13 August 2017

Kisses from Havana


have you spotted Cubanita TE from Essence and did you buy anything from it? I really like the color scheme of the collection but only to look at, I'm not very adventurist when it come to applying color to my face so I wanted to skip on this one altogether until the Essence team surprised me with a couple of products,

This is Essence Cubanita wet look lip lacquer in the Kisses from Havana shade. It is highly pigmented and very wet looking lip gloss.

It comes with a flat doe foot applicator that makes application quite easy but you still have to be careful because the color is so highly pigmented.

It is very opaque and has zero shimmer (those little reflections are just my arm hairs, opss).
The scent/taste is different than any other lip product that Essence has, it is fruitier and sweeter, if that makes sense. I like it a lot and even after the shine is gone (around two hours) you are left with a nice even stain and the taste is still there is you lick it.

The color is purple with pink undertone, it is quite similar (pigmentation, high shine and after a couple of hours when the gloss wears off the stain ramains) to the shine, shine, shine gloss in the Runway, your way, except that one is even darker and more plumy looking but the formula feels very similar.

This gloss is also very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. I wish it would be a little less bright because whenever I wear it I'm always looking for shiny surfaces to check if it smeared or got on my teeth. So far that haven't happened but the racing heartbeat is always present. I like the formula, scent and how it feels but I would make it a little less pigmented and in some neutral color.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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