30 January 2020

New Catrice items on the shelf


Catrice is in the process of changing their current range and while they are giving up some of the lovely products this time around I'm more interested in the new products. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by PR team and offered some new items...

First is the Volumizing Extreme Lip Booster with menthol and hot chili extract. I have a big appreciation for minty, cooling lip products so this is definitely my cup of tea. I wonder how will the chili feel like.
Next is another new lip item and it is housed in the same packaging as with their matte lipsticks, this time around they made them satin and I decided to give it a go. I usually go for something creamy or glossy but just to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. I received Full Satin lipstick in the shade Full of Love which is a cool toned and super bright red shade.
The last item is their new line of nail varnishes and it is named Pure ID nail polish in Simplicity. I just wanted to try the new formula and see how this new clean formula compares to the regular polishes.The shade looks bright and dusty pink at the same time, I wonder how will it look on me and can't wait till Saturday when I will repaint my nails and use this shade.

Big thank's to the Catrice PR team for sending me these lovely products and I can't wait to try them out myself.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2020



I wanted to start this year with more of a bang but mid of the month caught me and it is empties time.

First is Aveo nail polish remover. Nothing special but very cheap and effective. That is all I can say and need from a nail polish remover.

Mueller jojoba oil was on sale so it was obviously calling me  ;) I noticed that jojoba oil is quite moisturizing on my skin and has quickly become one of my favorite oils. Since this is gone I already started using a new bottle. I used it on my face to gently melt my make up off (I always follow with a face wash to remove oils and clinging make up) but my skin felt really nice since the oil method doesn't require any harsh moves. After a thorough cleanse I would apply a fresh layer of this oil on my face over some night serum and my skin felt hydrated and loved.

This body butter used to be my favorite but now I though it was just average (how our taste changes through the years, are you amazed just as I am?). It is Avon skin so soft body butter with shea butter. It has nice comforting, creamy scent and the butter is thick . You have to warm it up and massage it a bit in order to let it absorb and not be sticky. Nowdays I prefer lotions which sinks into my skin faster.

This next cream is a total winner in my books. I always liked this line of hand creams and this particular scent is amazing. Avon care hand cream with banana doesn't smell plasticky or weird but rather like that dessert (foamy bananas covered in chocolate from Casali, one of my favorite snacks). I am in need of a new tube.

Second to last is this Yves Rocher nutri silky conditioner which was given to my by my sister (she tried it but didn't like it so she passed it onto me). I was unsure but when I actually tried it  I was sold. My hair felt silky smooth and very straight (they are naturally straight anyways but sometimes there is a random wave in there) not after I used this conditioner. My hair looked perfect, like I just got out of a saloon with a fresh cut. Basically, my hair looked like I put some effort in it when I just washed them. I will definitely repurchase it again if it is still available.

The last item is this magical Avon senses gelato moments, vanilla ice cream body wash. It is a bit thicker and it smells exactly like vanilla ice cream. It is crazy how good it smells and I want it back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day