15 January 2019



happy new year. I hope you survived your holidays well and are ready for new adventures.
I have decided to shop less this year and rather use my extensive stash of products but Essence is teasing me with all the products that they will discontinue soon (everything will retire, every single product!!!! I can't believe because I thought that I have found my holy grail concealer and powder but soon they will be gone). I will try to pull myself back and not buy every single product but in the mean time I'm using what I have which is evident on the two photos below.

First is Avon ultra shiny tubes in Dreamy Peach. I love the formula on these but this quite glittery orange shade didn't rock my boat. Now they have them in slightly different packaging but they still feel the same. I did use mine a bit but like I said the color didn't suit me so eventually it went bad and I'm tossing it in the bin but I'm thinking of getting some other shade.

Then there are the two EOS sphere balms in Vanilla Bean and Pumpkin Spice. The scents were okay but the formula was really not for me. They are very hard and even when I rubbed like twenty times it felt like nothing on the lips. I prefer a bit softer balms that melts into my lips and nourish them. These two failed and while there is still plenty of product left in both, I'm getting rid of them.

Biobaza makes this Bee balm with some SPF and I thought that it will be great for the beach time. I was wrong. This balm is much softer and when I took it with me on Summer vacation it already started to melt so taking it with me to the beach was a no no. At the end I did used it up but next time I will look for some other balm to take it with me to the beach.

Essence used to make these Sheer & Shine lipsticks which were absolutely amazing (now they have Color up! Shine on! line which is very similar). My red shade is named I feel pretty and it really is pretty. I used almost entire tube of it but at the end it started to taste a bit weird so I'm throwing it away because I don't want to risk any infections.

The very last item is Avon ridge filling base coat. It was a bit thicker but otherwise a pretty regular, standard base coat. I like it but I have a couple of other bottles left and I have to use them up before buying something new (I'm on a low buy so I have to keep telling that to myself so I don't forget  ;).

I have bought this set from Aldo Vandini two years ago and I'm super glad that I finally used it up. The pink tube is body wash and white is body lotion. They are both Magnolia scented and it is the scent that remind me of my childhood and I love it a lot. The body wash was nothing special but the lotion was top notch. The scent on my skin developed and after using it a couple of days in a row my sheets and pj started to smell like it and I dare to say that it even helped me fall asleep faster. I would repurchase the lotion in a heartbeat but since I have plenty of tubes and bottles already it will have to wait. The body wash like I said nice but I prefer to buy cheaper washes and rather splurge on lotions.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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