01 July 2019



pampering my skin is something I really like to do. It has become more of a ritual than hassle through the years and just now I'm realizing what works for me. It is a process and it takes time, in the mean time I buy a lot of so so products but even they have to get used up.

Let's start with the Secret Key Multi cell night repair ampoule serum. It is supposed to be a moisturizing and brightening serum, I have noticed right after applying it to my face that my skin drank it up like a glass of water in the desert. It felt extremely moisturizing especially combined with oils on top. I have a lot of acne scars (bright red dots that are super stubborn) but I wouldn't go so far to claim that it helped to reduce them faster (they take months to disappear so tracking them down and figuring out how long it takes them to go away is hard). I liked it a lot and I would get it again simply for its moisturizing properties but since I can only get it online I will try to get something similar from the stores around me.

I love Avon care hand creams (my favorite is still the most basic one named Glycerin hand, nail & cuticle hand cream). This one, youth restore hand, nail & cuticle cream was nice but it felt like it didn't absorb properly and when I went and wash my hands it came off and my skin was dry again. It just sit on top and didn't work its magic into the deeper layers of my skin.

 This next product was an impulse purchase from Alverde. It is their Orange and Melissa body spray which smells amazing by the way, citrus-y but warm at the same time. It is such a shame that it is only a body spray which fades away way too fast.

The last item is a necessity for every nail polish lover. I go through a bottle of nail polish remover every couple of months. This time it was this Aveo Hibiscus nail polish remover. Towards the end I couldn't pick the scent anymore, I don't know if that is because I got used to it, it faded or my nose can't pick up the scents properly anymore. I often buy removers from this brand because they are inexpensive and effective. I already bought a new bottle again from this brand just in a different 'scent'.

My favorite category are lip products. This time around I have three. The first is old Catrice Vitamin lip treatment in a bright red shade named Bohemian Raspberry. Sheer and very glossy on the lips with a somewhat fruity scent, so very different from all the vanilla/caramel ones that are floating around. It was moisturizing and nourishing my lips and that is the important bit, I still have four left so I don't feel particularly sad about finishing this discontinued product.

Next is my first and perhaps also the last M.A.C. lip product (I find their products very expensive  and especially lip glosses are pricey considering how little product you get), mine was a gift. It is the dazzleglas in the Love Alert shade. Bright red with little shimmer particles, I liked how the color wore off, it looked lighter and just a bit flushed but it got sticky so instead of reapplying it I had to remove it completely and then apply fresh layer. It did lasted on my lips a bit longer than the rest of the glosses that I have tried but the sticky feeling toward the end, 1,92 g of product and the price tag around 20 EUR seems too much for me to handle.

And the lipstick is Avon ultra color nourishing in Nurturing Nude. These lipsticks are pretty special and unique (I have another shade and more in depth review will follow) because of its balm infused core where the pigment and clear balm are unevenly mixed together so each lipstick and every application are unique. Better review with swatches will follow but I don't think I will repurchase it again even though it was a nice nude shade with mostly lovely formula. I prefer it with more of a balm ratio so it was more of a sheer wash of color.

Last but not least is Avon Caribbean Escape  with crushed pearls and sea algae illuminating body butter. This smells so so nice but I don't like the tiny little golden shimmer because it ends up everywhere. Still, this was my second pot of it, if they will ever make it without shimmer I will buy it again but till then I will pass. Maybe I will rather get the face mask with the same scent which isn't anything too special, a bit moisturizing but I will get my kick in the scent department from it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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