28 February 2019



this month really was short. It came to an end way too fast but the thing I'm glad is the Spring. It feels like it is just around the corner and I can't wait, what about you?

Tea tree oil makes my skin happier and I'm super glad that I have found this The Body Shop Tea tree pore minimiser primer. I don't think that it does much priming but what I love about it is that it makes my skin matte and it is treating my skin while I'm wearing make-up. I love it and  I have already repurchased it.

Next is a little 10 ml perfume from Avon and it is called Cherish the Moment. I used up the lotion, I believe last year and since I liked the scent I bought this mini version. The scent at first is very strong, sweet and I don't like it in this perfume version (at first it smells very fake and cheap, at least to my nose) but if I leave it on my skin to warm up a bit then it turns out to be rather nice. Still sweet and flowery but not so offensive. I imagine people easily get headaches if I would use it too much at once. I liked it and I did get some sweet comments at how lovely I smell but honesty I won't repurchase it again.

Last year I was in need for some night eye cream and I was too cheap to get my favorite (Avon Anew nutri-advance eye cream) so I bought a couple 'substitutes'. This one from Terra Naturi with pomegranate was a bit of a fail.  It is a white cream, a bit thicker but it does absorb nicely into the skin. The 'issue' I had was that my under eye area got really dry (I was sick for almost two months) and this didn't help much. I guess it is a nice cream but only if your eye area isn't too dry.

This big tub is Avon clearskin professional complete treatment pads. Inside you get 30 presoaked pads and even though they recommend to use them for cleaning I used them on clean skin and if I had any fresh breakouts it slightly burn so I avoided the eye area as much as possible. I honesty didn't notice any difference in my skin but for the most part I have to take the blame. I know I should use them regularly but I wasn't so the blame is on me. I won't repurchase them simply because I know I won't use them. I already have a lot of steps in my cleansing and moisturizing routine that is why this guy never got a fair chance.

Next is this third and last pot of Balea multipurpose cream. They constantly come out with new scents and they cost just a little over one euro so it is pretty easy to buy them. I really just wasn't thinking too much, I thought that it smelled great and I picked it up. The 'issue' I had with it was where to use it. It is a bit thicker cream that takes a while to absorb. The ingredients list isn't anything special so I wasn't using it on my face, the pot is small so if I  would use it all over my body I would be done with it after two or three uses. At the end I used it on my hands before leaving so I would put my gloves on top and the material absorbed all the excess, a bit gross but that was the only way I could think of finishing it up.

This little guy is super old (I believe it is my oldest eye shadow)Avon Color Trend Halo eye shadow. I remember it was marked as primer and shadow but it was too drying on my skin and everything creased even faster. I don't have any swatches of it (I already had a big pan showing in the center but the last part of it fell out which wasn't planned). It was very light like my skin tone with some shimmer. If it would be shimmer free I could easily use it on top of my pimples for some extra coverage (the pigmentation was insane) and for some drying effect. I mostly used it to fix mistakes, so if I went a bit too high with eye shadow on one eye or too far out I put this powder on top and it was covered. We had a good run but now it is retiring.

The very last used products are my beloved lippies. First we have beautiful Misslyn color kiss lipbutter in the shade Sunbath. The color is soft peach and I liked that it wasn't overly pigmented because  light milky shades can turn not so nice on the lips. This gave just enough color and plenty of shine to my lips and I can't praise it enough. I think they are still available but now my eyes are locked on the brighter pink shade.

Avon ultra glazewear absolute Renewing Rose lip gloss has to be my ultimate favorite one. This what you can see is the third and sadly also the last tube of it that I went through. Yep, I finished three tubes of the same color. That is called love  ;)  Avon makes lovely glosses and this one was not an exception. I loved the soft cushion-y feel, glossines and above all the mauve color which gave my lips just a hint of  color.

Next in line is another favorite of mine, it is Catrice Ultimate color Kiss me if you can lipstick and behold, this is the second tube of this exact color that I went through. This soft pink hue is perfect for my skin tone, I liked it so much that the intense shimmer in it didn't even bother me, in fact I kind of liked it. I know shocking ;)   I would get it again if Catrice would repromote it.

The very last item is the most bland of them all and it is Himalaya Cocoa butter lip balm. I say bland because it is sheer, colorless but it turns out to be a pretty nice balm. At first it felt a bit hard and I didn't liked it too much but after time it grew on me and maybe it even become a bit softer in texture so it was easier to spread. It had a slight cocoa scent which is a plus in my books but the thing that matters the most about lip balms is the nourishing component and this green baby had it. It was nice but at the moment I'm sort of drowning in lip balms so I have to finish what I have before I go out and buy some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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