23 February 2019

Essence gel nail polishes


did anyone else's heart skip a beat when Essence announced that they will retire their amazing line of the gel nail polishes?
I immediately started to make lists of shades that I 'needed' and rushed to the store to get them.

Now I have some more information and it seems that some of the shade will come back and that I didn't really need to pick them up (Sweet as Candy and On air!) but I still did because they were only 99 cents ;)

First is Sweet as Candy, I love soft milky shades and this I think was a good purchase even though this color will still be available in the new range.

Bright blue is named Eclectic Blue and it is really bright and light, I personally love this type of blue and every time I see a color like that it makes me happy. So, money well spent.

This fun cheerleader character roams the shade named Rockablue but in my opinion this is grey. I'm all about grey nail polish and this one reminds me a lot of the discontinued shade Grey-t to be here.

The very last one and also very similar to the previous is Miracle Stone. It dries somewhat matte and has some shimmer in it. I hope I will get along with this matte formula, I will let you know.

Now let's skip on the more neutral territory with the cool shade named Tip Top Taupe. I have nothing like that and the fact that it leans slightly lavender is what sold me on it. I just hope I will wear it with joy.

On Air! is another shade that will return so there was no need to get it now but sparkles spoke to me and I had to get it. I have some vision to use it as an accent color or maybe as a topper if it isn't too opaque, we will see.

The third shade is very unusual for  me but while in the store I had to have it. Now the more I look at it the more I think I won't like it. It is Flamingold and it is giving me a weird feeling, still one day I will put it on and maybe it will surprise me, you never know.

The very last one wasn't even on my list but when I saw it in person I had to grab it. It has a very deep brown base with beautiful flakes dispersed in it. Even the name seems fitting since they call it Glitter Choc. I have a feeling that this one will become on of my favorites.

This was a bit much, I know but since I haven't buy anything from Catrice or anything else from Essence I think it is not that bad. Usually when these two brand put their products on sale I get much more so 8 bottles of nail polish is in my opinion not so much if you take in consideration that I could grab tons of eye shadows, lipsticks, balms, blushes, primers, powders, tools...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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