30 June 2017



yesterday's post was all about finished nail polishes and today I'm focusing on other products even though there are two more nail related products in here  :)

Let's start with the Alpstories cleansing gel with Sage and Mint. I have heard so many praises about it and was super thrilled when I won it in a giveaway. I couldn't wait to start using it but in my books this is rather an average face wash for my oily and acne prone skin. I imagined the scent to reminiscent Sage and Mint but it doesn't, it smells green and fresh which is nice for sure but I haven't noticed nothing bitter like Sage or cooling like Mint. The texture is rather liquid and it doesn't work with the packaging. That is my biggest issue with it. The pump should have a longer nozzle so I could get my open palm underneath, this short pump just make product spill down the packaging and if you don't clean it regularly it gets all sticky and icky. For sure it felt nice on my skin and it was super gentle and jet it managed to remove my make-up without stripping my skin. Nice product but I really despise the packaging and I won't be repurchasing it again because of it.

As mentioned above there is one nail polish product in the mix and it is Essence nail studio xxxl nail protector with nylon fibers. I went through a couple of bottles of it and this was my last one and it for sure will be missed since it is discontinued and there are no similar product available. Basically it is a milky base coat with small nylon fibers which holds the nail together. This is especially useful when your nails are brittle or already broken, the fibers connect, make stronger base and your nails aren't breaking as much. That is the explanation in a nutshell and I can't think of one reason why they thought that discontinuing this product was a good idea. Do you?

Aveo nail polish remover with almond oil was a simple and handy little thing. I think it removed my nail polish well and the scent wasn't so horrible. Probably I should mention the super low price tag which is not very proportionate with the efficiency of the product. I will most probably repurchase it, I think they have some other 'scents' and I might try something different or I will just buy the same almond oil infused one.

Avon Planet SPA pillow mist with Chamomile and Lavender was a joy to use. I did use it on my pillows and sheets but mostly I used it as a body spray. Who doesn't like to smell like a relaxing cup of tea? I'm not even being sarcastic here, I'm bloody serious. This sprayed around my head made every task easier and I already miss the scent. I will try to use up some other body sprays but I will repurchase this dreamy scent soon.

Last item is a lip product and usually they are colorful, this time around I have a clear one. It is Essence Transparent lip liner which got discontinued but they came back with it in a different packaging (mine is in a wooden form where I had to sharpen it but the new version comes in twist up plastic, I don't have it jet but I hope they didn't tweak the formula). It might look like a gimmick product, clear liner what is it supposed to do? Well, my friends it does a lot. When my lips were a bit dry or even chapped I applied this waxy liner on it and it smoothed the surface of my lips and I was able to use lipsticks on top (you know when your lips are flaky and colored lip product only make it look more obvious? Not if you apply this guy first), even when my lips looked its best it filled in all of my fine lines and it made my lips look plumper and even fuller (poutier not I got fillers bigger). It even prolongs the color of a product worn on top, because it is clear, transparent it doesn't add color but it helps to last everything for much longer. I will repurchase it, there is no doubt in fact this is probably one of my top ten Essence products of all times.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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