15 August 2019



and I'm back with empties. A little less as usually but it seems like I say that quite often lately...

First item is Avium Citrus natural deodorant. I saw it last year and I decided to try more natural option for my sweaty armpits. At first it seemed like it worked so I got the lavender version as well but then the hot Summer came along and my 'first' opinion went down the drain. It is a stick but sometimes it leaves chunks that I have to rub into my skin, nothing too annoying but what let me down is its inability to prevent bad smell. It claims to reduce the sweat and minimize the scent but in my case that is not evident. I used it on less busy days but still I wasn't happy about it. I still have the Lavender version to go through and I hope that that one will be more suited for my skin.

Next is Avon care Yoghurt & Honey body wash. The scent is a bit generic and fake but thankfully it isn't too strong. The texture is creamier but I haven't noticed any special moisture properties. I think this body wash was average and that in the future I will try something new.

Browsing through the store I came across this Nature Box shampoo with cold pressed Almond oil. I opened the bottle and I liked the scent (I'm no longer crazy about it, I guess I got used to it) and bought it on a whim. It is free from sulfates, silicones and parabens. I'm not a scientist or someone who is knowledgeable about ingredients but I purchased it simply because I like the scent. At first I had to get to used to it. I used more than usually to properly wash my hair (it doesn't foam as much as 'regular' shampoos) and in the beginning my hair looked a bit dry and stripped. After using it a couple of times my hair got used to it and they were fine but nothing spectacular. Maybe I will try some other version but this one I won't repurchase.

My sister loves sheet masks but I think they are a bit impractical (they have the tendency to fall off so I only use them in the morning while still laying in my bed), still I wanted to give them another chance and bought a bunch of these Garnier ones (they look new?). First I tried the moisture + freshness tissue mask with green tea and hyaluronic acid. I have a really terrible cold (I know, I know, cold in the middle of a Summer? It sucked the life out of me and my skin, in fact my skin hasn't looked so terrible in years so I decided to treat it with this duo pack of sheet masks). My pimples didn't looked particularly reduced but my skin looked moisturized and taken care of. I have some other versions and after trying some more I will decide if they are worth it for me or not.

The very last item is Olaz anti-wrinkle firm and lift renewal eye gel. I picked it up because of its gel texture. I needed something light for the morning use under my make-up. I like to use something that absorbs quickly, plumps and nourish my under eye area all at once. This one was nice but I wished to be a bit more moisturizing, I still crave this Afrodita's Hydra Thermal one, which is discontinued. I compare every single eye cream to this one and nothing comes close.

Wow, this time I have nothing but 'average' products. None of them was a complete failure for me but they didn't ether rock my world.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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