11 December 2018

Astrology and make-up


today I would like to show you the face palette that completely obsessed me. These four products can be used all together on individually. It is a face palette but all of the shades also looks amazing on the eyes and creating looks with the same products on the eyes and cheeks is something I'm having a lot of fun lately.
I would like to thank the Catrice PR team for kindly sending me this super amazing palette.

It is Catrice Astrology TE face palette. There is also the eye shadow palette and a big kabuki brush. I have checked the eye shadows but I don't think I would like it as much as I like the eye shadow palette that I'm going to show you tomorrow  ;)

You open the hard cardboard packaging in the center and on each side you get a mirror (the are a bit small to see your entire face in it) and a plastic cover with astrology signs (I'm not into this whole astrology thing. I know which sign I am but I don't know which little picture represents my sign so this theme definitely isn't something that would pulled me in).

The blush and bronzer are both matte, the two highlighters have different tones and also different shimmer intensity/finish so the palette doesn't repeat itself.

If I start with the matte blush which is a nice toned down coral-pink shade. I feel different skin undertones (cool or warm but within fair tones) could pull it off. It has brightness in it so it makes cheeks look a bit brighter and healthier but it is not overly pigmented so it would't make me look like a clown. I approve this shade and I have been wearing it non stop.
The bronzer is also somewhat unique. On the photos it might don't look but in real life it is very neutral toned with somewhat olive undertone. On my pale warmer complexion it looks very nice, it does warm up my cheeks in a very natural way (if I don't overdue it, of course ;). I like that the bronzer is also not super pigmented and I can slowly build it up.

On the other side there are two highlighters and if I start with the top one which is more yellow toned and has some sparse shimmers. This one doesn't look so flattering on me, the tone is a bit too bright yellow and the shimmer also doesn't do me any justice but on the eyes it is pretty.
The bottom highlighter is the one that saves the day. This one is more of a skin tone beige and also the finish is more appropriate for a highlighter. It doesn't have any stand out shimmers but it is buttery smooth and looks like a cream product. The shine can be build up but it starts intense and you can just make it blinding from there on.

This palette could just as well be a trio (leave the top highlighter out) and it would be perfect. I can't put my hands off of the blush which looks amazing on its own or with different highlighters to play with the undertones to avoid the same look everyday. Bronzer is also great stand alone product or paired with the bottom highlighter to look like I have spent some hours on the sun in the middle of the Winter. I love it and I'm having such fun trying new combinations and I seriously don't think I will get sick of it anytime soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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