31 August 2019



I just got back from my vacation and while I had a blast I mostly enjoyed my time outside on the sun and in the sea. I used very minimal skincare only the necessary items but since I used so many I didn't end up finishing any. I guess I will try to use them in the next few days (while the weather is still sunny) or next year.

I have finished another one from Catrice vitamin lip treatment line and this one is called Bohemian Raspberry. A lovely berry-red shade that gave my lips just enough pigment to tint them slightly more red. I'm really into this healthy looking lip situation and not only the shade was perfect the product itself is lovely too. The Watermelon scent, glossines and nourishing properties. This was my second one and I have three more to go.

Next is Blistex mango lip balm. I remember having the original version and I liked it so when I saw this fruity one I decided to get it. It smells lovely but it wasn't moisturizing enough for me. I did a mistake and purchased two more (one in Mango and the other is Strawberry) so I'm not quite done with them but if I wouldn't buy them in advance I wouldn't repurchase them.

La Petit Marseiliais makes this Shea and Fig body lotion which is in my opinion divine. The scent is calming and rich but not too overpowering, the nourishing properties could be better (it is not bad but I noticed if I get really dry skin then it doesn't help much) but for regular everyday is divine and I can easily see myself repurchasing it soon.

I finished another bunch of these Garnier moisture and comfort tissue masks. This time I went with  with Chamomile and Hyaluronic acid combo because my skin just went through some nasty cold and it showcased on my skin. I'm still not sure if these tissue masks do anything. I'm starting to realize that perhaps they don't turn my skin dramatically. It says on the packaging that one of their masks is equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum in concentration but honestly I don't see that.

The very last item is Ombia cosmetics Hyaluron gel. I use it at night to carry my oils into the deeper levels of my skin and retain moisture. I really like it and have another bottle ready to go.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 August 2019



this review took me a while to post it because the texture and the color aren't very me as I don't like to wear to work such a statement lip. I tried to wear it at least once a week.

It is Essence velvet matte Unredsistible lipstick. This one was sent to me otherwise I don't think I would have it. Matte textures just aren't for me, I prefer something glossier.

This shade is straight up red and slightly cool toned (I know, on the photo it looks like a bright coral but trust me the name says it all).

Here I didn't wear it full on. I think I put two coats on and slightly tap it over with my finger that is why it looks almost powdery and that is also how I like to wear it. The only 'shame' (in my opinion, this is just my personal taste) is that it turns slightly pink while tapping it but other than that I was really impressed. It isn't full on matte. Chalky and dry and uncomfortable. It is actually a joy to wear. Sure after whole day of wearing it my lips did got a bit dry but that was just from not moisturizing them and I think that the lipstick didn't make them more dry. Second is that it stick to my lips, I can drink with it and it still stays pretty nice. It does wear off after some time in the middle but nothing a little retouch can't fix. All in all this is a very lovely lipstick and I went that far that I even wanted to get a more neutral shade for everyday but sadly they don't make it, jet. I would gladly have a neutral, soft pink, so Essence please make one for us more neutral gals.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

19 August 2019



I feel like I haven't done a 'big' shopping spree in a long time and I sort of missed that. I really didn't need anything but I just wanted to splurge a bit. None of the items are expensive but buying too many unnecessary items at once is a splurge, at least for me.

First I grabbed this set (I'm pretty sure it was left from the Winter season) of Neutrogena concentrated hand cream and their lip balm (I borrowed this hand cream once from coworker and I like it a lot and lip balm is just an added bonus ;).
I haven't heard about this Malibu brand before but they have a lot of SPF lotions (maybe next Summer). To try something out I decided to get the lip balm trio. I'm excited for high SPF and different scents. One is Watermelon, the other is Vanilla and I think my favorite will be the Mint one.

And for the last I saved the makeup bits. First has to be the Maybelline color sensational Pink for me lipstick and hydra extreme lipstick in Desert Bloom. I didn't really need any more lipsticks (my collection is pretty large and I'm trying to downsize it...) good luck with that, right?
Next is Rimmel stay matte face powder in Transparent shade. I heard so much good stuff about it that I just had to try it out and see why everyone loves it.
The very last item is gorgeous Essence melted chrome eye shadow (I already have the silver one and I love it) in Zinc about you. In one of the stores I have already saw big mark downs on some of the items and these chrome shadows were among them. I quickly grabbed the most beautiful shade and run with it. I tried to check online but can't find the full list of products from Essence that will leave us. Did you find it? Let me know because I'm curious to see what else will be leaving us.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 August 2019

Glitter Choc


this beauty accompany me last week and even though the dark colors are more suited in the cooler months this one made some sense in the Summer. It is dark and neutral to go with everything but still sparkly to get enough attention.

It is Essence the gel nail polish in Glitter Choc. I grabbed it when it was getting discontinued back in January.

It is a dark brown with some purple undertones but it doesn't look purple. The sparkles and more like flakes that shimmer and they reflect blue, purple and silver. The base is warm and the shine is cool toned, interesting combination that I haven't seen in any other nail varnish. 

What is interesting is that on the nails it looks different. The brown base is mistaken for a black and only under direct sunlight you can see the chocolate hue. I'm not bothered by it, actually I think it is cool to have a nail polish which is such a chameleon and change color and shift light in different variations.
In some smaller stores I still spotted some of the 'old' Essence bottles so if I like some of the old colors you might still find them with some effort.

Btw, removing was quite easy. I had to rub a little more because of the sparkle but not as much as if it would be a full sparkler and most importantly my skin around nails didn't got tinted or stained which is much appreciated.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2019



and I'm back with empties. A little less as usually but it seems like I say that quite often lately...

First item is Avium Citrus natural deodorant. I saw it last year and I decided to try more natural option for my sweaty armpits. At first it seemed like it worked so I got the lavender version as well but then the hot Summer came along and my 'first' opinion went down the drain. It is a stick but sometimes it leaves chunks that I have to rub into my skin, nothing too annoying but what let me down is its inability to prevent bad smell. It claims to reduce the sweat and minimize the scent but in my case that is not evident. I used it on less busy days but still I wasn't happy about it. I still have the Lavender version to go through and I hope that that one will be more suited for my skin.

Next is Avon care Yoghurt & Honey body wash. The scent is a bit generic and fake but thankfully it isn't too strong. The texture is creamier but I haven't noticed any special moisture properties. I think this body wash was average and that in the future I will try something new.

Browsing through the store I came across this Nature Box shampoo with cold pressed Almond oil. I opened the bottle and I liked the scent (I'm no longer crazy about it, I guess I got used to it) and bought it on a whim. It is free from sulfates, silicones and parabens. I'm not a scientist or someone who is knowledgeable about ingredients but I purchased it simply because I like the scent. At first I had to get to used to it. I used more than usually to properly wash my hair (it doesn't foam as much as 'regular' shampoos) and in the beginning my hair looked a bit dry and stripped. After using it a couple of times my hair got used to it and they were fine but nothing spectacular. Maybe I will try some other version but this one I won't repurchase.

My sister loves sheet masks but I think they are a bit impractical (they have the tendency to fall off so I only use them in the morning while still laying in my bed), still I wanted to give them another chance and bought a bunch of these Garnier ones (they look new?). First I tried the moisture + freshness tissue mask with green tea and hyaluronic acid. I have a really terrible cold (I know, I know, cold in the middle of a Summer? It sucked the life out of me and my skin, in fact my skin hasn't looked so terrible in years so I decided to treat it with this duo pack of sheet masks). My pimples didn't looked particularly reduced but my skin looked moisturized and taken care of. I have some other versions and after trying some more I will decide if they are worth it for me or not.

The very last item is Olaz anti-wrinkle firm and lift renewal eye gel. I picked it up because of its gel texture. I needed something light for the morning use under my make-up. I like to use something that absorbs quickly, plumps and nourish my under eye area all at once. This one was nice but I wished to be a bit more moisturizing, I still crave this Afrodita's Hydra Thermal one, which is discontinued. I compare every single eye cream to this one and nothing comes close.

Wow, this time I have nothing but 'average' products. None of them was a complete failure for me but they didn't ether rock my world.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day