16 August 2017



we are already in the second part of August and Summer is almost over. I am excited for Autumn but I hate Winter, cold and snow just aren't my thing so clinging on Summer inspired product is a recurring thing for me.

First we have Essence keep it perfect fixing spray. I already talked about it in July and I still agree that it works for me. It doesn't keep my skin matte but it prevents my make-up from separating in this hot weather. There is a tiny bit left in the bottle but I can't get it out so I when I will repurchase it I will just pour what is left in the new bottle. I mentioned that I would like to try the matte version but I couldn't find it so I will repurchase this one.

Next we have a Sun Dance SPF 30 sun cream or should I say foam.

I bought both versions, the one above that is empty smells like sweet strawberries and the other one that still has some product left is melon scented. They both have rather strong fragrances but they don't smell plasticky or too fake.

Before every use you shake it and press the top button and this dense foam comes out (can you see a cat on the above photo?), it spreads very easy but it does leave a sticky feeling behind. I don't mind it when I'm on the beach because I get sweaty anyways but I don't like to use it in my everyday life. I find this product interesting, it is something new but I won't be repurchasing it again. The melon scented one I will use next year on a vacation and that will be it.

This Avon Calming Effects redness corrector green primer is super old. I actually haven't use it in years, it was just sitting there and taking space. I finally picked it up and toss it away. I don't think it was available for long, maybe that is because it is nothing special? I remember it being pretty green and sticky. After applying it all over my face it didn't feel good, I was convinced that my make-up won't be able to cover the color up correctly and the stickiness bothered me too much. This one was definitely a failed purchase for me.

Another Avon make up product in the line. This is old Avon SuperShock Vivid liquid eye shadow in Chromed Cocoa. It comes in this lip gloss type of packaging with the dove foot applicator, the pigment settles on the bottom and water like liquid stays at the top before using it you have to shake it to mix the two component and then you apply it straight to the lid. At first it feels a bit wet but it settles quickly so you have to be fast, I used the applicator to get it on the lid and then I blend it with my fingertips. The color sheers out but you can always apply more layer but be careful, it can start look patchy and thick if you use too much. I personally prefer more sheer look so one layer was usually enough but it gets more orangey bronze, I also struggled with the perfect application. On one eye I always used more than on the other or went too high up in my crease. To get the symmetrical look on both eyes was hard, I started to force myself to use it more often but I decided to stop. I have way too many beautiful eye shadows that are much easier to navigate and I like the colors better so why bother?

Second to last product is a replacement. Mine was exactly the same only in the old packaging. I took it with me on a vacation because it was almost empty and I estimated that I will be able to use it up completely but I must of lost it so I borrowed my moms new version of it. It is Avon ultra shiny gloss in Naturally Nude (now it is offered under the Mark brand and has white details instead of black). These glosses are some of my favorite and I was so happy that they came back with them. I used to own 7 tubes of them but now I'm gradually using them all up, in fact I'm only left with two and when they will be gone I will repurchase them again. My favorite and still available are Watermelon Pop and the one above in Naturally Nude. This shade is nude with a hint of peach in it and it has a cream finish (some shades have shimmer). They smell fruity and sweet and last for quite a while. The convenient tube makes application super easy and while the tubes hold whooping 15 ml of product they are small enough to fit in almost any pocket.

The very last item is Figs & Rouge Wild Cherry lip balm. I already used up one of them and I don't like them. They are natural and organic but nothing special in terms of moisture. The formula feels very thin and it disappears from the lips pretty fast, this one was clear so I used it on my cuticles as well. At first it feels very greasy but in terms of nourishing it felt flat. The scent was very fake. I actually can't think of one thing that I liked about it. Unfortunately I have one more to go through but I will leave it till next year, I feel like I need a break from this disappointing formula.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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