31 July 2017



it is pretty obvious that we are having a burning hot Summer. I have used up a lot of Sun lotions and I haven't had any burn on my body, jet. I still have plenty to go through (this year alone I purchased 6 bottles of Sun cream and I still have some left from last year).

First tube is Sun Dance cream with SPF 50. It is old and not completely used up but it is very greasy and it leaves obvious white cast so I'm tossing it, did I mentioned that it is old?

Next is Avon Sun+ lotion for kids with SPF 30. It is light blue which is great if you have some minor red spots because the cool color counteracts it but you are left with bluish hands afterwards. This one too is a little too old to be used in a safe matter so I'm discharging it. 

Third one is my favorite, it is Hawaiian Tropic with SPF 50. I noticed that they changed the packaging and the highest protection that they are offering from this line is 30, I'm a little disappointed but probably I will still repurchased it next year (I just bought 6 full bottles and tubes from another brand so I think I'm good for a while). The cream itself is white and cream colored so it won't give you that white cast and the scent is phenomenal. 

Fourth one and last for this month (yep, I am planning on using up some more next month) is another one from Sun Dance and it is not as old as the first one so I used it all up. It is for the face, neck and chest area with an SPF of 30. They claim to be mattifying fluid. I agree that it is quite liquid but not mattifying enough for me. I also didn't liked the white cast that was left after applying on top of the greasy feeling so I used it on my body and I was done with it faster. This one is not something I would repurchase.

Next we have Fruit of the Earth aloe body lotion. It was milky and I would never guessed that it has aloe in it because of the texture which is nothing like the aloe vera. It had a generic and barely there scent, it was not bad but I got spoiled by some amazing moisturizers so this felt a bit bland. It absorbed quickly but I didn't have a feeling that it would moisturize my skin well. I was glad when it was gone and I won't bother getting it again.

Avon Advance Technques heat protection spray was something I purchased ages ago. I rarely do any heat styling so this was completely unnecessary. I ended up using it on my hair when I went to the beach. I don't know if it works like that, if it protects my hair from the sun but I thought that it can't hurt, right? Otherwise it had that lovely scent that all Avon A.T. products have but my complaint would be that it made my hair sticky. They would get all tangled, in a way it is good because I was able to create some texture in my hair but on the windy day at the beach it just looked messy.

I bought not so long ago this Himalaya clarina anti acne clay mask and I used it very consistently. It is this typical clay mask that gets dry and manages to pull the gunk out of your pores. My skin felt better after one use (I mean in the morning after because whenever I remove clay masks my skin looks all red and irritated and this one wasn't an exception). The next day my skin looked better, pores looked clearer if not completely clear, acne were reduced or completely gone. I have to give two thumbs up for this one but there is one drawback and it occurs shortly after applying it. When it sits on my face it starts to burn around extra sensitive areas, in my case that it the nose. It felt cold and hot at the same time, very weird and unpleasant but after I got through this phase it worked and I might repurchase it in the near future (I bough another mask from the same brand which is also for oily skin types so I will see how that one will work).

Lastly I have another face mask and this on is from Lush and it is one of their fresh masks. I have Catastrophe Cosmetics and I already talked about it last week. It was great for my oily and acne prone skin. It helped reduce the big boys and clear out the smaller fellas. It didn't feel hot or cold on my skin and after I rinsed it off my skin didn't look red or angry but rather happy and moisturized. I already repurchased it along with another mask from the brand. I will report back as soon as I start using it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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