28 August 2017

Cool & Matt


days over here are still pretty hot and if you are struggling with oily skin then you know what that means. In the morning it takes me some time to properly prep and prime my skin to be in tip top shape for what's to come. I'm still on the hunt for that 'perfect' primer that would do anything so I was super excited when I saw this baby in one of the most recent Catrice limited editions. I was one of the first people to discover that stand because everything was still there (isn't this view rare, to see the whole stand untouched and you are the first person who dips their fingers into samples?).

Catrice Travelight Story had some interesting products but my interest was pointed into this cool & matt primer stick in Transparent.

To give you an idea how small it is I measured it against my thumb which is pretty much the same length, the whole packaging not just the actual product.
It comes in a white sturdy plastic which closes very firmly and there is no way that it would accidentally opened in your bag. If your skin is perfect you can wear it on its own but mine isn't so I put make-up on top. At first it felt a bit weird to use it directly on my face (all of my previous primers are liquid) but after two or three uses I got used to it. Immediately after applying it it starts to feel cool and almost dewy but it dries into matte finish after I would say approximately 30 sec. It creates smooth and matte canvas for make-up.

Through the day my make-up lasted really well. I still got oily, less then if I wouldn't use it, but my BB cream didn't started to crack or looked like a mask.
There is no scent present just a nice cooling feeling but it goes away after a minute or two.
This primer isn't 'the one' but it gets close, I feel like I'm gonna like it even more as soon as the weather gets cooler because my skin gets less oily. You get a very small portion of the product and I think that it won't last for long and when it will be gone I can only hope that Catrice will bring it back. I would definitely repurchase it again and again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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