31 August 2017



I like Fall and I always get excited for it but at the same time I don't want to let go of Summer. I enjoy in brisk weather and long sleeved sweaters but I surround myself with fruity and fresh scents which reminds me of a vacation and the beach.

I ended up not one but two body washes. First is Avon Senses Rio Cocktail limited edition one which if I'm not mistaken came out last year and it is no longer available. I absolutely loved the scent which reminded me of pina colada cocktail, it was supposed to be cooling but I haven't noticed that. I would repurchase it if I could because the scent really got me.

The other wash is from Rituals and it is from their Hammam Olive Secret line with Refreshing Eucalyptus & Organic Olive, on the tube it actually says that it is ultra hydrating shower paste and I couldn't agree more with the paste one. The consistency is something like I have never experienced. It is not watery but more jelly like and you need a lot of water to make it emulsify, it just absorb all the water and you can't spread it until you add enough and even then it doesn't get all bubbly. I guess that way it lasts you a really long time because it works almost as a concentrate. Anyways, at the back you can read that it offers purifying ceremony for body and soul (I have only tried a couple of their products and they are really into this whole soul ideology with their products and I have to admit that the scents and textures of their products are innovative and new plus I have always really enjoyed their products). The scent is very strong of Eucalyptus and I love it, I actually started using it on my face for deep cleansing and I stopped when it got in my eye and it burned like hell, totally my fault because it isn't recommended to use on faces. I really loved it but I don't know if I would repurchase it again, Rituals products aren't available here in my county and since it was a gift I don't know how much it costs but I have a feeling that it wasn't cheap. I prefer to spend some more money on lotions and moisturizers and save on body washes.

Next is a lotion from Avon Skin So Soft firming and restoring line. This is really old, I even forgot that I have it when I rediscover it at the beginning of the Summer. The scent is barely there so nothing to get excited about. The lotion itself is on the watery side and it takes a while to absorb, it makes sense the more you massage it the firmer the skin. Still, since it was so old I haven't noticed any difference and my skin got itchy after a couple of weeks of using it which is a clear sign that my skin is getting dry and it is only a matter of days when it will start to flake. I started to pair it with oil to get some moisture but I was glad that it was gone and I will not repurchase it ever again.

This is my third or fourth Batiste dry shampoo for blondes can. I like how efficient it is but I don't like the scent (it reminds me of old socks) but thankfully it fades away and I also don't appreciate the residue. When I go through my hair with my fingers I don't like all that powder on my hands, it looks jucky. I decided that I won't repurchase it again but I will try one of the scented versions from them and then I will decide if I'm done with the brand.

First lip product is Avon Color Trend limited edition gloss (you can tell from the blue cap) in the shade Set Sail Pink. In general I really like their glosses and this one was no different. Soft pink color with subtle pearly shimmer that wasn't too distracting. It had their typical vanilla/caramel scent and I used it a lot lately but before I could completely finish it I think it went bad. The color started to turn, it was supposed to be a happy light pink shade but now it is peachy nude and also it got a weird taste so I'm tossing it.

Lipstick is only a sample but it is one of my favorite shades ever. It is Avon Ultra Color Rich Colordisiac lipstick in the shade Can't resist Coral. If it would still be available I would buy the full size for sure. It is a nice coral shade that leans red but I only wore it as a stain and it worked like a charm. I like a little color on my lips but then through the day I would use lip balm to moisturize and pamper my dry lips. 

The very last item is Avon Glow bronzing pearls in Warm Coral. I was so excited when I bought them even though they look more orange than coral or peach on me. I like the whole pearl concept but the other day I wanted to use them and I discovered mold on them!!! Oh my, what have I done? When you open the cap there is a white sponge covering the pearls so they don't get crushed if you shake them in transport, I don't carry them around, they just sit on my shelf but I still felt the need to keep the soft cushion and even wash it from time to time and apparently once it didn't completely dry hence the mold all over the pearls. Lesson learnt, I tossed sponges on two other compacts so that won't happen again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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