29 July 2019

Project Polish


I have to pat myself on the back because my project polish is going really well. I'm almost at my goal which I set myself at the beginning of the year and it took me only half of the year to reach it (I need three more bottles to be finished to reach 20).

Yep, the cap on this Catrice Mint me up bottle is missing. I remember my sister gave me this polish soon after it came out and the first time I opened it up the cap broke so I pour it into another clean bottle but I decided to keep the original just to remind myself what an incredible Hulk I am I guess ;)  The color was a beautiful fresh mint with unusual golden sheen. I loved it.

Essence released this one, What a Grey't night, in 2015 as part of their advent calendar (I still have some more bottles to go through) and this shade really was one of my favorites. Light grey with golden shift? Count me in. The golden sheen was very similar to the Mint me up and in both shades it was unexpected and something special. This was another of my favorites.

The last one is another discontinued hue but this time from Avon speed dry line. They recently revamped this line and it is now called Pro colour 60 sec and it also promises long lasting effect and rapid drying time. Some of the shades also look very similar but I don't think they have the exact same one as this Pronto Purple hue. It doesn't look like much but on the nails it is so vibrant and it makes me happy. This is another one of my favorites and I will miss it.

On the mint one I just couldn't catch the shimmer but I think you can catch a glimpse one the grey one. All of the shades were super pretty and the first two I finished up completely while I have to part with the Pronto Purple shade because it become all goopey and therefore unusable.
I also love how all of them look together and I wish I would have enough courage to wear the mint and purple together...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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