30 August 2017

Project Polish


this time around I haven't used up any nail polishes but I decided to pass these two bottles because they don't suit me and someone else could appreciate them more.

First is super old Essence nail art special effect topper in Mystic Mermaid. It is a shimmery top coat consisting mostly of silver shimmer but it reflect purple, green and blue. A real eye catcher but I just don't enjoy wearing it anymore. There is still more than half a bottle left and the polish inside is still very liquid so it is usable.

The other bottle was introduced not long time ago and it is Catrice ICONail Mermayday Mayday (complete coincidence on the mermaid theme but the colors couldn't be any different, do you agree?). I already mentioned that it applies like a butter, one coat is almost enough for full coverage but it is the color that it doesn't suit me. Both bottles will get new homes and I just got rid of two more nail varnishes and that completes the 20 bottles that are already away from my collection in this year. I'm planing to go through two or four more and then I will see and decided what to do next.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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