29 June 2017

Project Polish


days are flying by and I started counting down the days till my vacation. I can't wait to see the sea and swim in it. This past month I have been mostly using these three nail polishes and they maybe don't scream Summer but they sure do give me the holiday vibe.

They are all already discontinued shades and all of them are pretty old, the colored ones had a bit goopey texture so I speed trough them.

First is Avon Color Trend Silver Pleated and it was so fun to use on top of 'boring' cremes. It was just a clear based varnish with small silver specs and bigger glitter particles which shined bright like a diamonds on the water. I think it paired well with most colors and I will for sure miss it, actually I'm already looking if I could find something similar. Do you know any brand which have something similar in their collection?

Darker one is old Essence Midnight Charm. In general I like dark blue colors and this one had small shimmer in it and if you know me I'm all about that shimmer. In fact this was one of my favorite blue polishes in my collection and Essence don't make this color anymore :(  but don't fear. This color isn't so original that it would be impossible to find a dupe. I would just like to go through one of two more blues before purchasing something similar.

The last one is another Essence and it is named Ballerina's Charm (using two Charm's was a complete coincidence). This kind of soft lavender shades always makes me so calm and happy. It is an instant mood booster. Call me shallow but how many people can get into better mood just by glancing at their painted digits? Plus Essence bottles cost less than 2 €. Total win in my books.

All three of them will be missed but I have to move further and use something else. I have a feeling this moth will be painted red (I have received two red Catrice polishes and they will soon appear on this blog).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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