05 July 2017

It's all about that Red


back in May I received this beauty. I know it took me quite a long time to test it but the reason is that I lend it to my sister to try it out and she took it with her on a vacation. I waited for her to sit and talk face to face so this review could include both of our opinions.

I got Catrice ICONail nail polish in the shade It's all about that Red. They completely replaced the old ultimate nail lacquers and there are 45 shades to choose from.

The cap comes off, which is supposed to be more luxurious. I don't know, I guess I just don't care about that. The bottle is squared now and holds a smide more product, 10,5 ml to be exact but the price has gone up a bit as well. I think they retail now for 2,99 €.

Here I compared the brush with the old one from Catrice (blue polish) and it is a bit wider which makes it hard to paint your toes (my sister tried it on her small toes and she said it was extremely hard to do so because of the wide brush but the color stayed put through her entire vacation),

The color is bright and has that classic vibe to it. I have always been more into deep reds but this one totally converted me. It looks so juicy and shiny and bright that I'm having a hard time to focus while I'm at work.
My sister has always loved the Catrice polishes and she loves this one and thinks that the formula is even better than it was. She said that she will definitely check the new stand and pick more shades, the slightly higher price tag doesn't bother her at all.
My opinion about this new line is not as strong as hers. I think that the formula is nice but I don't think it is spectacular. It lasts on me an average amount of time. I get tip wear the next day but it doesn't chip but most of nail polishes also doesn't. They added an extra half of ml of product but they rose the price disproportionately. Avon and Essence polishes works for me just as well and they are cheaper so in the future I will probably buy more from them but if I will see a nice or even an unique shade or if they will be on sale I will get it for sure.

P.S. I already bought some more shades, stay tuned ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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