honestly believe that this is a very moisturizing cream which with everyday use deeply moisturized my eye area and as a result my skin looked plumped. When I don't use it for a week or so my skin around eyes can get drier and lines are more visible... I don't know why they felt the need to discontinue it but maybe it didn't work as well as it does on me.

Next is another favorite of mine and it is Nivea deo beauty elixir, deo milk antiperspirant. Again, I finished a bottle of it before so this is another love of mine. I prefer roll-ons as they are the creamiest and easiest to put on for me (not the most hygienic but still). The scent on this one is super creamy - clean. It is not powerful enough to distract or mesh with my perfume but when I put it on I instantly feel refreshed. This keeps my odor at bay, only in the hot hot Summer I layer it with an extra deodorant to achieve fresh smell all day long. I already repurchased it but at the moment I'm using something new just to shake things up a bit.

Then we have Avon care regenerating with Argan oil hand cream for dry to extra dry hands. At first I was scared that it will be super greasy but it has this awesome Avon care formula. It feels like a lotion, quite light and quick to absorb but my skin feels super pampered and taken care of. The scent is nothing too offensive as it has a barely there nutty scent. This cream turned out to be a total hit and I'm definitely repurchasing it again.

The very last one is this huge Afrodita cosmetics Nettle shampoo. It is meant for greasy hair, which I have and it is supposed to help strengthen them and help with hair loss reduction. For the last two I really can't confirm or deny but I think it really is a very good cleansing shampoo. It removes all hair buildup and afterwards my hair felt light and super silky. If you are looking something to add volume this isn't for you, but I like my hair to have this silkiness which is quite easy to achieve with cleansing shampoos but I had to use more nourishing masks or oils afterwards to prevent my hair from being too stripped down. At the moment I have a different shampoo in my shower but it has very similar qualities to it so I will try to combine it with a lighter shampoo so I won't accidentally damage and dry my hair out. I love this and it is very cheap so I will definitely repurchase it again.

Even though there are only four products here they are all some of my favorites and if I don't already have a backup I will get it very soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day