28 July 2019

new Catrice products


Catrice has just bring out a whole bunch of new products. Some had to say goodbye (as always) to make room for the new stuff. I was fortunate enough to receive a package with the new goodies.

Eyeconista is already well established mascara in Catrice range but this time around they introduced the waterproof version. I have not tried the 'regular' one yet so I decided to give the waterproof version a chance.

I'm almost out of my nail serum so this new nail oil will come super handy for my cuticles and nails. I have not tried it properly but it smells really nice.

Next in a lovey pink gold reflective packaging is their new color changing lipstick (lip balm?) lip colour intensifier with a bright coral hue, golden shimmer and not forget the amazing peach scent. I have not tried it out jet but I'm very excited. It is named One gold fits all (so far the only shade).

The last item is one of the new gold effect nail varnishes. I'm in love with sparkly nails so this entire collection is right up my alley. I received the shade called Fascinating Grace. Light and neutral but sparkly enough to get the attention it deserves.

I just picked up the package so I haven't got a chance to play with the products jet but I will soon and more in depth reviews will follow.

Thank you Catrice for sending me these products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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