26 August 2017

Frozen Toffee and Patina Glow


I'm back with some lid glow. I have been avoiding these shadows for way too long. I liked how they looked on swatches but knowing just how many similar colors I have I managed to resist buying them for way too long. I know that now after finally owning two shades.

Essence the metals is a range of super shimmery/metallic single eye shadows and I have Frozen Toffee and Patina Glow.

Neutral brown with silver shimmer through is Frozen Toffee and that lack of warmth is making it unique in my collection. I really couldn't find anything similar.
The olive green one is called Patina Glow and the golden shimmer is stunning in it. I usually stay away from 'colors' on my lids because my eyes are already two toned and I have a feeling that they just can't handle more shades at once (various shades of brown and gold are excluded, I love them and I can make them work, anything else can look too colorful) but I have a soft spot for green but rarely wear it. This one though is very nice and looks gorgeous and whenever I wear it I don't feel self conscious, I feel great and has become my favorite green shade.

I can pack them on and the base colors are very strong (brown and green) or I can lightly dab  them in the center of my lid to bring some extra light. I love how versatile they are.

Here you can see the glow better and I feel like it is even more obvious on the lid.
They both apply like butter and don't have fallout. To me they are some of the best shadows in my collection and the only regret from my side is that I didn't get them sooner.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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