31 August 2017



I like Fall and I always get excited for it but at the same time I don't want to let go of Summer. I enjoy in brisk weather and long sleeved sweaters but I surround myself with fruity and fresh scents which reminds me of a vacation and the beach.

I ended up not one but two body washes. First is Avon Senses Rio Cocktail limited edition one which if I'm not mistaken came out last year and it is no longer available. I absolutely loved the scent which reminded me of pina colada cocktail, it was supposed to be cooling but I haven't noticed that. I would repurchase it if I could because the scent really got me.

The other wash is from Rituals and it is from their Hammam Olive Secret line with Refreshing Eucalyptus & Organic Olive, on the tube it actually says that it is ultra hydrating shower paste and I couldn't agree more with the paste one. The consistency is something like I have never experienced. It is not watery but more jelly like and you need a lot of water to make it emulsify, it just absorb all the water and you can't spread it until you add enough and even then it doesn't get all bubbly. I guess that way it lasts you a really long time because it works almost as a concentrate. Anyways, at the back you can read that it offers purifying ceremony for body and soul (I have only tried a couple of their products and they are really into this whole soul ideology with their products and I have to admit that the scents and textures of their products are innovative and new plus I have always really enjoyed their products). The scent is very strong of Eucalyptus and I love it, I actually started using it on my face for deep cleansing and I stopped when it got in my eye and it burned like hell, totally my fault because it isn't recommended to use on faces. I really loved it but I don't know if I would repurchase it again, Rituals products aren't available here in my county and since it was a gift I don't know how much it costs but I have a feeling that it wasn't cheap. I prefer to spend some more money on lotions and moisturizers and save on body washes.

Next is a lotion from Avon Skin So Soft firming and restoring line. This is really old, I even forgot that I have it when I rediscover it at the beginning of the Summer. The scent is barely there so nothing to get excited about. The lotion itself is on the watery side and it takes a while to absorb, it makes sense the more you massage it the firmer the skin. Still, since it was so old I haven't noticed any difference and my skin got itchy after a couple of weeks of using it which is a clear sign that my skin is getting dry and it is only a matter of days when it will start to flake. I started to pair it with oil to get some moisture but I was glad that it was gone and I will not repurchase it ever again.

This is my third or fourth Batiste dry shampoo for blondes can. I like how efficient it is but I don't like the scent (it reminds me of old socks) but thankfully it fades away and I also don't appreciate the residue. When I go through my hair with my fingers I don't like all that powder on my hands, it looks jucky. I decided that I won't repurchase it again but I will try one of the scented versions from them and then I will decide if I'm done with the brand.

First lip product is Avon Color Trend limited edition gloss (you can tell from the blue cap) in the shade Set Sail Pink. In general I really like their glosses and this one was no different. Soft pink color with subtle pearly shimmer that wasn't too distracting. It had their typical vanilla/caramel scent and I used it a lot lately but before I could completely finish it I think it went bad. The color started to turn, it was supposed to be a happy light pink shade but now it is peachy nude and also it got a weird taste so I'm tossing it.

Lipstick is only a sample but it is one of my favorite shades ever. It is Avon Ultra Color Rich Colordisiac lipstick in the shade Can't resist Coral. If it would still be available I would buy the full size for sure. It is a nice coral shade that leans red but I only wore it as a stain and it worked like a charm. I like a little color on my lips but then through the day I would use lip balm to moisturize and pamper my dry lips. 

The very last item is Avon Glow bronzing pearls in Warm Coral. I was so excited when I bought them even though they look more orange than coral or peach on me. I like the whole pearl concept but the other day I wanted to use them and I discovered mold on them!!! Oh my, what have I done? When you open the cap there is a white sponge covering the pearls so they don't get crushed if you shake them in transport, I don't carry them around, they just sit on my shelf but I still felt the need to keep the soft cushion and even wash it from time to time and apparently once it didn't completely dry hence the mold all over the pearls. Lesson learnt, I tossed sponges on two other compacts so that won't happen again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 August 2017

Project Polish


this time around I haven't used up any nail polishes but I decided to pass these two bottles because they don't suit me and someone else could appreciate them more.

First is super old Essence nail art special effect topper in Mystic Mermaid. It is a shimmery top coat consisting mostly of silver shimmer but it reflect purple, green and blue. A real eye catcher but I just don't enjoy wearing it anymore. There is still more than half a bottle left and the polish inside is still very liquid so it is usable.

The other bottle was introduced not long time ago and it is Catrice ICONail Mermayday Mayday (complete coincidence on the mermaid theme but the colors couldn't be any different, do you agree?). I already mentioned that it applies like a butter, one coat is almost enough for full coverage but it is the color that it doesn't suit me. Both bottles will get new homes and I just got rid of two more nail varnishes and that completes the 20 bottles that are already away from my collection in this year. I'm planing to go through two or four more and then I will see and decided what to do next.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 August 2017

Cool & Matt


days over here are still pretty hot and if you are struggling with oily skin then you know what that means. In the morning it takes me some time to properly prep and prime my skin to be in tip top shape for what's to come. I'm still on the hunt for that 'perfect' primer that would do anything so I was super excited when I saw this baby in one of the most recent Catrice limited editions. I was one of the first people to discover that stand because everything was still there (isn't this view rare, to see the whole stand untouched and you are the first person who dips their fingers into samples?).

Catrice Travelight Story had some interesting products but my interest was pointed into this cool & matt primer stick in Transparent.

To give you an idea how small it is I measured it against my thumb which is pretty much the same length, the whole packaging not just the actual product.
It comes in a white sturdy plastic which closes very firmly and there is no way that it would accidentally opened in your bag. If your skin is perfect you can wear it on its own but mine isn't so I put make-up on top. At first it felt a bit weird to use it directly on my face (all of my previous primers are liquid) but after two or three uses I got used to it. Immediately after applying it it starts to feel cool and almost dewy but it dries into matte finish after I would say approximately 30 sec. It creates smooth and matte canvas for make-up.

Through the day my make-up lasted really well. I still got oily, less then if I wouldn't use it, but my BB cream didn't started to crack or looked like a mask.
There is no scent present just a nice cooling feeling but it goes away after a minute or two.
This primer isn't 'the one' but it gets close, I feel like I'm gonna like it even more as soon as the weather gets cooler because my skin gets less oily. You get a very small portion of the product and I think that it won't last for long and when it will be gone I can only hope that Catrice will bring it back. I would definitely repurchase it again and again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 August 2017

Mermayday Mayday


my last manicure shown was pink, very happy and cheerful. I decided to switch things up by choosing one of the 'new' polishes in more calm and relaxed color, at least that is what I thought of it when I saw it in the bottle.

It is Catrice ICONails nail varnish in the Mermayday Mayday shade. It has a cream finish and great opacity with just one coat. I still did two, to even everything out and just because I'm used to it.

The shade is very unique in my collection and I was excited to see how much I will like it on myself. I used it on my nails and toes and my verdict is that it somehow clashes with my skin tone. It looks okay on the photos but my fingers looked red opposed to this cool toned shade and I didn't approved that. The wear time was average, after two or three days some tip wear  started to show which is quite normal (I type a lot at work and I noticed that I often use nails to do it and that takes toll on my nail polish) but I have to admit that the one I wore previously from the Soft Blossom range lasted longer and better and if I'm not mistaken the price point is similar if not the same but within the ICONails range there are 45 shades when there are only 4 scented options left.

All in all I like this range of nail polishes from Catrice but I have some that lasts longer on my nails and are cheaper (most of my Essence varnishes), the shade was a fail for me but that is just my personal taste and I hope my sister will like it better because I'm planing to give it to her.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 August 2017

Frozen Toffee and Patina Glow


I'm back with some lid glow. I have been avoiding these shadows for way too long. I liked how they looked on swatches but knowing just how many similar colors I have I managed to resist buying them for way too long. I know that now after finally owning two shades.

Essence the metals is a range of super shimmery/metallic single eye shadows and I have Frozen Toffee and Patina Glow.

Neutral brown with silver shimmer through is Frozen Toffee and that lack of warmth is making it unique in my collection. I really couldn't find anything similar.
The olive green one is called Patina Glow and the golden shimmer is stunning in it. I usually stay away from 'colors' on my lids because my eyes are already two toned and I have a feeling that they just can't handle more shades at once (various shades of brown and gold are excluded, I love them and I can make them work, anything else can look too colorful) but I have a soft spot for green but rarely wear it. This one though is very nice and looks gorgeous and whenever I wear it I don't feel self conscious, I feel great and has become my favorite green shade.

I can pack them on and the base colors are very strong (brown and green) or I can lightly dab  them in the center of my lid to bring some extra light. I love how versatile they are.

Here you can see the glow better and I feel like it is even more obvious on the lid.
They both apply like butter and don't have fallout. To me they are some of the best shadows in my collection and the only regret from my side is that I didn't get them sooner.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 August 2017

From Dusk Till Dawn


it has been a while since Catrice team gifted me this duo and I have been testing it and using it in different ways. It sure does look lovely when it is brand new because of the embossing but make-up items are supposed to be used not kept on the pedestal. Well, that is just my humble opinion, what is yours?

It is Catrice Travelight Story LE From Dusk Till Dawn blush & bronzer duo.

As mentioned the embossing on it is very pretty but it is pressed quite deep in the pan because I received it towards the end of June and I have been using it quite a lot and the print is still very visible. If you flip the palette the back side is mirrored, it is not a perfect mirror but it can get useful on the road (to check if there is food between your teeth or if the lipstick has smeared all over your chin...).

Both colors are very pigmented, maybe the blush is a tad more so if you are among pale people you should be careful and try to apply little by little to avoid clown cheeks.

Bronzer has golden undertone and it is quite warm but not too orangey to look unnatural. It contains little golden specks that add some dimension and I like that a lot. Matte cheek products just aren't for me.
Blush has that beautiful bright vibrancy to it. Warm coral shade is unique in my blush collection (the last time I counted and almost fainted, I discovered that I own 30 blushes!!!). It doesn't have the same glow-shimmer as the bronzer does but at the same time it is not a flat or chalky matte. I have to be really careful not to apply to much and when I succeed it looks very fresh and healthy on my skin but usually I would add some highlighter on top to make it extra glowy ;)

I think that this duo was a visual highlight from this collection and after trying and using it for over one month I can say that the quality and color combo really works. I even started to use them as an eye shadows, bronzer offers great warm base and a little pop of coral in the center of the lid elevates every brown shadow to the next level. They are not my absolute favorites but both are very high on my list. All in all I am very happy with this product and I know I will use it also in the cooler months to bring some of the Summer memories back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

16 August 2017



we are already in the second part of August and Summer is almost over. I am excited for Autumn but I hate Winter, cold and snow just aren't my thing so clinging on Summer inspired product is a recurring thing for me.

First we have Essence keep it perfect fixing spray. I already talked about it in July and I still agree that it works for me. It doesn't keep my skin matte but it prevents my make-up from separating in this hot weather. There is a tiny bit left in the bottle but I can't get it out so I when I will repurchase it I will just pour what is left in the new bottle. I mentioned that I would like to try the matte version but I couldn't find it so I will repurchase this one.

Next we have a Sun Dance SPF 30 sun cream or should I say foam.

I bought both versions, the one above that is empty smells like sweet strawberries and the other one that still has some product left is melon scented. They both have rather strong fragrances but they don't smell plasticky or too fake.

Before every use you shake it and press the top button and this dense foam comes out (can you see a cat on the above photo?), it spreads very easy but it does leave a sticky feeling behind. I don't mind it when I'm on the beach because I get sweaty anyways but I don't like to use it in my everyday life. I find this product interesting, it is something new but I won't be repurchasing it again. The melon scented one I will use next year on a vacation and that will be it.

This Avon Calming Effects redness corrector green primer is super old. I actually haven't use it in years, it was just sitting there and taking space. I finally picked it up and toss it away. I don't think it was available for long, maybe that is because it is nothing special? I remember it being pretty green and sticky. After applying it all over my face it didn't feel good, I was convinced that my make-up won't be able to cover the color up correctly and the stickiness bothered me too much. This one was definitely a failed purchase for me.

Another Avon make up product in the line. This is old Avon SuperShock Vivid liquid eye shadow in Chromed Cocoa. It comes in this lip gloss type of packaging with the dove foot applicator, the pigment settles on the bottom and water like liquid stays at the top before using it you have to shake it to mix the two component and then you apply it straight to the lid. At first it feels a bit wet but it settles quickly so you have to be fast, I used the applicator to get it on the lid and then I blend it with my fingertips. The color sheers out but you can always apply more layer but be careful, it can start look patchy and thick if you use too much. I personally prefer more sheer look so one layer was usually enough but it gets more orangey bronze, I also struggled with the perfect application. On one eye I always used more than on the other or went too high up in my crease. To get the symmetrical look on both eyes was hard, I started to force myself to use it more often but I decided to stop. I have way too many beautiful eye shadows that are much easier to navigate and I like the colors better so why bother?

Second to last product is a replacement. Mine was exactly the same only in the old packaging. I took it with me on a vacation because it was almost empty and I estimated that I will be able to use it up completely but I must of lost it so I borrowed my moms new version of it. It is Avon ultra shiny gloss in Naturally Nude (now it is offered under the Mark brand and has white details instead of black). These glosses are some of my favorite and I was so happy that they came back with them. I used to own 7 tubes of them but now I'm gradually using them all up, in fact I'm only left with two and when they will be gone I will repurchase them again. My favorite and still available are Watermelon Pop and the one above in Naturally Nude. This shade is nude with a hint of peach in it and it has a cream finish (some shades have shimmer). They smell fruity and sweet and last for quite a while. The convenient tube makes application super easy and while the tubes hold whooping 15 ml of product they are small enough to fit in almost any pocket.

The very last item is Figs & Rouge Wild Cherry lip balm. I already used up one of them and I don't like them. They are natural and organic but nothing special in terms of moisture. The formula feels very thin and it disappears from the lips pretty fast, this one was clear so I used it on my cuticles as well. At first it feels very greasy but in terms of nourishing it felt flat. The scent was very fake. I actually can't think of one thing that I liked about it. Unfortunately I have one more to go through but I will leave it till next year, I feel like I need a break from this disappointing formula.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2017

Tulips R Better Than One


what are your thoughts on the scented nail polish? I always thought it is unnecessary and a bit gimmicky but I picked one scented bottle up to see what the fuss is all about.

Catrice Soft Blossom Tulips R Better Than One shade is cool toned pink, it looks like they added some lavender hues in it and the scent? I can barely detect it when the polish is dry on my nails, I honestly wouldn't pick it up for that feature alone.

The brush is standard and not as wide as it is in the 'new' ICONails gel lacquers. I find it very easy to navigate and due to its narrowness painting the pinkys and toes wasn't an issue.
Even though the bottle looks small it contains whooping 11 ml of product, that should last me lifetime.

When it dries it is not super glossy but it also isn't matte, I would say something in between. I experienced some minor bubbles which weren't as obvious in person as they are in the photo but it was totally my fault. I was painting them outside on a very hot day, I was in a rush because I had to pack for a vacation which took place the next day. I wore it on my vacation on nails and toes. I was soaking in salty water and strolling on the hot beach, usually my nail polish starts to chip and fall of but this baby lasted the entire time. Yes, there was some tip wear but no chips and I didn't reapply it once, I also didn't use any top coat.
I know that the price is a bit higher that their 'average' line but in terms of longevity I think it is fair because you get a stellar polish. I would say I'm not a pink nail polish kind of gal but this particular shade turned me over, I'm still not interested in bright warm pinks or fuchsia tones but I can see myself wearing this shade all year around.
I like this long lasting, almost one coater polish so much that next time when I will be in the store I will see if they have some more 'me approved' shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 August 2017

Kisses from Havana


have you spotted Cubanita TE from Essence and did you buy anything from it? I really like the color scheme of the collection but only to look at, I'm not very adventurist when it come to applying color to my face so I wanted to skip on this one altogether until the Essence team surprised me with a couple of products,

This is Essence Cubanita wet look lip lacquer in the Kisses from Havana shade. It is highly pigmented and very wet looking lip gloss.

It comes with a flat doe foot applicator that makes application quite easy but you still have to be careful because the color is so highly pigmented.

It is very opaque and has zero shimmer (those little reflections are just my arm hairs, opss).
The scent/taste is different than any other lip product that Essence has, it is fruitier and sweeter, if that makes sense. I like it a lot and even after the shine is gone (around two hours) you are left with a nice even stain and the taste is still there is you lick it.

The color is purple with pink undertone, it is quite similar (pigmentation, high shine and after a couple of hours when the gloss wears off the stain ramains) to the shine, shine, shine gloss in the Runway, your way, except that one is even darker and more plumy looking but the formula feels very similar.

This gloss is also very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. I wish it would be a little less bright because whenever I wear it I'm always looking for shiny surfaces to check if it smeared or got on my teeth. So far that haven't happened but the racing heartbeat is always present. I like the formula, scent and how it feels but I would make it a little less pigmented and in some neutral color.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 August 2017

Coral me maybe


I bought this blush a while ago, when it wasn't in the process of being discontinued. I have the other two colors and I love them so much that they are in my top five blushes but this one feels a bit different.

It is Catrice Illuminating blush in the shade Coral me maybe, is it just me or anyone else can hear 'the song'?

It looks beautiful with it's zig zag pattern and I have a soft spot for peachy/coral blushes so I predicted that I will love it even before I spent my money on it but I was left disappointed a bit or maybe I should say that it is not what I expected to be.
Yes, this blush too has some random shimmer particles but they don't bother me since I like some glow on the cheeks, it is the color that surprised me.

First swatch is made with mixing both colors together, second one was hard to get because of the placing in the pan but I tried and manged and the last, barely there stripe is made only with the middle color.
As mentioned I love the other two shades (I'm nuts about you and La vie en Rose) but this one felt a bit flat. When I swirl my brush in it very little product gets on the brush and I just end up dipping my brush in it for at east three times for one cheek, I like less opaque blushes so I have more control but this one is just a tad too sheer plus the color is barely there. All I see on my cheeks is a golden glow, it looks like a highlighter on my skin (third swipe). It is not bad, it actually look nice but it is not what I expected, I spent my money on a beautiful looking peachy blush instead I got golden highlighter that actually looks nice but I already have around five other highlighters that gives me the same effect.
I hope this doesn't come across as a rant because it is a lovely product, it is just not what I was expecting. Did you ever buy something that looked completely different when you used it?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

10 August 2017

Wish I was a Mermaid


I know, I know, this one is old but I still wanted to expose it here. Some smaller drugstores can't sell everything and it happened to me that I found some pieces one year after they were released. If you are lucky you can find them too and maybe this lipstick is worth the wait.

Essence Next Stop: Summer TE Wish I was a Mermaid lipstick. 

Don't let the soft green color fool you, it does not look like that on the skin. At first it is actually pretty sheer and after a couple of minutes it starts changing into peachy pink color. It is not as intense as the other shade Little Miss Sunshine (I gave it to my mom and she loves it so much that I bought her a back up of it).

This is how it looks on me. Photo was taken after a couple of layers so the color is visible and I took it right after applying fresh layer so it looks a bit glossy but that shine goes away after about 20-30 minutes and you are left with a stain. I like to feel some product on my lips and after it dries I feel the need to reapply constantly, thankfully this color doesn't build up that fast and I can actually take it with me to work and use it without a mirror.
It has a nice fruity scent that makes me feel like I'm on a vacation.
I think this is a nice hybrid between a lip balm and a stain but I wish it would be more nourishing and that the balmy texture would stay on for longer, other than that I like it a lot. I'm not as crazy about it as my mom is but I'm still not passing it to a friend and considering how many lip products I have that means a lot.

Thank you Essence team for letting me try this.

Thank you for watching and have a nice day

09 August 2017

& the lovely little things


today I received another parcel which was ripped open just outside of my post office. I had enough decency to close the car doors so I wasn't too obvious. Don't judge, you would probably do the same.

I got one out of the three eye shadow palettes (the other two are neutral, one consist of all matte and the other of all shimmery shades, they seem more like 'me' shades but Essence team decided to gift me the grey one) named & our secret date at midnight. I probably wouldn't pick it up myself but I'm glad that I got it, it has a major throwback for me. I remember when I started wearing eye shadows which was in high school and I only had a couple but they were all ether silver or gray. It doesn't come with a mirror but it does have a double ended brush with one actual brush and on the other side is a sponge tip applicator.

Next is super duper cute lip balm & we kissed with intoxicating fruity mango scent. I haven't tried it yet but I have a feeling that I will buy some backups just because the scent is so great. The pink one is supposed to smell like strawberries which sound just as delicious.

The last item is 2 in 1 nail file. I usually don't buy these type of sand paper files but I guess they can come handy if you travel (it feels super light and you can take it with you on a plane). I haven't use one of these in a really long time so it will be interesting to see if they are any better quality, than what I remember them to be.

Thank you Essence team for sending this package my way, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

05 August 2017

Nude Metal Mood


in my previous post I presented beautiful eye shadow palette and for today I have a lipstick from the same limited edition.

It is Catrice Soleil d'ete Nude Metal Mood lipstick in a beautiful golden case. I have to admit that I love limited edition packaging because that way it is much easier to spot it and also you don't get sick of it since every tube is different.

It is nude with some pink undertone and peachy shift to it. In the tube it already looks like a molten metal, right?

So glossy and juicy, some of the shine translates to the lips as well, especially because of the shimmer. It gives you that 'metal look' and I remember women wearing this type of colors and frosty finish when I was a kid in the 90'. It makes sense since fashion and trends rotate. Back then I was too young to wear make-up but even now when I'm older 90' trends just don't rub with me. I still tried it on and it doesn't look good on me or at least I don't think it looks good.

In the video you can see the insane shine that it gives and remember bigger lips give more reflection. Mine are thin and the undertone somehow clashed with my skin but I liked the fruity/sweet scent and taste. I almost kept it because of that but I wasn't selfish and I passed it on to someone who will appreciate it and wear it with a smile.

Thank you Catrice team for sending it my way, my sister likes it a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 August 2017

Metal Muse


Catrice is currently offering this beautiful golden collection called Soleil d'ete. I was lucky enough to receive this palette and if I'm being completely honest I probably wouldn't pick it up myself. You get five different shades in it but some of them don't really look like my cup of tea...

So, Catrice made Soleil d'ete LE and this palette is called Metal Muse. It is housed in beautiful golden case with big mirror inside.

Inside you get shadows with different finishes but none of them is a flat or chalky matte.

Top one is cream with a pink shift, unfortunately you can't see it on my photos but in person it is obvious. That color is borderline one for me. I typically don't wear pink on my eyes because I think it makes me look sick but this one isn't straight in you face pink so I did accumulated it into my looks and it looked fine. It is my least favorite from the palette but I know I will use it.

Second rose color looks like it would be matte but it has some minor shimmer. I was scared that it will be super pigmented and it will give me an effect of a pinky eye but thankfully it is actually pretty flattering. I wear it all over the lid or rather as a transition color.

Third and the darkest color also appears to be matte but it has some sheen to it and I love it (I rarely wear matte on my eyes anyway). If I wear it in my crease I have to blend it well because it is a bit dark but it is worth it, sometimes I even use it all over my lid for a darker look. I know we are in the middle of the Summer but at the moment I like to wear darker looks, I think this palette started this trend.

Second to last color is shimmery bronze color that is not too warm or orange toned. This type of shimmer goes very well with my taste and as soon as I saw this palette my eyes gravitated towards it and it was the first one to try. I love it all over my lids and how well it attracts attention and makes my eyes appear more blue than grey.

The real star has to be the last one or in the palette it can be found in the center. It has a smaller pan and it makes me think that it is meant to be used on top of other colors to add some shine. Well, I also wore it alone and I loved it just as much. The formula feels different. I always apply it with my finger and it feels like a cream to powder. It is weird but in a good way. It has peachy base with big silver glitter particles that reflect light like nothing else. I wish they would sell it in a single form and create different colored bases, I would buy all the shades.

This palette got me unprepared. I really didn't think I would like it as much as I do, I was even planing to do some swatches and wear it once or twice and then give it to my sister but after just one use I changed my mind. I'm keeping it but I spread the word to my sister and she might pick it up for herself as well. catrice gets two thumbs up from me for creating this beautiful palette.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 August 2017

Essence haul


judging from the photo below you would think I splurged a little but all of these items were on sale because Essence decided not to make them anymore :(   There are some of my favorites going away so I had to buy backups of backups, some are new to my collection and some aren't even for me but I still wanted to include them here.

On the top left corner there are three invisible kiss transparent lip liners in Multitalent Wonder. I had the previous version which came in a wooden form and I loved it so when I saw they are discontinuing them I had to get as many as possible (the rest were all broken, what a shame).

Even bigger bunch of extreme lasting easy glide &waterproof eye pencils in the shade Rockin' Taupe. I already have one and it is amazing, so amazing that I bought another one for my sister and she loves it as much as possible. When I informed her that they will be gone soon she ordered me to get as many as possible and so I did. I visited two stores and picked up all unused ones and we will split them.

Also, all of these aren't for me. My sister wanted to try the famous lip oils and she wanted to get the expensive ones from Clarins. I convinced her that it is smarter to try some low budget ones first to see if she even like the feeling. I personally have the ones from Catrice (all three shades and one is already used up) and I hope these Preetifying lip oils will be similar. They definitely smell better, while the Catrice ones don't have a scent these smell sweet. The yellow one is called I care for you, honey, pink is named First help, pinky and the last red one is SOS, my heart.

I picked up two powders to try and break the routine (the one I'm consistently using is Essence all about matte fixing powder). The one on the top is get picture ready pore refining powder in Selfie finish (even though it is the only shade available) and next to it is color correcting mattifying powder in the lighter version Beautiful finish. I don't believe in color correcting products if the colors are all swirled together, how does the color know on exact which spot to jump to color correct my skin and make it look even? The reason behind picking it up was the mattifying claim and that it actually looks light enough for my skin tone.

There are also two lipstick. Top one is longlasting lipstick in the beautiful neutral shade Natural Beauty (I already have one shade which is not my favorite but I love the finish). I would pick more but I saw that they will come out with revamped line that looks very very similar to this one, so I will just wait for the new ones and pick one up when they will arrive to compare.

The other one is from Sheer & Shine line and I already have three shades. This line has to be my favorite from the brand if not the best formula that I have tried for my dry lips. My mom agrees with me because she loves it too, she declared this one to be her favorite. We both own this exact shade which is Candy Love and it is beautiful soft pink shade that glides so effortlessly on the lips plus the shade looks so good no matter how I do my make-up. I was only able to find one and this one will go to my mom because I have way too many lipsticks of my own but if I will find one more I will keep it.

Chubby pencil is 2 in 1 eye shadow & liner and I got it in the shade Rosy Happiness. My oily lids are usually against cream products so even though it looks amazing I didn't get it for myself but only for my sister. She was asking about it but then she couldn't decide if she should pick it up so I will surprise her with one that I think will look lovely on her. 

The metals shadows looks gorgeous on the swatch and I had a wish to own at least one ever since they came out but I just never really pick them up. This time I stocked up with two lovelies. First is Patina Glow in olive green shade and the other taupe color is Frozen Toffee.

Right now I'm using just regular dark grey eye shadow to fill in my brows but it is slowly coming to an end so I was thinking ahead when I purchased this duo. It is make me brow duo eyebrow powder in Mix it brunette! but I think only the darker color will be suitable for my caterpillars above my eyes but after a closer inspection and natural light this color looks brown not grey. I hope it will appear grey and that it will match me otherwise I just bought two more eye shadows.

Me and my sister fell in love with this taupe shimmery number from the my must haves line and it is in the shade All I need, there are two other colors getting discontinued but we didn't care for them. I can't wait to start playing with it since it looks so lovely.

Second to last product is smokey eye set in Smokey Day. This wasn't on my list but when I saw it in person I changed my mind. The colors maybe don't look interesting but the bottom shimmery color looks fantastic, it is slightly darker than the single one above but they both contain small shimmer that makes it glow and that is what I like.

And the very last palette is get picture ready 1,2,3, smile palette with 7 different colors, big mirror and a decent brush. I already have mine and review will follow soon, this particular one is for my sister because I have a very strong feeling that she will love it.

Now, I just have to find time to play with all that new make-up, it will be tough because we are heaving a real heatwave and all my make-up is melting away.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day