31 March 2019



it is time for the empties.
I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm not buying cosmetics and I'm just using what I already own and I went through quite a lot of products this month, in particularly in the second half of the month.

First is Avon Advance Technique heat protecting hair spray. Don't ask me if it works because I didn't notice the difference, it seems like a good idea to use it every time I blow dry my hair after a wash which is every third day. At the moment I don't have the alternative but I will think if this is something my hair needs, I guess I will see if my hair will get drastically drier and more damaged in the following weeks.

Next bottle is Krasna massage body oil with lavender. I used it as a body moisturizer after a shower and at the end I kept it at my sink. Every time I would wash my hands and before patting them dry I put a bit of this oil on my hands, massage it a bit and rinse the excess, that way I used it a bit faster and also protected my sensitive hands. I love doing that and at the moment I have a lot of oils to go through but lavender oil is definitely on my list. I will try to find cheaper versions of it the next time or at least get it on sale.

In the little red pot on top is Avon anew reversalist eye cream. I guess it was okay. The cream was lightweight so nice under my make-up but I got the feeling like it didn't do much. I just want it to be a bit more nourishing but at least it wasn't too greasy. This is a dual product since there is a highlighter 'hidden' in the cap. It was really hard to capture on the photo but it looks like a white cream but when you spread it on the skin it has pink/peach radiance to it. It actually looked really nice and you are supposed to put it under the eyes, unfortunately my eyes started to water and so I couldn't use it.

Big green pot is this lotion that my sister brought back from a vacation and I only guess that is the name: Tabaibaloe aloe face and body cream. It was lightweight but since I always associate aloe with clear gel I was surprised that it was slightly green looking lotion. The scent was very gummy bear -like and at first I liked it but after sometime (this pot is huge) I got over it and I'm super happy that I have finished it.

The very last item on the photo is the biggest disappointment. I got a little sample of this oil and when I tried it for the first time I could really feel the difference in my skin. The next morning my skin was softer and smoother so I was waiting for the perfect sale to get this expensive oil (almost a year later I have actually bought it). Caudalie Vine(active) overnight detox oil promised a lot but it didn't deliver it for me. I don't know if I got the old one or the sample gave me the placebo effect... I will never know but what I do know is that when I used the oil from this bottle my skin in the morning didn't look different. In fact if I used it consistently in the cold winter my skin got dry, I'm not saying that it dryed it out but I'm implying that it is not moisturizing enough so I had to use some other oils. Also the softness of my skin didn't improve. All in all I think this was a waste of my money but in the future you will see another face oil from Caudalie because I was foolish enough to buy two (the other one is from the 'red' line).

I only took a photo of the front  of this mascara but trust me it is the Avon superextend lengthening mascara in waterproof black. I don't remember why I got it in the waterproof version but this is one of my favorite mascaras and I already forgot how many tubes of this lash magnifier I went through. It has a plastic/rubber wand with tons of little spikes that comb and individualize the lashes, it also contains little fibers that adds to the length (it looks very natural only when the formula starts to dry out, after a couple of months these fibers starts to fall off the lashes, it is very minimal but a clear sight to replace the mascara). With a quick comb through it can look very natural but if you build it up it can look very dramatic and I like that.

Next is one of my favorite lipstick formulas: Catrice ultimate shine gel color in Red or Bad. Too bad that they don't make these anymore (Power plumping gel lipsticks looks like a revamped versions, really interesting and I already have my eye on two of the sades). This one was red but quite sheer and glossy, it did leave the stain so it was buildable and I could make it really bold if I wanted to but on most days I just wore it casually like a tinted lip balm. I still have two more shades to go through but when they will be gone I'm trying the new plumping ones...

The very last item is another discontinued one but with this one I don't mind it since it wasn't my favorite. Essence color correcting mattifying powder had different pastel tones in it but essentially was just white/translucent. It set my make up nicely when my skin was on the drier side but I had a feeling that if I would use it in the hot Summer it couldn't do much for my oily face so I'm super happy that I finished it up.

That is all for this month, I had a nice array of lovely and some not so good products but the most important part is that I'm sticking with my low buy and discover hidden gems that are already in my posession.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 March 2019

Powder blushes


today I have some blushes ready for you. This past year was at least for me big for blushes. I was buying them all the time and sometimes I bought some that didn't suit me...
I have head nothing but excellent reviews about Trend it up blushes so I went with two colors.

Trend  it up makes these powder blushes in nice round packaging. I choose shades number 50 and 55.

The first one, 50, is soft, muted rose and matte. It doesn't look particularly cool or warm and as it turns out it looks nice on me (I don't look good in cool pinks). My only 'complaint' is that it is matte but that is very easy to solve, a tad of highlighter on top and I'm good to go.

The deeper, darker rose blush no. 55 has beautiful shimmer in it and with this one I love the glow that it gives. I think if they would combine the first color with the sheen of the second one I would get the obvious winner (at least for me, for my preferences that would be very close to the perfect blush).

Here is how the heavy swatches look like. I was immediately concerned that he color no. 55 would be a bit dark on me but maybe if I use light hand and blend it out...

Both tones are really pretty. Soft pink is so very versatile and the other almost looks brown toned or on me it sadly looked like a bruise even with a light hand. The sheen that it gives is phenomenal but this particular color really wasn't meant for me. I think olive skin tones could really rock it but not my pale complexion.
This turned out to be an amazing formula, they were very pigmented so I have to be a bit careful but other than that... they both lasted on me all day long (the deeper one I only wore at home, so no one had to stare at my 'intense' cheeks ;) and at least one of them didn't clash with my skin tone. The shade no. 50 is a clear winner here but formula vise they are really great. If I will spot some more nice shades (I'm thinking coral next) I just might pick some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 March 2019

Millennial Pink


as you already probably know Essence has come out with a different bottle design and formula with their nail varnishes. I liked the old curvy bottles but these bullet styled ones are not too bad. I was lucky to receive one of the colors to try it out.

Essence Shine last & go! in the color Millennial Pink. It looks like a straight forward pastel pink but I have noticed that it leans toward peachy territory on me.

I was scared that it will be the typical pastel, streaky and hard to apply but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was wrong. It applies like any other nail polish (for pastels that is a big compliment). I have used two coats and got very nice result. The finish is super glossy.

I'm actually very impressed by this color since I avoid pastels even though I like them but I despise their formula. I see that they also have a dusty pale blue (I have to check it out in the store).
I actually wore this baby twice, the color is so nice on my skin tone, neutral but still in a way bright, it also makes me look a bit more tan. I bet it will be even better in the summertime.

I think Essence did well with their new line of nail polishes judging only by one color (I know, I know that is not enough) but even before their vanishes were the bomb so I will definitely buy some more colors from them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2019



it is time for the empties. This time there is no make-up bits (they will be in the next one, I think).

I bought these two back in December and they are already gone. The formula on these Nivea hand creams is light and moisturizing (it could be a little more nourishing but I'm not complaining because I hate greasy hands). The first tube is Cherry Blossom and I think it smells pretty nice (my favorite out of the two) the other one is Sea Minerals and it has that calming Spa scent (very very nice but cherry blossom tops it of for me). I still have one baby version to finish and a bunch from other brands but I see myself repurchasing it again, plus the tube feels like it is made out of rubber, very interesting and cool.

Next is a very simple looking shampoo from Ilirija. They have I think three versions and for the first time I picked Kopriva/Nettle one which is meant for people who washes their hair often (I do it every third day). It smells very herbal and I like that. It manages to really cleanse my hair but I have noticed that now my hair lack volume (I don't have a lot of volume naturally and this one didn't help with it). I still like it and I think I will repurchase it again (it is dirty cheap, less than one euro) but probably I will combine it with some other shampoos to get the perfect results.

Another shower essential is crossed off my list with this body wash. It is Avon's naturals Passionfruit and Peony body wash which is one of my favorite scents and probably I got it in a set with the lotion. It was a nice wash but I can find just as good body washes for less.

The very last item is from my never ending perfume collection and it is from Avon (of course it is from Avon ;). It is Dreams perfume in a 30 ml bottle. It has a fresh rose note and pretty much nothing else. I like it but since I wore it so much lately I am glad that it is gone and now I can focus on something else. I have at least three other rose scented perfumes in my collection but they are all different from each other which is kind of crazy.

I'm super happy for the perfume to be gone. It is crazy to see the entire bottle empty since they are so hard for me to use up and at the moment there is one scent that I want to wear all the time so combining the two was the key and that lead me into this whole new world of mixing scents. I remember just a couple of years ago I was so against buying scented water, I just couldn't believe how people fall for it but now when I own close to 40 bottles... I will just say that I'm converted.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 March 2019

Soft color butter pen


how are you doing? I found one of my almost forgotten lipstick. Oh boy, I have too much stuff and so my low buy is really the right path to take on this year.

I almost forgot that I bought this Trend it up Soft color butter pen lipstick in the shade 010. I think they have/had five or six shades (I got it from the discontinued shelf a while ago).

This rose color was the only one that I liked but I wish that they would make more softer, lighter colors instead of discontinuing this range.
Mine has some shimmer but on the lips isn't so obvious or blinding, it more so adds shine rather than sparkles.

They claim that this product has balm like properties (check, my lips were moisturized all day long without any other lip product), pigmentation of a lipstick (check, on my swatch there are only two layers) and shine like a gloss (check, do you see the reflection? I mean, you can almost see my face staring back at you).

This butter pen is exactly what I'm looking in a lipstick. It is moisturizing with some color and plenty of shine that makes my lips look juicy (keep in mind that I'm not a fan of matte textures).
I would highly suggest these to everyone who likes creamy lip products, you might have to dig deep but I think it is totally worth it if you can find them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 March 2019

Project polish


for today I have prepared something colorful. I was done with these two fellas last month but I never got around to write this post and I really wanted to show them even though they are no longer available. At the end of the day this blog is my personal beauty diary where I keep my opinions along with photos to remember what would otherwise be forgotten.

For this year I decided to continue with my project polish and to kick it with some of my favorites. Both are not completely used up but they got goopy and didn't want to dry.
At the end I decided that they are just not worth my time even though I love the shades.

Oops, here I swapped them by accident. I will start with the beautiful pastel blue Essence Winter Wonderland (it was part of the 2015 advent calendar). Despite being pastel it applied like a dream and not only the color but also the formula were great, that was until a month ago. Then it become all stringy and didn't dry so... it has to go.

The other one is also Essence but this one was never part of any TE. It was named Oh my Glitter!. I was charmed by light and bright purple with gold-red shimmer. It was super interesting and unique. I would get myself a backup immediately if I could.

They were both close to my heart, that is the reason why I pick them up for the project polish. I'm realizing that I should start using up my favorites while they are still good and throw the rest of them away, I mean donate if they are still good. There is always someone who likes something I don't. I could say that my new year's resolution could be bigger generosity and sharing. I can start with baby steps and see where they will take me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 March 2019

Rose Ray


I'm super late with this review I know, I know. It is not because it would be bad, in fact this shadow is one of my favorites and instead of completely removing it from their range they should come up with more shades.

I understand that the whole premise of the brand 183 Days is to swap everything after 6 months aka. 183 days but in my opinion they should repackage them, change colors and voila! New shadow with familiar formula, texture and feel is reborn.

They are called Eye Foils and my pretty peachy shade is Rose Ray. The texture is very creamy and one slight rub with my finger and I get a lot on. There is no fallout simply because of the creaminess even though it is not a cream, the texture is unique and my favorite way to apply it is with my finger (I like to touch it ;).

In the pan it looks chunky but I can assure you that it is not, this look is due to the pigments which aren't mixed together enough but I think it looks cool especially when you touch it and it feels so smooth and silky.
Oh, and by the way. I used it a lot and I always rub it in the center so I can assure you that this is not an over spray. The deeper layers looks just like that, marbled and shiny.

First swatch was made with one swipe and you can pick up the slight peachy undertone and lots of sparkles. For the second one I used what was left on my finger but I tried to touch it very lightly (I could easily achieve the intensity of the first swatch) just to show you that with more subtle touch you don't get that much of a base color but the intense shimmer stays put.

On most days I would wear it lightly like it is shown on the second swatch over some neutral brown/taupe eye shadow and I love how the sparkles catch the light and reflect. There is no creasing by the end of the day or fallout on my cheeks, it stays perfect all day long.

This is the only product from 183 Days brand that I own but for sure it won't be the last one. The first collection is already gone, maybe you will be able to find some leftovers in your local DM's but the new stuff are coming and I'm excited for it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day