31 October 2022



it is the last day of the spooky month and I have a nice collection of empties.

First item is Avon care replenishing moisture body wash with Avocado. It is a bit creamy so when I squeezed it out it didn't spill out so that is much appreciated. The scent was also very nice and creamy, not sure about the Avocado scent but I really like it. I can see that they repackaged this one and I can only hope that it is still the same because I really like it and I would buy it again.

COSRX Salicylic acid daily gentle cleanser with 0,5 % Salicilyc acid content. It is creamy in texture and I used it almost every day in the shower on already cleansed face. My face really liked it since my skin responds well to the Salicylic acid and using it daily improved my overall look of my skin. It is more clear and if breakouts do come for a visit they are gone faster than usual. I really like this product and I already bought myself a new tube to use in the shower.

Avon wild berries hand lotion with Raspberry, Vanilla and Orange is this next tube. This has to be one of the best scented hand creams but unfortunately the formula for me didn't work. It was a thicker lotion and the cream just sat on top of my hands, leaving  greasy prints everywhere and my hands still felt dry. When I washed my hands hours after applying it it just came off. Avon has better creams but I will miss the lovely scent.

Next is another Avon's product, this is eye shadow quad in the Stone Taupe option. I used up one of the shades and the other three had massive pans showing but unfortunately I dropped it and the remaining powers shatter so there is nothing to show. I loved all of the shades but at the moment I'm in reducing and decluttering so I won't buy it again but after I finish some more shadows this one is likely to be repurchased (light cream shade, sateen taupe, light and dark grey were the shades included-cool toned shadows for lighter complexions).

Mini in there is Clarins lip comfort oil in the shade Honey. I bought four minis from Clarins to try them out (lip oil and lipstick didn't work for me so I already pass them on) and this oil was probably what made me buy it in the first place. This mini held 2,8 ml of product, enough to really try it out. It is yellow but there was thankfully no tint, I expected to have more prominent honey scent but it was very glossy even though it didn't last for long, most oils don't last. The other day I had pretty dry and flaked lips so I thought that this is perfect to test it out since lip oils are supposed to be very nourishing... I didn't notice any difference, my lips remained dry so this product didn't live up to my expectations so I won't be buying it.

The very last item is Essence Mosaic compact powder in the shade Sunkissed Beauty (I think it is the only shade available). It had different shades included and when mixed all together this bronzer had a peachy tone to it while also being very light. All in all this worked very well for me, it was not too warm but peachy tone nicely complimented my cheeks, it did had some random shimmer but I don't think it was very noticeable or at least it didn't bother me. I almost repurchased it but then I decided to use up what I already have and then get it again since this has to be one of my favorites.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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