22 May 2022

Project Polish


I'm continuing with the project polish where I handpick a few nail polish bottles and rotate among them until one is finished and replace it with a 'new' one from my already large collection. This is my way of minimizing and so far I have been successful (my number went down) and I'm realizing that I don't need to have 10 slightly different shades of pink at once.

Essence discontinued these nail candies a long time ago and I was so upset that I bought a lot of them at once to stock up (most of them were for my mom, because she loved them but I bought way too many of them so I kept some of them for myself). This one is my favorite shade and is named Like Love Birds, it is pink with a slight violet hue. Not opaque but milky in two coats sometimes I did three just to even it out and I love the 'clean' and polished look of a milky nail polish. This is my last bottle of this hue but I won't miss it because there are plenty of nail polishes that look similar.

The next one is also from Essence and it is called Sweet as Candy. This one is still available just in a different bottle design. It is also milky but less pink compared to the previous one, it is almost white and I comes off as a little more obvious/noticeable. I prefer this one because two coats were always sufficient and less pink tone looked even better on me. I decided not to buy a new bottle of it immediately because I have two other similar shades but at the end I did (I was buying products online and I needed to spend a few extra € to get free shipping... so I caved in and got myself a backup). This and the next one are some of my favorites.

Next in line is Misslyn Beauty Naturale and it was a limited edition shade so I can't get my hands on it again. It was such a lovely dusty pink with a bit of nude thrown in the mix. It almost looked like nothing (it was opaque in two coats) but the shade looked pretty similar to my skin tone so whenever I wore it, it made me think at a quick glance that my fingers were extra long :) It looked good with everything and it matched my every mood. It will be missed.

The very last one is also from Essence and it was part of their advent calendar from years ago and it is also the last left. It was an ombre top coat in the shade Candy Cane Lemonade. This red sheer liquid was a nice top coat, I often put it over all the three shades mentioned above and it just made them a bit brighter and vibrant (I used one coat over all of the nails, I didn't play with the ombre effect), I also liked it over light grey hues just to get a different tone out of it. I don't think I will buy nail polish like that again but writing this review made me miss it...

This was a bunch of nail polishes which I enjoy wearing a lot lately, I was really in a light pink mode ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 May 2022



the first half of the month is already behind us and I seriously thought I would have more items finished up. There is a whole bunch of products hanging on their last legs which will be featured at the end of the month.

Teaology Matcha Latte body milk with Matcha Tea infusion and organic vegan milks is a lovely body moisturizer which I received free of charge when I bought my first face cream from them  (it is already used up and I already have a new one), the scent is the same, green tea like and very comforting and nice. It felt nourishing and my skin liked it but I didn't think it was anything too special, especially not for a bit higher price tag. Maybe I will get it again if I see it on sale but this 100 ml tube was finished up in just two weeks...that is a bit fast even for me. 

Next is The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% toning solution. I heard a lot of good things about this type of acid in toners and I wanted to try it out. I haven't noticed and changes which I could pinpoint to this product, after a while it started to get pointless for me and I started to use it less regular and that helped my skin even less. I know I just got lazy with this item because I know I should use it regularly but my laziness got the best of me. I still have some bottles laying around that I have to use up and maybe this next one I will use as instructed.

I managed to finish up a  bottle of a fragrance. It is only a 20 ml version of Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume but still, this is a big deal for me because I have a lot of bottles. I really liked this scent but probably I won't repurchase it again because I have two other fragrances that smell similar but are even better to me (Armani In Love with You and Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming).

This next item is a love of mine and I already have a backup of it. It is Alverde Dog Rose face oil. This little 15 ml bottle lasts for quite a while since I don't need a lot but it helps with my overall red tone of my face, it sooths and calms down my skin and I love it. Extra bonus is the nice rosey scent.

Second to last is The Body Shop Tea Tree pore minimizing face primer which is my very last tube of it because they don't make it anymore :( My skin is acne prone and using something with Tea Tree under my make-up makes my skin happy. I'm not 100% sure it helped fight off acne but it sure did have trick my brains and had a big psychological impact on me. I was sure I will buy this till the end of my days... my make-up also did look very nice on top of it. This doesn't feel like a regular silicone primer but rather like a face moisturizer, my skin afterwards did look a bit more matte but it didn't hold my oils at bay for long. As mentioned above, I liked the strong Tea Tree scent which triggered my brains into thinking that I'm using skincare under my make-up. If they ever come out with a similar sounding item I'm getting it immediately.

The very last item is Catrice LE lipstick (collaboration with Peta) in the shade Feel Good. A lovely mauve toned shade (my favorite  out of the three I had). I liked that it goes on pretty sheer but it can be intensified with an extra layer, it looks pretty glossy and juicy on the lips and it did nourish my lips for a while. I still used regular lip balm in between just so the color didn't build up too much but my lips looked happy using it. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 April 2022



this month was quite successful when it comes to finishing up products and if the month would have a few extra days I could squeeze even more empties in...

Balea comes out with limited editions pretty regularly and this one I just couldn't resist. It is Follow your heart body wash with a Floral and Tropical Fruits infused scent. I mostly just smell a mixed fruit scent but it is lovely. In the past I had some and most of them had a bit of plastic scent to them but fortunately not this one. If I will find another bottle I will get it again.

Next is the lotion from Avon Today, Tomorrow, Always collection. Mine is in the Today scent which is so far my favorite. A beautiful creamy white flower scent (I also had a bottle of perfume), it was a nice addition (not particularly moisturizing but I bought it for the scent alone) and it was so nice to go to bed smelling like this white floral lady :) I think I will eventually get it again just because I like the scent.

Catrice Bronze away to Fiji (LE from 2021)and Sungasm (LE from 2020) make-up fixing sprays. I used them together because I wanted to see if they performed different on my skin but I haven't noticed any difference. I feel like they make them very similar each year and release them under new packaging. I still have one bottle left from last year which will last me long enough to get new one this year if they will release one this Summer...

Biore seems like such a popular brand oversees and when it arrived in our stores I was over the moon but it still took me months to buy something. At the end I picked up a mechanical face scrub (I purchased it a long time ago) it is their Rose quartz collection with active charcoal infused formula. I no longer enjoy scrubs on my face but this one felt very gentle so it was easier to use up but I also used it on my body just to finish it up faster. Needles to say that I won't buy it again but maybe I will get something else since I'm still interested in what this brand has to offer.

I also finished up two Catrice all matt plus face powders in Transparent shades (they are skin colored not white). I had one at home and another one at work for touch-ups and finished them at the same time. These are some of my favorites and very inexpensive but I think they quietly replaced them with different ones since I can't find these anymore...

The Body Shop shine lip liquid in the shade Strawberry BonBon which is a lovely soft pink with an actual candy scent but it has no taste. The formula is infused with oils but my lips still got dry at the end of the day if I was only using this product. The biggest setback is the longevity, this lasts half an hour on me, it is not sticky and the shade is great but reapplying it constantly is not my jam so I won't repurchase it.

The very last item has most of its writing rubbed off but it is discontinued Essence plumping nudes lip gloss in the shade Big Softie. Neutral toned nude with a hint of cooling and since I don't like tingling lip glosses anymore this slight effect was bearable. This lasted up to one hour (much better than the previous gloss) but I still wouldn't repurchase it since this brown/nude shade wasn't my favorite. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 April 2022



for today I only have four items but by the end of this month I will have plenty more to show in my pile of empties.

This first item has become my holy grail of face washes for me. This CeraVe foaming cleanser for normal to oily skin in a massive 473 ml bottle is absolutely amazing. I love the pump which keeps it sanitary and I get even application per each use (one pump is enough for my face), the texture is liquid enough to easily spread all over my face (I use it with damp hands and it 'foams' up nicely) and it really removes most of my make-up and my natural oils. My skin afterwards feels refreshed, matte but never dry or dehydrated. This huge size also lasted me up to 8 months and I used it in the morning and at night. My skin has become really nice, I still get an occasional breakout but this face wash never irritated my skin or gave me any kind of discomfort. I already bought myself a new bottle but first I have to use up some other face washes and then I get back to this one.

I think this is my oldest body moisturizer and that is the sole reason why I started using it still in the cold weather even though the scent is pretty summery. It is The Body Shop Virgin Mojito body butter. It did smell like it sounds and it was a nice scent, the formula was a bit on the thicker side which I don't like that much especially not in the warmer weather, so at the end I think it was better for me that I used it up in colder weather. I think this scent is already discontinued but if it would still be available I wouldn't get it again. Now I prefer lighter formulas (lotions and milks) and the citrusy scents no longer float my boat.

I'm pretty sure I purchased this in some sort of set because I also have the face wash from the same line, which is next in line to be used up. It is Avon planet spa Korean Charcoal cleanse and refine peel-off face mask. Honestly I don't see much benefits after using it. Yes, it is fun to peel it off and my skin does look matte but in the unhealthy kind of way. To me it looks like it just takes away the oil sitting on top of my skin, it does nothing about cleansing my pores and by now I'm just happy to throw this empty packaging away.

The very last is jet another empty tube of my beloved Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer. I don't know how many I have already used up (they are all well documented on this blog, I should just count them) but it is still my favorite to use in the morning under my make-up. It moisturizes and keeps my face matte for longer than any other face cream, plus it is quite inexpensive. All in all, an amazing moisturizer for my skin.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 March 2022



it is the end of the month and this time I collected a lot of empty or almost empty items to 'display' them on my shelf.

A long time ago I purchased this Himalaya refreshing & clarifying toner (alcohol free formula). Back in the days I was swearing on tones and they were a big part of my routine but as I got older I pushed them aside and rarely use them. This one took me months and now I'm super happy for it to be gone. I even pour it into a spray bottle to refresh my face during the day but I quickly noticed that it wasn't meant for it because some of it obviously landed on my lips and it tasted bitter. I'm slowly working through my toner collection, I still have a few but this one won't be repurchased (not just the bitter taste but I also didn't notice any change in my skin).

Second item is much closer to my heart and it is The Body Shop Tea Tree night lotion. It had a typical tea tree scent and a light texture which absorbed quickly into my skin. It wasn't super moisturizing but it also doesn't claim that (I used some oils on top to help with moisturizing my thirsty skin or I just skip this lotion and used something more nourishing). My skin in general does respond well to this ingredient and this lotion wasn't an exception. I have another face mask and a serum with tea tree but once they are gone I will probably repurchase this lotion unless they discontinue it (like they did with the face primer from this line).

Next is my second tube of 183 days foundation in the shade Matt-eska. It actually was quite pale but also very sheer in coverage. I used it on my neck and chest so I don't 'waste' my favorite and slightly more expensive foundation. Also on my neck I don't need coverage just a little evening out and connecting my  face full of make-up to the rest of my body. This item is already discontinued since the brand doesn't exist but it did what I wanted and it was very inexpensive product.

Next is lovely blue tube with cute Elephants and the brand is called Spa Ceylon (you have to check their online page, they have the most amazing packaging and products in general). My sister gave me this as a gift from her Honeymoon and I loved it. Mine hand cream is in the Frankincense and Kafir Lime scent. To me it smelled masculine with a hint of fresh Lime. The formula was a bit thick, if I applied a bit too much it was hard to absorb but if I used just the right amount it sinked right in, moisturized my dry hands and didn't leave sticky residue all over. If this brand would be available here I would repurchase it and also get some other itmes from their vast range.

This lip balm from Blistex Happy Lips Mango which I had before (I bought two at the same time) and I have to say that this is not my favorite lip balm. There was also the Strawberry version and I liked that one better. This one smells divine there is no doubt in that but the formula is a bit hard and stiff. I prefer softer balms which just melt into my lips but this one I have to rub extra hard to get some on my lips and it also disappears fast and my lips are quickly dry again. Not the best formula for my dry lips but at least the scent was nice.

 I managed to finish another lip product and it is Catrice limited edition lipstick in the shade Be tender. Very glossy and jet still pigmented bright pink, thankfully with a thin layer I only got a wash of color and it looked very nice on me if I brag a bit. I also found this one to be more moisturizing than the Mango lip balm. I have two more shades from this collection left and shade vise I like them even better than this one, so I'm going to have a lot of fun.

The very last item is this super old Essence Extreme Lasting Waterproof eye pencil in the shade Rockin' Taupe. I fell in love with this shimmery/metallic taupe shade which looks quite natural on the eyes jet offers some definition. Formula is very creamy, easy to work with but then it sets and doesn't move. My pencil is years old and got a bit dry, also the last bit of the pencil broke and fell of and before throwing away the broken tip I made a thick swatch. This pencil isn't available but I managed to get 3 backups before they were gone for good ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 March 2022

Cream-y Gold


I thought I will have a little sparkle today since it is such a lovely sunny day outside.

On the picture is Pixi by Petra highlighter in the shade Cream-y Gold. It is very golden indeed.

The lid twists away and reveals super shimmery golden highlighter which does look a bit creamy but it is not, it is powder.

Here it is a heavy swatch made just with finger with no base underneath. If I would want to wear it as an eye shadow it cold look like this, to me it resembles a molten gold. So shiny and almost metallic looking but if I use it with a brush on my cheekbones it looks more 'subtle' as seen below.

Here I managed to snap a photo of it on the sun (I applied it with my highlighter brush on bare skin) and it shows just how sparkling it is. If that is your thing then I can't recommend it enough but for me unfortunately isn't. I don't mind a little sparkle but this is too much. For a while I was playing with this idea to use it all over my body in the Summertime... but the thing is, I avoid any sparkly lotions because I don't like glitter all over my clothes... I couldn't find a good way to repurpose this highlighter so I will pass it to my sister and she can play with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2022



mid month is a cleaning day for me, when I gather all the empty items and pour my thoughts about them here, on my blog.

Batiste makes excellent dry shampoos and this Rose Gold version is very nice. It is not my favorite, scent vise but I liked it. It has typical formula but the scent is what sets it apart. It was very powdery and floral a little too much for me but still nice, none the less. My favorite is still the Blush one (Peony scent). 

Body wash is from Avon senses range and it is their White Peach and Vanilla Orchid scent. Lovely,  warm and cozy Peach scent was great and I would get it again but the packaging was nerve wrecking. The lid was super hard to open and therefore I just let it open, probably some of the product evaporated but better than losing a nail. The formula on this one was very pudding like, fun to use as well so I'm excited to see the change in the packaging, I hope it will be for the better.

Next is my favorite shampoo and it is from Iliria and it is their Linden option. It is very inexpensive, smells a bit like the real Linden and cleanses my hair really well without stripping them completely. My hair are always silky soft and full of movement, it doesn't give any volume but I prefer the feeling of no product in my hair anyway. I'm already using new and larger bottle.

Second to last is The Body Shop Winter limited edition Love & Plums body butter. I remember having Plum body butter from them years ago and when I saw this 'new' one I just had to have it. I think it was very similar and I enjoy it very much but my love for thick body butters is slowly dying down, now I prefer lighter textures, more lotion like but this juicy jet comforting scent was very nice.

The very last item is Eveline expert C vitamin serum - injections. The pipette helps you with precision and the dark bottle help to protect the precious product. The scent is very citrusy and the texture is slightly sticky but it does absorb fast. My skin really benefits from it since my acne spots (red dots) heal and disappear faster while using this serum consistently. I already have a new bottle, it is from a different brand but I will definitely be buying more. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 March 2022

Glittery lip gloss


I purchased this lip gloss online and it looked like a beautiful light pink gloss with a little sparkle but when it arrived it looked way more glittery than I thought.

It is Trend it Up High Shine lip gloss in the shade 153.

Soft pink with tons of gold glitter. It comes in a 5 ml tube but it looks larger, I guess the packaging has thick walls.

The applicator is angled and carries a lot of product. The scent is also very strong and it resembles toffee, sweets I'm not too keen on.

It is a very sparkling gloss and the particles are large enough to be felt on the lips. I personally prefer less sparkle on the lips and more on the lids but some people like to have some extra shine on the lips.

The formula isn't very glossy, rather the glitter particles do the shine. There is barely any color to it and the scent is very strong. This gloss isn't one of my favorites, in fact I'm also thinking of passing it to my sister. I have a lot of glosses and there are others that I enjoy way more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 February 2022



another quick post of my empties in a row. Lately I just haven't been feeling like posting and also I don't take the time to do it like I used to do. I did accumulated some new items that might be interesting so maybe in the future I will post more... we will see.

I purchased a pack of Ziaja Olive oil products because it was a really good deal and this face moisturizer was part of it. It is Ziaja face cream with Olive oil for dry - normal skin type. I'm combination to oily but some extra hydration never hurt my skin. At first I really liked it because my skin was in need for some moisture but then the super thick formula started to annoy me. It is very greasy and it doesn't absorb completely into my skin, I only used it at night because it would be impossible to apply make-up on top of it. I'm ok that I tried it but I won't repurchase it, I since found lighter textures which are just as mosturizing and works better for my skin type.

I remember I had Fenjal deodorant before and I really like it so when I saw this one I just knew we will work well together. It is sensitive deo pump spray option, in general I don't like to spray my deodorant but I bough this one to take it with me on a vacation (I think I used it on my last three holidays and spray works well with retouching and keeping deodorant sanitary). Now I finished it all up because it was getting old and I had noting else. It has this lovely clean scent which makes me feel refreshed but it also doesn't interfere with my perfume. I still sweat through it (it is not anti-perspirant) but I am not stinky and that is all I care about it. I will buy it again, in a spray bottle for my vacation (just to mention that the bottle is made of a heavy glass) and in a 'regular' roll-on version for  my every day adventures.

Last are two hand creams, first is Avon care revitalising hand cream with Banana. This is one of my favorites and this particular tube is just in a limited edition packaging. The formula is light, easy to spread and absorb. My hands are left soft and nourished. I already have a few backups ;)

The second one is the first of its kind  and it is Avon care nurturing with glycerine &Almond oil hand cream. I also really liked this one. Formula vise it felt very similar to the Banana one minus the scent. I kept this one at work and my coworkers also liked it. This one gets thumps up from multiple people and I will get it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 February 2022



for today I have prepared short and quick review of only three products.

The first one is Nature Box Apricot oil infused shampoo for silky soft hair. I don't quite know what I expected from it because my hair is naturally pretty soft... I guess I purchased it because of the gorgeous and very realistic apricot scent. The texture is very liquid so sometimes I spilled a bit but since I wasn't too keen on the shampoo I didn't care. I feel like it made my hair heavier, I always had a feeling like I didn't rinse it out completely and the products was left in my hair and made them greasy faster. The scent was nice but I didn't care for the formula so I won't repurchase it, maybe I will get some body lotions...

Next is The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% serum which made a huge difference for the better on my skin. It is supposed to make pores smaller and reduce the sebum production, I can't say I notice a big difference in the sizes off my pores and sebum production. I have oily skin and it will stay like that for quite a while but I did noticed my pores being more clean and having less breakouts, even when a breakout appeared (my skin is lactose intolerant and too much lactose can cause it to flare up and mask rubbing against sensitive skin also don't help) my acne scars fade much faster (within 2-3 weeks opposed to 2-3 months), my skin texture and shade improved. Now my skin is much more even in tone and majority of the difference was made because of this serum. Unfortunately this serum isn't available at the moment and I can't get my hands on it so I purchased some other Niacinamide serums and I will see if they perform just as good as this one.

The very last item is Victoria's Secret body lotion in Bare Vanilla scent. I bought it online so I couldn't smell it prior. It was very heavy vanilla scent with a bit of plasticky note. Sometimes the plastic scent was stronger and sometimes was barely noticeable. I managed to finish it up but I won't be buying it again. The formula also wasn't the best because after a few weeks of using it my back started to itch which is a sign that my skin is dry and dehydrated. I probably won't buy any more Victoria's Secret lotions in the future unless I came across a really wonderful scent.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 January 2022



it fells like the year has just started and the first month is already gone... so fast. The end of the January also make a lot of my favorite items come to an end. 

Nivea deo beauty elixir deomilk for sensitive skin has become my staple. I love this formula but I have always got it in the sensitive version (there are more) but I have a feeling they are discontinuing them because I can't find them :( I would repurchase it immediately if I could find it. It is an antiperspirant but I still sweat through, just my sweat now smells nice ;) It has creamy and neutral scent and that is the best. It doesn't interfere with my perfume but keeps me fresh and clean smelling all day long. I will miss it a lot.

Dusch Das Grapefruit & Ginger body wash was a pleasant surprise. I'm not a huge fan of Ginger but in here it wasn't too sharp, just clean and refreshing. I'm definitely buying it again.

My favorite foundation is from Catrice and it is their HD liquid coverage foundation in the shade Light Beige. I figure it out that not only this formula works for me (mattifying but not to the point of making me look dry, buildable coverage so I can choose to wear it thin on my good skin days or pack some more to cover some nasty red spots) and the shade is pretty perfect. I also have a lighter shade named Light Porcelain but it is too light for me, so now I just mix them together and hopefully I will be able to use up a lighter shade as well (unfortunately I bought two more bottles of the lighter shade by a mistake, ups).

The last is my beloved mascara which is sadly discontinued. It is Avon Super Extend Extreme mascara in black. It was great for combing through my lashes and make them super long (it has fake fibers which would actually elongate my lashes). It made me look like a doll and I loved it for that. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore but the original one in a black tube is still available. I know I had it and I liked it a lot but I loved this one in a yellow tube so much more that I have never went back and use the original one. Thankfully Avon makes a lot of different ones and I'm sure I will find something just as amazing.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 January 2022



I finished plenty of items just before 2021 ended so there is no surprise that this time around I don't have that many... 

First top product is my beloved Alverde Rose face oil. I love the packaging with a precise pipette and product works for me. I still notice after using this oil for a couple of days in a row my skin is less red and more even in tone. I already have a new bottle ready to use up.

Big pot is The Body Shop Mediteranean Almond Milk with Oats, Instant Soothing Face Mask. This smells great, that is the best feature for me. The formula was a bit thick and oat particles were still visible. Honestly I didn't see much of a difference after using it. My skin definitely didn't hate it but also there wasn't any magical result visible. I won't repurchase this mask but maybe I will try some other mask from the brand.

Next is another The Body Shop item and it is their Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring body lotion for sensitive skin. This smells similar to the mask but even better. This helped me sleep like a baby at night. It is just such a comforting scent and I will definitely repurchase it again but at the moment I'm on a no buy for lotions because I have way too many.

The very last product is Dusch das Magnolia body wash. I stopped counting how many of these I finished already. The brand makes very inexpensive body washes and this scent is lovely. I always grab one of these at the store, I just can't resist. At the moment I don't think I have a back up but since I have plenty of different ones I'm not stressed but after I finish some more I'm getting this one again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day