31 July 2019



this round I have very little products at the finished line. I think that is simply because now I'm left with newer products which are still quite full and therefore harder to use up. I'm trying really hard to use up what I already have and purchase less so every used up product is a little victory on its own.
On the photo below I have some really lovely and some really awesome products.

Avon Today body souffle didn't have any special formula as the 'souffle' implies. Regular milkier lotion but I purchase it because of its scent. I was eyeing this perfume for a long time and I thought that purchasing lotion will make me decide if I really like the scent (I do like it a lot so I already own a perfume as well ;) To me it smells creamy, warm, flowery and a bit honey like. I loved coating myself with this scent and probably I will repurchase it soon.

Alkmene tea tree face wash is nothing new in my bathroom. I like its tea tree properties since I think it keeps my skin acne free. I use two pumps of product mix it with a bit of water and clean my face with it. It is great at removing my make up but it doesn't completely strip my skin. Plus it is on cheaper side  ;) Double win.

Batiste makes some of my favorite dry shampoos. This time around I used sweet & delicious Sweetie dry shampoo. As the name implies it does smell sweet and candy like but I didn't mind it, actually I wore it also as a perfume. Whenever I used it I skipped on my actual perfume because of its heavy fragrance, I honestly didn't need anything else. My favorite is still the Peony scent but this one comes close, I think there are some other versions that I would like to try next (anything but the Voluminous or Tropical ones since those two scents didn't suit me at all)

Second to last is this old bottle of Essence studio nails pro white glow base coat. It was slightly pink toned to help cover the yellow stained nails. The effect was so minimal that I don't think it was even worth it plus I never wear only clear nail polish so why I purchased it is still beyond me and this was actually the second bottle of it. In the future I think I will avoid tinted nail varnishes which promise covering the stained look simply because I don't need it.

The very last item is my beloved Catrice all matte plus shine control powder in Transparent shade. This is my third? one I think. It is very nice. It doesn't keep me matte for hours but what sets it apart is the fact that when I use it in the middle of the day (powdering my already oily face) it doesn't look all cakey or weird but it looks refreshed and matte, almost as if I redid my make-up. That is why I like it and the fact that it comes cheap helps a lot because I go through it quite fast, especially now in the hot Summer. I keep one more at work and then I'm out. I will try to use what I already have (Rimmel super famous powder and Maybelline fit me are already waiting to be used and I can't wait to see how they compare) and if they won't work I'm buying the Catrice one soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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