18 July 2019

Nude Sapphire


recent announcement from the brand that they will add more shades to this range inspired me to finally post my opinion of the product. Lately I have been very lazy and I have been slacking but when it comes to these amazing little products I feel like I have to spread the good word so people will know and try them out.

I'm referring to this Catrice Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss in the shade Nude Sapphire. I was super excited to receive it from the PR team and honestly I still am.

The doe foot applicator is standard and it carries plenty of product. It has a very faint cookie scent and I'm fine with it. I mean, I wouldn't be mad if the scent would be more intense but I guess less scented stuff appeal more people so they did a compromise.

I received it shortly after receiving one of the L.O.V. glosses and before that it wasn't too long since I purchase one myself. Quite quickly I ended up with three very similar nude glosses and while they look super similar in the packaging...

Here I think that the difference among the three of them is pretty clear. L.O.V. Lovicious caring volume lip gloss in Mystic Sand is lighter nude with peach tones, Addicting Rosewood also from the same L.O.V. line is darker more rose toned while the Catrice one looks more pink toned. Honestly the Nude Sapphire shade looks the most natural and therefore the most flattering on me (I'm eyeing also the coral and the pink shades). This formula is super comfortable and nourishing, I haven't experience any dryness while wearing it. It isn't sticky or gummy on the lips and if I tell you that I have already used up around one quarter of this product...
All in all I don't think I could decide which formula I prefer but since I can't get my hands on L.O.V. products anymore the answer is pretty clear. You can expect more Catrice glosses on my blog :)
P.S. They are about to launch three shimmery shades but I haven't made my mind jet, in essence I don't love shimmery lip products but since the formula is soo good...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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