05 August 2017

Nude Metal Mood


in my previous post I presented beautiful eye shadow palette and for today I have a lipstick from the same limited edition.

It is Catrice Soleil d'ete Nude Metal Mood lipstick in a beautiful golden case. I have to admit that I love limited edition packaging because that way it is much easier to spot it and also you don't get sick of it since every tube is different.

It is nude with some pink undertone and peachy shift to it. In the tube it already looks like a molten metal, right?

So glossy and juicy, some of the shine translates to the lips as well, especially because of the shimmer. It gives you that 'metal look' and I remember women wearing this type of colors and frosty finish when I was a kid in the 90'. It makes sense since fashion and trends rotate. Back then I was too young to wear make-up but even now when I'm older 90' trends just don't rub with me. I still tried it on and it doesn't look good on me or at least I don't think it looks good.

In the video you can see the insane shine that it gives and remember bigger lips give more reflection. Mine are thin and the undertone somehow clashed with my skin but I liked the fruity/sweet scent and taste. I almost kept it because of that but I wasn't selfish and I passed it on to someone who will appreciate it and wear it with a smile.

Thank you Catrice team for sending it my way, my sister likes it a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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