28 February 2019



this month really was short. It came to an end way too fast but the thing I'm glad is the Spring. It feels like it is just around the corner and I can't wait, what about you?

Tea tree oil makes my skin happier and I'm super glad that I have found this The Body Shop Tea tree pore minimiser primer. I don't think that it does much priming but what I love about it is that it makes my skin matte and it is treating my skin while I'm wearing make-up. I love it and  I have already repurchased it.

Next is a little 10 ml perfume from Avon and it is called Cherish the Moment. I used up the lotion, I believe last year and since I liked the scent I bought this mini version. The scent at first is very strong, sweet and I don't like it in this perfume version (at first it smells very fake and cheap, at least to my nose) but if I leave it on my skin to warm up a bit then it turns out to be rather nice. Still sweet and flowery but not so offensive. I imagine people easily get headaches if I would use it too much at once. I liked it and I did get some sweet comments at how lovely I smell but honesty I won't repurchase it again.

Last year I was in need for some night eye cream and I was too cheap to get my favorite (Avon Anew nutri-advance eye cream) so I bought a couple 'substitutes'. This one from Terra Naturi with pomegranate was a bit of a fail.  It is a white cream, a bit thicker but it does absorb nicely into the skin. The 'issue' I had was that my under eye area got really dry (I was sick for almost two months) and this didn't help much. I guess it is a nice cream but only if your eye area isn't too dry.

This big tub is Avon clearskin professional complete treatment pads. Inside you get 30 presoaked pads and even though they recommend to use them for cleaning I used them on clean skin and if I had any fresh breakouts it slightly burn so I avoided the eye area as much as possible. I honesty didn't notice any difference in my skin but for the most part I have to take the blame. I know I should use them regularly but I wasn't so the blame is on me. I won't repurchase them simply because I know I won't use them. I already have a lot of steps in my cleansing and moisturizing routine that is why this guy never got a fair chance.

Next is this third and last pot of Balea multipurpose cream. They constantly come out with new scents and they cost just a little over one euro so it is pretty easy to buy them. I really just wasn't thinking too much, I thought that it smelled great and I picked it up. The 'issue' I had with it was where to use it. It is a bit thicker cream that takes a while to absorb. The ingredients list isn't anything special so I wasn't using it on my face, the pot is small so if I  would use it all over my body I would be done with it after two or three uses. At the end I used it on my hands before leaving so I would put my gloves on top and the material absorbed all the excess, a bit gross but that was the only way I could think of finishing it up.

This little guy is super old (I believe it is my oldest eye shadow)Avon Color Trend Halo eye shadow. I remember it was marked as primer and shadow but it was too drying on my skin and everything creased even faster. I don't have any swatches of it (I already had a big pan showing in the center but the last part of it fell out which wasn't planned). It was very light like my skin tone with some shimmer. If it would be shimmer free I could easily use it on top of my pimples for some extra coverage (the pigmentation was insane) and for some drying effect. I mostly used it to fix mistakes, so if I went a bit too high with eye shadow on one eye or too far out I put this powder on top and it was covered. We had a good run but now it is retiring.

The very last used products are my beloved lippies. First we have beautiful Misslyn color kiss lipbutter in the shade Sunbath. The color is soft peach and I liked that it wasn't overly pigmented because  light milky shades can turn not so nice on the lips. This gave just enough color and plenty of shine to my lips and I can't praise it enough. I think they are still available but now my eyes are locked on the brighter pink shade.

Avon ultra glazewear absolute Renewing Rose lip gloss has to be my ultimate favorite one. This what you can see is the third and sadly also the last tube of it that I went through. Yep, I finished three tubes of the same color. That is called love  ;)  Avon makes lovely glosses and this one was not an exception. I loved the soft cushion-y feel, glossines and above all the mauve color which gave my lips just a hint of  color.

Next in line is another favorite of mine, it is Catrice Ultimate color Kiss me if you can lipstick and behold, this is the second tube of this exact color that I went through. This soft pink hue is perfect for my skin tone, I liked it so much that the intense shimmer in it didn't even bother me, in fact I kind of liked it. I know shocking ;)   I would get it again if Catrice would repromote it.

The very last item is the most bland of them all and it is Himalaya Cocoa butter lip balm. I say bland because it is sheer, colorless but it turns out to be a pretty nice balm. At first it felt a bit hard and I didn't liked it too much but after time it grew on me and maybe it even become a bit softer in texture so it was easier to spread. It had a slight cocoa scent which is a plus in my books but the thing that matters the most about lip balms is the nourishing component and this green baby had it. It was nice but at the moment I'm sort of drowning in lip balms so I have to finish what I have before I go out and buy some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 February 2019

new Essence and Catrice products


it is this time around when Essence and Catrice revamps their entire counter. In my previous post I have shown you what I got from soon to be gone collection but this time around I'm showing you brand new products that arrived to me thanks to the lovely people at Cosnova.

Essence will have a new line of three lip balms named my beauty lip ritual. I received the nourishing one with rice oil, there is also one with ginko and one with cherry blossom extract. For now I can say that the cap sits very firmly on the tube so there is no fear of coming off inside my purse.

At first I was shocked when they announced that they will retire their entire the gel nail polish collection and also replace their signature bottle design (it is very special and I really like it). New bottles still look special (I can't think of any other brand that would use the same bottle design), it fits nicely in my palm and what is super important (at least to me) is that they still carry the same amount of product, 8 ml.  Now they are named Shine last & Go and the color that I got is called Millennial Pink and it looks super nice in the bottle, I'm curious how it will apply, pastels are know to be hard to work with.

On the top there is the new Catrice HD active performance primer with SPF 30. I'm already using their foundation in the same glass bottle and I'm sold on it so when I saw this baby I knew I had to get it because the foundation on its own is amazing but I'm worried that when my skin will get oilier I will need a good primer underneath and then bam! They came out with this cutie, it makes me think that it was made to be used with their foundation because of the same type of  packaging and SPF 30 claim sound amazing. I can't wait to start using it.

I'm crazy about lip glosses and I'm super happy that the trend of glossy lips is coming back, not that I care what other people are wearing but that just means that brands will come out with more of them and selection will be richer (not that I need more lip glosses  ;) Catrice named their new line Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss and my pretty nude shade is Nude Sapphire. Some of the shades are shimmery but mine is in a cream finish which I prefer.

The very last item is a small eye shadow palette. Catrice came out with four different color options and I like all of them. I like how small the palettes are and that you get a nice variety of shades in each (they are not one color driven, just one color in different shades and tones and I appreciate that). Soul Searcher palette in Namaste all day! is very neutral toned with one brighter blue shade, all of them have some sort of shimmer and since I'm not huge on matte I like this a lot.

Thank you Cosnova PR team for sending me this amazing package, I really can't thank you enough.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 February 2019

Essence gel nail polishes


did anyone else's heart skip a beat when Essence announced that they will retire their amazing line of the gel nail polishes?
I immediately started to make lists of shades that I 'needed' and rushed to the store to get them.

Now I have some more information and it seems that some of the shade will come back and that I didn't really need to pick them up (Sweet as Candy and On air!) but I still did because they were only 99 cents ;)

First is Sweet as Candy, I love soft milky shades and this I think was a good purchase even though this color will still be available in the new range.

Bright blue is named Eclectic Blue and it is really bright and light, I personally love this type of blue and every time I see a color like that it makes me happy. So, money well spent.

This fun cheerleader character roams the shade named Rockablue but in my opinion this is grey. I'm all about grey nail polish and this one reminds me a lot of the discontinued shade Grey-t to be here.

The very last one and also very similar to the previous is Miracle Stone. It dries somewhat matte and has some shimmer in it. I hope I will get along with this matte formula, I will let you know.

Now let's skip on the more neutral territory with the cool shade named Tip Top Taupe. I have nothing like that and the fact that it leans slightly lavender is what sold me on it. I just hope I will wear it with joy.

On Air! is another shade that will return so there was no need to get it now but sparkles spoke to me and I had to get it. I have some vision to use it as an accent color or maybe as a topper if it isn't too opaque, we will see.

The third shade is very unusual for  me but while in the store I had to have it. Now the more I look at it the more I think I won't like it. It is Flamingold and it is giving me a weird feeling, still one day I will put it on and maybe it will surprise me, you never know.

The very last one wasn't even on my list but when I saw it in person I had to grab it. It has a very deep brown base with beautiful flakes dispersed in it. Even the name seems fitting since they call it Glitter Choc. I have a feeling that this one will become on of my favorites.

This was a bit much, I know but since I haven't buy anything from Catrice or anything else from Essence I think it is not that bad. Usually when these two brand put their products on sale I get much more so 8 bottles of nail polish is in my opinion not so much if you take in consideration that I could grab tons of eye shadows, lipsticks, balms, blushes, primers, powders, tools...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 February 2019



it is the middle of the month and also a Valentine's day. Happy celebration to everyone, I'm sending lots of love and hugs out into the world. I'm single but that doesn't stop me, love is everywhere and it is nice to be reminded every once in a while to tell your favorite people how you feel or just smooch them. Today I'm going to visit my family and my furry friends and we will spent some nice, quality time together.
This is also the time to show some more love to my blog and used up products. Actually all four that I have finished will eventually be repurchased, they are that good.

Avon Naturals Passion fruit and Peony body lotion is amazing. The lotion has nice consistency which absorbs quickly, it moisturizes nicely (I wouldn't recommend it for super dry skin) and the scent is something I was completely blown away. I think I had this in the past so I had to get it to see if I still like it and boy, oh boy, do I love it. If you like fresh fruity scents with just a tad of flowery note than this is for you.

Another lotion in a very similar scent category is this little Nivea Berry Charming mix me pot (there are two other versions which I also own and they suggest mixing them together to create unique experience), I was mixing it with the Avon lotion or used it on its own because I loved the scent so much. I would describe this scent as a mixture between peony and raspberry. This texture also absorbed very quickly and made my skin smell divine. This one also reached top spot and most probably I will repurchase it again.

Aveo Melon nail polish remover is very cheap and effective nail varnish remover. This version contains acetone and next time when I will be buying it I will get it again because at the moment I'm using one version without acetone and it takes much longer and way more rubbing to get it off.

The very last item is something that my skin really likes and this has to be my third or fourth bottle of it, it is Alkmene tea tree face wash. Two pumps wash my entire make-up off (even waterproof mascara that I'm using right now) and my skin seems to respond to the tea tree oil really well. Right now I have the Himalaya neem foaming face wash which is another favorite of mine and I think I will most probably just stick with these two for now.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 February 2019

Oily Glow


Essence recently scared me with their list of soon to be discontinued products. Did you see it? Every single product appeared on it and I went crazy, there is sooo many awesome products and I wasn't going to let all of them go. Long story short they realized their mistake after a week or so but I already fish out some forgotten products that I already own to see if I 'need' backups. Product that I am showing you today is staying for a little longer but someone might be interested in it.

Essence Cuddly Cushion Gloss in Oily Glow version is the one that sparkled my attention (there are also Milky, Buttery and Honey).
The packaging is very long and slim but don't get fooled you only get 1,5 ml of product.
At the bottom there is twist up mechanism that you twist until the product comes out (a little warning, I thought that mine was broken because I had to twist so much, you will get some muscles so be prepared ;)

Here you can see that the product was pushed upwards but that wasn't enough. When the gloss reached the Essence writing I started to get some product out. The packaging is a bit deceiving but all in all they did say it only holds 1,5 ml.

The applicator is this huge fuzzy ball and if you have large lips then lucky you. Mine are small and thin so I had to be a bit careful not to get product everywhere but even though the liquid looks yellow it is clear on the lips.

To me it smells like honey and coconut, very very nice. It is moisturizing but unfortunately it only last about 15 - 20 min on my lips and then reapplication is necessary.

I like its moisturizing properties and the scent is just divine but on the downsize I'm bothered a bit about the packaging and how little you get, I'm also not crazy about the fuzzy top and how quickly it sinks in.

This product cost more than 4 eur here and I think it is a bit expensive for what you get but if they would really discontinue it I would probably get a backup and maybe the honey version as well.

Do you have it? What do you think of it?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

01 February 2019



my life has caught up with me and I haven't find any time to blog. I hope that now things will slow down and I will get back to reviewing and posting since I still enjoy it a lot.
This time my empties pile is a bit smaller but it feels so good to throw empty packaging away  ;)

First is one of my favorite shampoos ever. It is Avon naturals vitamin complex shampoo and conditioner with basil and lotus flower. It had lovely scent but also the formula made my hair clean, soft and silky. Something that it is hard to find, there are clarifying shampoos and then there are moisturizing ones but rarely you can find these qualities together. I  think this was my third and also the last bottle of it since Avon don't sell it anymore.

Another bottle of lotion is out the door and this time it is The Body Shop's Frosted Plum from 2017 holiday collection. I liked the cozy and warm scent but when I was rubbing it onto my skin it started to smell just slightly plastic-y. Not so much that it would bother me but enough to notice it. I'm glad that I didn't pick any backups of this scent. This past year though I got another LE scent and I can't wait to start using it.

Skin 79 Hot Pink BB cream is one of my favorite BB creams ever. This brand Skin 79 make amazing ones and for me this one and the V.I.P. Gold are the best. My tube was quite old so I used it on my neck but I have backup which will get in use in the Summer time especially on the vacation.

REN is an expensive brand which products promise miracles. I had high expectations for this product but it did disappoint me. The texture is somewhat thick but it absorb fast (I would apply more than necessary because it absorbed so fast and it left my skin feel almost dry) the next morning my skin didn't look amazing as the name suggest: wake wonderful night time facial but it was dry and dull. Something in this formula just didn't work for me. I didn't want to just toss it so I top it off with some oil and that is how I managed to use up the entire tube. Needless to say that I won't repurchase it again ;)

The very last item is only half used up and it is Avon nail experts nail illuminator nail base. It looks slightly blue toned but on the nails it is clear. While it does make my nails appear whiter I just don't wear clear polish on its own so it is pointless. I wore it as a base coat for my colorful polishes but that didn't work ether. The next day or within the same one if I washed my hand a lot the polish would peel of. That is great if you wear some glitters and want it gone the next day but otherwise it is pointless so I would rather use base coats that keep my polish on for longer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day