24 February 2019

new Essence and Catrice products


it is this time around when Essence and Catrice revamps their entire counter. In my previous post I have shown you what I got from soon to be gone collection but this time around I'm showing you brand new products that arrived to me thanks to the lovely people at Cosnova.

Essence will have a new line of three lip balms named my beauty lip ritual. I received the nourishing one with rice oil, there is also one with ginko and one with cherry blossom extract. For now I can say that the cap sits very firmly on the tube so there is no fear of coming off inside my purse.

At first I was shocked when they announced that they will retire their entire the gel nail polish collection and also replace their signature bottle design (it is very special and I really like it). New bottles still look special (I can't think of any other brand that would use the same bottle design), it fits nicely in my palm and what is super important (at least to me) is that they still carry the same amount of product, 8 ml.  Now they are named Shine last & Go and the color that I got is called Millennial Pink and it looks super nice in the bottle, I'm curious how it will apply, pastels are know to be hard to work with.

On the top there is the new Catrice HD active performance primer with SPF 30. I'm already using their foundation in the same glass bottle and I'm sold on it so when I saw this baby I knew I had to get it because the foundation on its own is amazing but I'm worried that when my skin will get oilier I will need a good primer underneath and then bam! They came out with this cutie, it makes me think that it was made to be used with their foundation because of the same type of  packaging and SPF 30 claim sound amazing. I can't wait to start using it.

I'm crazy about lip glosses and I'm super happy that the trend of glossy lips is coming back, not that I care what other people are wearing but that just means that brands will come out with more of them and selection will be richer (not that I need more lip glosses  ;) Catrice named their new line Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss and my pretty nude shade is Nude Sapphire. Some of the shades are shimmery but mine is in a cream finish which I prefer.

The very last item is a small eye shadow palette. Catrice came out with four different color options and I like all of them. I like how small the palettes are and that you get a nice variety of shades in each (they are not one color driven, just one color in different shades and tones and I appreciate that). Soul Searcher palette in Namaste all day! is very neutral toned with one brighter blue shade, all of them have some sort of shimmer and since I'm not huge on matte I like this a lot.

Thank you Cosnova PR team for sending me this amazing package, I really can't thank you enough.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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