17 August 2017

From Dusk Till Dawn


it has been a while since Catrice team gifted me this duo and I have been testing it and using it in different ways. It sure does look lovely when it is brand new because of the embossing but make-up items are supposed to be used not kept on the pedestal. Well, that is just my humble opinion, what is yours?

It is Catrice Travelight Story LE From Dusk Till Dawn blush & bronzer duo.

As mentioned the embossing on it is very pretty but it is pressed quite deep in the pan because I received it towards the end of June and I have been using it quite a lot and the print is still very visible. If you flip the palette the back side is mirrored, it is not a perfect mirror but it can get useful on the road (to check if there is food between your teeth or if the lipstick has smeared all over your chin...).

Both colors are very pigmented, maybe the blush is a tad more so if you are among pale people you should be careful and try to apply little by little to avoid clown cheeks.

Bronzer has golden undertone and it is quite warm but not too orangey to look unnatural. It contains little golden specks that add some dimension and I like that a lot. Matte cheek products just aren't for me.
Blush has that beautiful bright vibrancy to it. Warm coral shade is unique in my blush collection (the last time I counted and almost fainted, I discovered that I own 30 blushes!!!). It doesn't have the same glow-shimmer as the bronzer does but at the same time it is not a flat or chalky matte. I have to be really careful not to apply to much and when I succeed it looks very fresh and healthy on my skin but usually I would add some highlighter on top to make it extra glowy ;)

I think that this duo was a visual highlight from this collection and after trying and using it for over one month I can say that the quality and color combo really works. I even started to use them as an eye shadows, bronzer offers great warm base and a little pop of coral in the center of the lid elevates every brown shadow to the next level. They are not my absolute favorites but both are very high on my list. All in all I am very happy with this product and I know I will use it also in the cooler months to bring some of the Summer memories back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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