01 December 2018

Charming Rose and Pink Harmony


I'm blushing for not posting in such a long time and that gave me this idea for the post, very obvious  ;)

It is Lavera so fresh mineral rouge powder in the shade Charming Rose. Very coral and bright to give my skin some vitality and healthy radiance.

It has this beautiful print on top but with use it goes away but is there anyone else out there who gets so mesmerized by it? I know that I probably wouldn't look at it twice but I'm super happy that I did. The texture is super creamy soft, it does kick a bit of a powder but nothing too bad.

This blush has become one of my go-to's. Whenever I want to get some fresh flushed cheeks I would grab it and the slight sheen made this color even better. I went to the store to swatch some other shades and my eyes stopped on the pink shade called Pink Harmony (second swatch).

Compared Charming Rose looks pretty orange toned here but when the Pink Harmony isn't on the picture it is more coral but still with rather orange undertone.

I didn't grab the Pink Harmony because I have so many blushes in my stash but when I will manage to use one or two up I will get it for sure. Buttery texture totally convinced me even though the Charming Rose has that beautiful sheen to it and the Pink Harmony unfortunately don't I can 'solve' it with some highlighter on top, right?

Have you already tried their blushes? There isn't a lot to choose from, only four shades but still, the formula is a dream.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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