15 April 2021



for today I only have a little selection of my used up products but let me tell you, all of them will be repurchased if I haven't already.

Nivea Intensive hand cream has this amazing almost rubbery packaging. I had two different versions before this one and this one is just as lovely as the previous ones. Light texture which absorbs quickly and nourishes dry skin and did I mention this soft 'packaging'? I know I still have one more to go through and after that one gone I'm buying it again.

For this next product I can't 100% testify that it does miracles but most definitely I don't have any bad reaction from it. It is REN bio retinoid anti-wrinkle concentrate oil. I did  some research about benefits of using vitamin A and REN is a brand a lot of people with knowledge trust... I think it is a win-win combination. Truth is that I don't get that many acne anymore and my old acne scars are slowly fading. They are still visible and if I use products which are proven to even out the color and texture faster I will most definitely keep buying and using them. I already bought myself a new bottle and I hope that they don't amp up the price or discontinue it.

This product I bough out of curiosity because Neutrogena products seems to work for me and curcuma is an ingredient with lots of positive effects. I don't know just how much of it they used but it is in the first half of the ingredients list... It has a pleasant, light orange scent but it also burn my eyes if it gets too close. At first I thought that I won't repurchase it because of it but after I finished it I started to use something else and my face immediately responded with a bunch of nasty bumps on my chin, the only product that was changed was the face wash... So I think it is safe to say that Neutrogena Curcuma Clear face mousse wash is something I will repurchase again and now I have three holy grail face washes, each from a different brand.

The very last item is L'oreal Magic invisible dry shampoo Fresh Crush. This is my second bottle of it and I really like it. The scent isn't really fresh but it is somewhat bubble gum inspired and quite strong, thankfully I like it but maybe next time I will get a different one just to mix things up. This definitely has a white cast which requires some extra work but other than that I have nothing bad to say about it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day