01 March 2019

Rose Ray


I'm super late with this review I know, I know. It is not because it would be bad, in fact this shadow is one of my favorites and instead of completely removing it from their range they should come up with more shades.

I understand that the whole premise of the brand 183 Days is to swap everything after 6 months aka. 183 days but in my opinion they should repackage them, change colors and voila! New shadow with familiar formula, texture and feel is reborn.

They are called Eye Foils and my pretty peachy shade is Rose Ray. The texture is very creamy and one slight rub with my finger and I get a lot on. There is no fallout simply because of the creaminess even though it is not a cream, the texture is unique and my favorite way to apply it is with my finger (I like to touch it ;).

In the pan it looks chunky but I can assure you that it is not, this look is due to the pigments which aren't mixed together enough but I think it looks cool especially when you touch it and it feels so smooth and silky.
Oh, and by the way. I used it a lot and I always rub it in the center so I can assure you that this is not an over spray. The deeper layers looks just like that, marbled and shiny.

First swatch was made with one swipe and you can pick up the slight peachy undertone and lots of sparkles. For the second one I used what was left on my finger but I tried to touch it very lightly (I could easily achieve the intensity of the first swatch) just to show you that with more subtle touch you don't get that much of a base color but the intense shimmer stays put.

On most days I would wear it lightly like it is shown on the second swatch over some neutral brown/taupe eye shadow and I love how the sparkles catch the light and reflect. There is no creasing by the end of the day or fallout on my cheeks, it stays perfect all day long.

This is the only product from 183 Days brand that I own but for sure it won't be the last one. The first collection is already gone, maybe you will be able to find some leftovers in your local DM's but the new stuff are coming and I'm excited for it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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