29 October 2022

Medex elanosol lip balms


cold season is in front of us and my lips need some extra pampering. I purchased these two from Medex, brand famous for their Honey and Honey infused products. 

Because I couldn't decide only on one so I got two elanosold lip balms (they have many more). First is Care for dry lips with natural honey wax, Shea butter, Buckthorn oil and vitamin E. The other version is Junior with natural honey wax, propolis, honey, Shea butter, vitamin B2 and E. Based on all these ingredients I thought I would prefer Junior version... The are both soft and melt nicely into my lips and at the same time last for quite a while so I don't need to reapply non stop and I love that.

First one is Care which is a bit paler in comparison with the Junior but here lays, at least in my opinion the only flaw. Junior is darker and also tinted, one layer means nothing but reapplying it through the entire day the color builds and I ended looking like I have been eating eggs or some other yellow food but forgot to wash, it is so tinted. After I figure that out I kept it at home and used it when no one would be around. They are quite greasy which is only a plus in my books and also nicely nourishing. Ingredients used are nice are support my needs. Care version smells a bit like Honey while Junior is Orange scented. I will buy Care option again, mabe even try some others but Junior is a no go for me, solely because of the yellow tint.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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