09 December 2018



I feel like I can get away with glittery nails all year round but most go with sparkles in the holiday season. I received these two products from Catrice in the middle of the year when they came out with them.

Catrice #peeloffglam nail polishs in Stress Does Not Go Well With My Polish and the golden one is When In Doubt, Just Add Glitter.

They are both glittery but have different sizes of shiny particles. The pink SDNGWWMP (the names are super long) has two noticeable different sizes of glitter and in general they are bigger then the ones in the WIDJAG which also has two sizes but you have to look really close to see the difference.

Here I applied them on their own and up close they don't look that good but from the 'normal' distance and especially on the sun or under the artificial light they sparkle like crazy and the little blank areas aren't seen. I used two coats and the golden one covers more but that is probably just because of the smaller glitter size. 

I did use them also as an accent nails and I personally like them better that way and here I combined the golden WIDJAG and the pinky purple is Catrice Wear Berries.
Here I have used the base coat under the glitter to see how would it work and it seems like it didn't mind. I was able to remove it in one take just as well with or without base coat underneath. This gave me wings so next time I used one coat over colored base (I wore some colorful nail polish for two or three days and when I got bored instead of removing it I applied one coat of this Catrice glitter over and when I removed it the next day it managed to take off all of the layers). Now I'm thinking that this is great for also removing nail polish, if I ever get bored I can put one coat of these one, let them dry and then remove them  ;)

P.S. That is probably very bad for your nails, when I peeled the polish off, my nails did look dry and almost like something has stripped them so with regular use they could potentially damage your nails.

This is how it looks afterwards. There is no chipping or tearing, they come off in one take and it is very easy.
For the end I would like to point out the weird glue like scent and the slightly gummy texture (it has to be thicker so the glitter stays dispensed in the base evenly) so I suggest to use thin coats and work fast.

There are two blue shades that I have my eyes on and maybe I will pick them up for the holidays.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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