01 February 2019



my life has caught up with me and I haven't find any time to blog. I hope that now things will slow down and I will get back to reviewing and posting since I still enjoy it a lot.
This time my empties pile is a bit smaller but it feels so good to throw empty packaging away  ;)

First is one of my favorite shampoos ever. It is Avon naturals vitamin complex shampoo and conditioner with basil and lotus flower. It had lovely scent but also the formula made my hair clean, soft and silky. Something that it is hard to find, there are clarifying shampoos and then there are moisturizing ones but rarely you can find these qualities together. I  think this was my third and also the last bottle of it since Avon don't sell it anymore.

Another bottle of lotion is out the door and this time it is The Body Shop's Frosted Plum from 2017 holiday collection. I liked the cozy and warm scent but when I was rubbing it onto my skin it started to smell just slightly plastic-y. Not so much that it would bother me but enough to notice it. I'm glad that I didn't pick any backups of this scent. This past year though I got another LE scent and I can't wait to start using it.

Skin 79 Hot Pink BB cream is one of my favorite BB creams ever. This brand Skin 79 make amazing ones and for me this one and the V.I.P. Gold are the best. My tube was quite old so I used it on my neck but I have backup which will get in use in the Summer time especially on the vacation.

REN is an expensive brand which products promise miracles. I had high expectations for this product but it did disappoint me. The texture is somewhat thick but it absorb fast (I would apply more than necessary because it absorbed so fast and it left my skin feel almost dry) the next morning my skin didn't look amazing as the name suggest: wake wonderful night time facial but it was dry and dull. Something in this formula just didn't work for me. I didn't want to just toss it so I top it off with some oil and that is how I managed to use up the entire tube. Needless to say that I won't repurchase it again ;)

The very last item is only half used up and it is Avon nail experts nail illuminator nail base. It looks slightly blue toned but on the nails it is clear. While it does make my nails appear whiter I just don't wear clear polish on its own so it is pointless. I wore it as a base coat for my colorful polishes but that didn't work ether. The next day or within the same one if I washed my hand a lot the polish would peel of. That is great if you wear some glitters and want it gone the next day but otherwise it is pointless so I would rather use base coats that keep my polish on for longer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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