12 February 2019

Oily Glow


Essence recently scared me with their list of soon to be discontinued products. Did you see it? Every single product appeared on it and I went crazy, there is sooo many awesome products and I wasn't going to let all of them go. Long story short they realized their mistake after a week or so but I already fish out some forgotten products that I already own to see if I 'need' backups. Product that I am showing you today is staying for a little longer but someone might be interested in it.

Essence Cuddly Cushion Gloss in Oily Glow version is the one that sparkled my attention (there are also Milky, Buttery and Honey).
The packaging is very long and slim but don't get fooled you only get 1,5 ml of product.
At the bottom there is twist up mechanism that you twist until the product comes out (a little warning, I thought that mine was broken because I had to twist so much, you will get some muscles so be prepared ;)

Here you can see that the product was pushed upwards but that wasn't enough. When the gloss reached the Essence writing I started to get some product out. The packaging is a bit deceiving but all in all they did say it only holds 1,5 ml.

The applicator is this huge fuzzy ball and if you have large lips then lucky you. Mine are small and thin so I had to be a bit careful not to get product everywhere but even though the liquid looks yellow it is clear on the lips.

To me it smells like honey and coconut, very very nice. It is moisturizing but unfortunately it only last about 15 - 20 min on my lips and then reapplication is necessary.

I like its moisturizing properties and the scent is just divine but on the downsize I'm bothered a bit about the packaging and how little you get, I'm also not crazy about the fuzzy top and how quickly it sinks in.

This product cost more than 4 eur here and I think it is a bit expensive for what you get but if they would really discontinue it I would probably get a backup and maybe the honey version as well.

Do you have it? What do you think of it?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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