31 December 2018



for the last time this year here are my empties.

Avon glycerin hand and nail cream is hands down my favorite one and I have been through so many tubes of it already that I don't even know if it has any sense to talk about how amazing it is.

Avon naturals milk and honey is another hand cream that came to an end but besides of its lovely scent it didn't convince me. The texture can be too greasy if I applied too much but otherwise it didn't handle my dry skin. To me it was pointless and I won't repurchase it again.

Another Avon tube and it isn't the last one  ;) this one is from the Planet SPA line and it is the  Caribbean Escape face massage mask with crushed pearls and algae extract. I know that that description doesn't sound appealing but it smells divine. Very comforting, creamy and luxurious. This mask has some scrub particles in it but they don't do much since they are so sparse but the moisture is real. I can feel the layer on my skin even after washing it off and it lightly moisturize my skin. I like it but not so much to repurchase it.

Avon foot works exotic paradise exfoliating scrub with coconut scent. I usually get these foot works scrubs because they are packed with scrubbing particles but I use them on my face with very little pressure so I don't damage my skin and because I really think that they work and are super cheap I will continue buying them but this one disappointed me a bit. I feel like it wasn't so very scrubby.

Afrodita Great Burdock hair oil is another repurchase of mine and I got all of my close ones hooked on. Seriously, if you want your hair to grow use this one two or three times and you will thank me later.

Rimmel Oh my Gloss! oil tint in the shade Master Pink was something I was working on it for a while. I checked what I have written in my initial review and I still agree with it. The texture is a bit thin and it goes away a bit too fast for my taste. After a longer period of time I find out that it isn't very nourishing and honestly I have other oils and glosses that comfort my lips and gives them plenty of shine so I won't buy it again.

Catrice luxury Lips intensive care gloss oil in the color Revolution-berry lips. It was the most 'pigmented' out of the bunch and therefore my favorite. It gave my lips a  nice flush and it did manage to moisturize them. For me this formula was much much better than the Rimmel one I talked previously.

This Lily Lolo mineral concealer in the shade Blondie is super duper old (they have different packaging now for instance). I don't know how people can use this all over their faces because on me it this was very drying and it made me look much older (wrinkles got more pronounced and dry patches emerged) but I found some use for it. Whenever I got a pimple I would brush a bit all over that little sucker and it dry it down while wearing make-up. I only had to be careful because the color was a smidge light for me but some face powder dusted all over fixed it. Even though it was nice for my acne or the opposite, my acne were afraid of it I won't buy it again.

The very last item is Essence Hello Autumn TE multicolored powder in Autumn & the city. It had four different golden/beige/brown shades and sometimes I picked some specifically and used them on my eyes but if I just swirled all of them together it created a nice golden highlighter, if I proceeded to pack it on the slight brown base showed and it looked like a glowy bronzer. I liked that versatility but through the years I found better products and this one more and more started to look like a glitter on the skin. I think it dried so the only solution that I came up with was to smash it and mix it in with different hair sprays so my hair can shine like they deserve it  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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