02 August 2017

Essence haul


judging from the photo below you would think I splurged a little but all of these items were on sale because Essence decided not to make them anymore :(   There are some of my favorites going away so I had to buy backups of backups, some are new to my collection and some aren't even for me but I still wanted to include them here.

On the top left corner there are three invisible kiss transparent lip liners in Multitalent Wonder. I had the previous version which came in a wooden form and I loved it so when I saw they are discontinuing them I had to get as many as possible (the rest were all broken, what a shame).

Even bigger bunch of extreme lasting easy glide &waterproof eye pencils in the shade Rockin' Taupe. I already have one and it is amazing, so amazing that I bought another one for my sister and she loves it as much as possible. When I informed her that they will be gone soon she ordered me to get as many as possible and so I did. I visited two stores and picked up all unused ones and we will split them.

Also, all of these aren't for me. My sister wanted to try the famous lip oils and she wanted to get the expensive ones from Clarins. I convinced her that it is smarter to try some low budget ones first to see if she even like the feeling. I personally have the ones from Catrice (all three shades and one is already used up) and I hope these Preetifying lip oils will be similar. They definitely smell better, while the Catrice ones don't have a scent these smell sweet. The yellow one is called I care for you, honey, pink is named First help, pinky and the last red one is SOS, my heart.

I picked up two powders to try and break the routine (the one I'm consistently using is Essence all about matte fixing powder). The one on the top is get picture ready pore refining powder in Selfie finish (even though it is the only shade available) and next to it is color correcting mattifying powder in the lighter version Beautiful finish. I don't believe in color correcting products if the colors are all swirled together, how does the color know on exact which spot to jump to color correct my skin and make it look even? The reason behind picking it up was the mattifying claim and that it actually looks light enough for my skin tone.

There are also two lipstick. Top one is longlasting lipstick in the beautiful neutral shade Natural Beauty (I already have one shade which is not my favorite but I love the finish). I would pick more but I saw that they will come out with revamped line that looks very very similar to this one, so I will just wait for the new ones and pick one up when they will arrive to compare.

The other one is from Sheer & Shine line and I already have three shades. This line has to be my favorite from the brand if not the best formula that I have tried for my dry lips. My mom agrees with me because she loves it too, she declared this one to be her favorite. We both own this exact shade which is Candy Love and it is beautiful soft pink shade that glides so effortlessly on the lips plus the shade looks so good no matter how I do my make-up. I was only able to find one and this one will go to my mom because I have way too many lipsticks of my own but if I will find one more I will keep it.

Chubby pencil is 2 in 1 eye shadow & liner and I got it in the shade Rosy Happiness. My oily lids are usually against cream products so even though it looks amazing I didn't get it for myself but only for my sister. She was asking about it but then she couldn't decide if she should pick it up so I will surprise her with one that I think will look lovely on her. 

The metals shadows looks gorgeous on the swatch and I had a wish to own at least one ever since they came out but I just never really pick them up. This time I stocked up with two lovelies. First is Patina Glow in olive green shade and the other taupe color is Frozen Toffee.

Right now I'm using just regular dark grey eye shadow to fill in my brows but it is slowly coming to an end so I was thinking ahead when I purchased this duo. It is make me brow duo eyebrow powder in Mix it brunette! but I think only the darker color will be suitable for my caterpillars above my eyes but after a closer inspection and natural light this color looks brown not grey. I hope it will appear grey and that it will match me otherwise I just bought two more eye shadows.

Me and my sister fell in love with this taupe shimmery number from the my must haves line and it is in the shade All I need, there are two other colors getting discontinued but we didn't care for them. I can't wait to start playing with it since it looks so lovely.

Second to last product is smokey eye set in Smokey Day. This wasn't on my list but when I saw it in person I changed my mind. The colors maybe don't look interesting but the bottom shimmery color looks fantastic, it is slightly darker than the single one above but they both contain small shimmer that makes it glow and that is what I like.

And the very last palette is get picture ready 1,2,3, smile palette with 7 different colors, big mirror and a decent brush. I already have mine and review will follow soon, this particular one is for my sister because I have a very strong feeling that she will love it.

Now, I just have to find time to play with all that new make-up, it will be tough because we are heaving a real heatwave and all my make-up is melting away.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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