03 August 2017

Metal Muse


Catrice is currently offering this beautiful golden collection called Soleil d'ete. I was lucky enough to receive this palette and if I'm being completely honest I probably wouldn't pick it up myself. You get five different shades in it but some of them don't really look like my cup of tea...

So, Catrice made Soleil d'ete LE and this palette is called Metal Muse. It is housed in beautiful golden case with big mirror inside.

Inside you get shadows with different finishes but none of them is a flat or chalky matte.

Top one is cream with a pink shift, unfortunately you can't see it on my photos but in person it is obvious. That color is borderline one for me. I typically don't wear pink on my eyes because I think it makes me look sick but this one isn't straight in you face pink so I did accumulated it into my looks and it looked fine. It is my least favorite from the palette but I know I will use it.

Second rose color looks like it would be matte but it has some minor shimmer. I was scared that it will be super pigmented and it will give me an effect of a pinky eye but thankfully it is actually pretty flattering. I wear it all over the lid or rather as a transition color.

Third and the darkest color also appears to be matte but it has some sheen to it and I love it (I rarely wear matte on my eyes anyway). If I wear it in my crease I have to blend it well because it is a bit dark but it is worth it, sometimes I even use it all over my lid for a darker look. I know we are in the middle of the Summer but at the moment I like to wear darker looks, I think this palette started this trend.

Second to last color is shimmery bronze color that is not too warm or orange toned. This type of shimmer goes very well with my taste and as soon as I saw this palette my eyes gravitated towards it and it was the first one to try. I love it all over my lids and how well it attracts attention and makes my eyes appear more blue than grey.

The real star has to be the last one or in the palette it can be found in the center. It has a smaller pan and it makes me think that it is meant to be used on top of other colors to add some shine. Well, I also wore it alone and I loved it just as much. The formula feels different. I always apply it with my finger and it feels like a cream to powder. It is weird but in a good way. It has peachy base with big silver glitter particles that reflect light like nothing else. I wish they would sell it in a single form and create different colored bases, I would buy all the shades.

This palette got me unprepared. I really didn't think I would like it as much as I do, I was even planing to do some swatches and wear it once or twice and then give it to my sister but after just one use I changed my mind. I'm keeping it but I spread the word to my sister and she might pick it up for herself as well. catrice gets two thumbs up from me for creating this beautiful palette.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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