14 June 2017

Avon True Supreme Length Nourishing mascara


today I wanted to talk about Avon mascara and as far as I know this is their latest one. It took me awhile to test it out but that happens with all of them. At first they are all a bit too wet and I don't get noticeable results. I like big lashes, something that demands attention without looking 'fake' and I get that after a month or so of using it (the formula has to dry a bit).

It is Avon True Supreme Length Nourishing mascara and mine in particularly is in the brown/black shade (I always get it it this color option because it is dark but not too dark because I think that pitch black can look a bit too much on my face).
This mascara is easy to find, just go after the coppery lid and you can't miss it.

I'm a fan of rubbery wands and this one has it. The spikes are even all over the brush but are quite small. At first I was hesitant but it grew on me. After a month of using it I began to really like it. It separated my lashes and make them look longer but it doesn't contain any fibers. I was really impressed because it made me look like I have more lashes that I actually have without looking too fake. This line is enriched with Argan oil which is supposed to help moisturize your lashes and prevent them from falling out. I haven't noticed any lashes on my cheeks (I'm using it roughly for three months now) and my lashes do look fuller and longer but I'm also using Great Burdock oil on them so it could just be that. 

All in all this mascara promises to nourish you lashes and it is up to you to try it out and see if it works, I can say that it didn't make them fall out and that is good enough for me. The look I got when I used it was natural but better (longer and thicker) and that is what I'm going for. I give this mascara five stars and it is on my list to repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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