31 August 2018



I keep myself really busy lately and I don't have too much time to spare but I'm still taking care of myself and have some empties to show it to you before I take them to the bin.

I will start with two lip glosses. The Catrice Alluring Reds Moulin's Rouge gloss was fantastic, this formula was one of my favorite (this is a limited edition shade but the formula is the same as it was on their shine appeal liquid lipsticks). Pigmented and very glossy, just the way I like it. Also this 'soft' red shade was great.

Next one is Avon's ultra glazewear absolute gloss in the shade Renewing Rose (my second tube of it). This soft mauve shade worked with my naturally pigmented lips really well and the formula is another of my favorites. I'm happy that I have another backup somewhere but I will have to start wearing it ASAP because I'm too scared that it might go bad.

I was super curious about this new line of Lush face masks so I bought The birth of Venus jelly mask. The guy helped me out and recommended me this one for the oily skin. It comes like a nice, smooth jelly but you have to cut it (I just used my nails to get it out) that is why it looks like rabbits nib on it ;) This formula is so weird and I couldn't get used to it. The instructions said that you take a little piece and mix it with some water and it should emulsify and create paste/foam to massage your face with it. Well, I did everything but this jelly just didn't want to dissolve and I always managed to drop it ether in the sink or shower (wherever I was at the time). It is so frustrating that I'm just tossing it in the trash. I even took a piece and put it in a little container filled with water and it stayed solid. I don't know how this is supposed to work or maybe I got the 'broken' one?

I don't go often to the Yves Rocher store but whenever I go I always get something for free and this one was another free product. I got to choose the scent and they just gave it to me. I picked up the Orange blossom and Lavender scented body butter because I'm obsessed with lavender  but this one smells more like orange blossom, a bit bitter and not so much like the purple flower. It was thick and it did moisturize my skin well but it was nothing too impressive so I won't repurchase it not even in other scents.

Avon care glycerin hand, nail and cuticle cream is my favorite cream. I have gone through so many tubes of it and it is always somewhere near me. At the moment I have one at work and one at home next to my tv remote. Sometimes I pick the limited edition packaging in the Winter time or slightly scented Spring options to spice thing up. They always have the same formula that I love so much so different packaging is just for my visual pleasure.

 Avon Femme perfume was a little Rose scented perfume. I would use it solo or in combination with some other scents. It honestly is nothing special just Rose scented perfume but I liked it. I probably won't repurchase it again because it didn't last on me plus at the moment I still have so many full bottles that I'm on a complete no buy considering scents but the Christmas and New Year discounts are coming and I will feel weak so I have to save my money till then at least ;)

The very last item is this Batiste heavenly volume dry shampoo. I like their formula even though I have to be careful not to spray too much because of the white cast. I already used and repurchased Peony one which is divine for  my nose  ;) but this one smells just like the 'old' dry shampoos. Not disgusting but also not too pleasant and the volume that they are promising was just making my hair sticky. I won't spend my money on this one again but I will try some other scents.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2018



this time I feel like I don't have that many empties as usually but some of them took me a long time to get through so I'm glad that I can finally trash them.

First is the Aveo Lotus nail polish remover. It is very cheap and it does its job. I already bought new bottle in a different 'scent'.

Himalaya purifying neem foaming face wash is my favorite face wash. This is the third bottle that I went through and I will definitely repurchase it again but for now I have some other bottles that I need to use up.

The next product has been in my stash for years. I remember also buying the lotion which was used up shortly after buying it but the wash stayed hidden for so long. It is Avon Skin So Soft body wash with watermint. It smelled nicely refreshing but not as minty as I would like. The texture was a smidge too watery for me so whenever I used it I pour way too much. I had it for less than a month and it was gone too soon.

Hawaiian Tropic makes wonderfully scented sun lotions. I used up this Silk Hydration face protective sun lotion with 30 SPF. It was too greasy for my face so I never really use it and I just let it sit in my drawl until this year. I used it as a 'regular' lotion on my arms because of the delicious coconut scent but on top I would always apply something with an unexpired SPF. In the future I am interested to buy more body sun protection from them but only on sale because they are a bit more expensive than the recently reviewed Sun Dance brand.

Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose multipurpose balm is the little pot in front. I had two other scents which I purchase at the same time and I wish I didn't. They are simply not moisturizing enough for me. I would use them at night and in the morning my lips would be dry and in desperate need of moisture. I should just toss it right away but I can't prepare myself to throw products away just like that. I did like the Rose scent but that was all that I liked.

The very last item is this huge 700 ml bottle of Avon naturals full volume Raspberry and Hibiscus shampoo. It used to be my favorite because not only it smells fresh like Raspberries but it also made my hair smooth, voluminous and a bit textured (my natural hair state is flat and straight). This time I didn't noticed any of it and I even had a feeling like it didn't cleansed them completely. I am very disappointed and I won't repurchase it any time soon maybe next year I will try it again but I will definitely get the smaller bottle first.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 August 2018

new Essence and Catrice products


Cosnova PR team sent me this huge package of goodies and I couldn't be happier. I  picked out the items that I wanted so I have a very strong feeling that I'm going to love all of them.

I don't think that the new Essence products are on our shelves already but they will be in a week or two.

I got Prime + Studio mattifying + pore minimizing primer with black clay (there are three versions for different skin types). I'm on a hunt for a really good mattifying primer and this one came out at just the right time.

Cosmic lights is the new line of metallic nail varnishes with holo glitter dispensed in the base. It looks interesting and I can't wait to try it out. There are 6 color options, I received Welcome to the Universe.

They will come out with new concealers in matte (three color options available) and dewy (two shades) finish. I received Camouflage +healthy glow concealer in the shade 10 Light Ivory. It is the lighter out of the two shades and I will see how it handles my under eye area.

New line of lipsticks will join the range and they are the Velvet matte lipsticks. I received fiery red in the shade 06 Unredsistible. The shade looks bold and I hope that the formula will be a longlasting one.

The very last item from Essence is this Melted Chrome 04 Steel the look eye shadow. Even in the packaging this baby looks sparkly and intense, something for brave people ;)

I sign up for another face primer. It is called Prime and Fine poreless blur primer Goodbye Pores with longlasting soft focus effect. It will be interesting to see which one will perform better on my oily skin. I will inform you back as soon as possible.

I already had one of their waterproof mascaras and just recently (in my last empties) I had to trash it because I had it open for way too long. I'm super happy to get to try a new one especially since my sister's wedding is around the corner. The Little Black one waterproof volume mascara in Like Jackie O is mine in the blue packaging, there is also the silver version available which isn't waterproof if you don't like that  formula.

Eye shadow Stix up to 12h lasting sweat proof in the color 010 Satinfaction caught my attention the moment I saw the preview. I don't quite know what it is about pencil styled shadows that attract me so much but I really like them. This lighter shade looks perfect for me.

And lastly are the cool Peeloff glam effect nail varnishes. I love adding glitter on top of 'boring' cremes so I wonder if they will perform on top of other varnishes or they have to be applied directly on the dry nail? I guess we will see. There are 8 shades and I received 01 Stress does not go well with my polish and 03 When in doubt, just add glitter.

Huh, that was a lot and in front of me are days full of testing and I can't wait to try all of the products out. Thank you Cosnova for a wonderful gift.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 August 2018

030 Periwinkle


I had my eye on this nail polish ever since I saw this collection online. I patiently waited for it to come into our stores and bought it immediately. It is this bright color that makes me so very happy and I'm glad that the formula is nice as well.

It is Trend it up nail varnish from their Electric Valley LE in the shade 030. It is my very first nail polish from them so I had no idea what to expect in terms of formula.

It is bright periwinkle blue which in certain light leans towards lavender. It never crosses that line but it gets close (I think that the photo with the bottle is the most realistic one).

I also love the white flakes that are dispensed in the base. They are not shiny on the Sun but gives you that underwater/vacation vibe, at least for me it does. So not only the color impresses me it is also the particles that makes it stand out.
The formula is a bit more liquid (hence the poured cuticles on my ring finger) but it lasted for quite some time. I did got tip wear the next day but that happens with pretty much every nail polish because I  use my nails to type and not the fingertips.

This 11 ml bottle will last me for a really long time but that is great since I was on a hunt for such a lovely periwinkle shade ever since I used up Essence Forget me not nail varnish two years ago. It was a long search  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 August 2018

Master Pink


Rimmel London has been present in Slovenia for a couple of years now and I feel like I haven't explore much from them. Since I am a huge fan of lip glosses and lip oils are just more nourishing and a little thinner version I was bound to love them. When I saw them on Rimmel stand I couldn't resist in buying one.

Rimmel Oh my Gloss! oil tint in the shade Master Pink is the one I bought. On their website I can see six shades but I think here we only have four to choose from.

It feels a bit thinner than the lip gloss but it doesn't run down your chin if that is something you're scare about.

The applicator is big/long and on one side very wide, on the sides it is thin. It is very easy to use and it carries enough product for one set of lips.

Very unusual applicator, like a vessel on a boat but it works.

It has a nice brand embossing on the silver cap, the bottle is slightly twisted which also makes it unique in my collection. The plastic bottle is not see through which is another unusual feature (I prefer my liquid lip products to have clear packaging so I know where I am) I have also noticed that the cap started to leak a bit. I don't carry it around in my purse. I have it at home standing tall but some of the product still manages to get spilled, not much but still enough to annoy me.

At first this shade is very milky pink and it looks a bit light on my lips but if I wait like 10-15 min the stain kicks in and tints my lips a bit deeper, more rosy and the glossy sheen stays for another 30 minutes or so.
The shine as I said fades very soon but the pink stain leaves my lips nicely flushed.

I tried to take photos of my lips but none of them turned out nice so for now there are only arm swatches. On the lips it looks a little deeper (it also depends from your natural color, if your lips are deeper or more red toned at first it will look very weird but if you wait it will stain them nicely with a deeper pink which will suit you). I think the stain color turns out to be very nice and even but you have to spare some 15 min to turn it out great (I do my eye make up and I get dressed and by then my lips look great). I like it but I wish that the gloss would stay on for longer so I think I prefer the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Rimmel Master Pink is lighter and brighter than the Revlon Honey one). I am not comparing the shades since they are different but the formulas, Revlon one doesn't have a glossy look to it but if I wait around 15 min to really set I can apply regular clear gloss on top which last longer and so I get nicely stained lips with plenty of shine.

I checked the other available shades and none of them convinced me to buy more. I'm glad that I tried it out and for sure I will finish it up but I won't be repurchasing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 August 2018



I'm a little off schedule with my empties but for that I can 'blame' my vacation. I came back yesterday and it was amazing. I spent a lot of time on the sun with tons of sun cream on so I didn't got burn, next year I'm buying Sun Dance lotions again but maybe not the same ones.

I used up two Sun Dance SPF lotions. The first is the Melon scented foam (last year I bought two of them and used up the Strawberry one in the same Summer). I liked this fresher scent better but otherwise the foam that comes out is sticky (not great for an everyday life but on the beach I don't mind greasy feeling). It was waterproof so especially great for swimming but I used it up pretty fast.
Then I started to use another SPF 30 lotion with coconut scent also a bit greasy, not so much, but this one was a thicker white cream. None of these two was my favorite, one too sticky the other was too white but my skin stayed protected and that is all that matters. Sun Dance has a large collection of sun lotions and every year they come out with some new ones so I'm sure I will find something suited for my needs next year.

To retain moisture I used this Avon naturals Apricot and Shea lotion (not the most moisturizing in the world) but the light texture and pleasant scent convinced me. I think this is my third bottle of this particular one and now it is no longer available so it is also the last one.

Dove makes great deodorants/antiperspirants for me and this one was another winner. I really like the roll-ons even though you have to wait a little longer to dry before putting clothes on. The scent on this Mineral Touch was fresh and clean, just how I want to feel and smell after a long day on the sun.

The very last one is also an oldie. It is Avon Be Serene... perfume. I remember there were three different ones in this Be... collection but I only got the 'blue' one. It smelled very fresh and a bit flowery, nothing too much, think of a fabric softener, something like that. Their original Perceive smells very similar.

L'oreal infallible 24-h matte Vanilla foundation is already repurchased. I love this high coverage, buildable and matte foundation. It is my go-to and I'm already using the new tube. My only complain would be the dark shade but to fix that I buy The Body Shop lightening drops and I adjust the shade every morning to match me perfectly.

Catrice made under TE Active Warrior this wonderful make-up freezing spray. I received one bottle as PR but I went and bought two more bottles. This one is the first one to go but I have backups to last me through this year.

Another Catrice item sent to me was this lashes to kill waterproof mascara. I already raved about it and I still love it. The brush isn't rubbery and that worried me a little at first but after I tried it it was great. It was lenghtening and volumizing, the only thing that was lacking was the curl hold other than that it was really nice and I think I will repurchase it for my sister's wedding which is just around the corner.

This is another repurchase and probably by now everyone has already discovered how great are Catrice concealers. This liquid camouflage Porcellain concealer is especially great for under eye area because it isn't so drying. I love this one around my eyes and the pot version for all over my face. While the cream one lasts very long this liquid one gets used up relatively fast, thank God it is inexpensive ;)

The very last Catrice products is Pure Brilliants Next Stop Golden Gate Bridge colour lip balm I loved the Pure Shine balms but when they were discontinuing them I couldn't find any in desired shade so I picked up this one thinking it would be similar just with shimmer. I was right the formula was similar, nourishing and glossy but the balm is packed with shimmer so I had to be careful not to end up looking like a clown, the orange tint didn't help ether. I would get the Pure Shines one in a heartbeat but the Pure Brilliants left me cold.

We are almost at the finish line with this second Essence invisible kiss transparent lip liner in Multitalent Wonder shade. It is essentially just a clear waxy liner which 'seals' the lips especially if they are dry or chapped. It runs smoothly over lines and makes lips smooth so when I would go over with a tinted lip product no one could tell that my lips weren't in their best condition. I have another backup but I already bought one from Avon which I haven't put it to the test jet.

Essence Pure Nude powder in Nude Beige was so so for me. Nothing too impressive so when I found better ones I started to use this one on my neck (I drag my foundation or BB cream down my neck and chest area, it depends from my shirt cut and because I wear my hair down I have to powder my neck as well otherwise my hair would get stuck). For that I always use powders that aren't my favorite and just use them up, that happened to this one and I'm happy to see it gone.

The Terra Naturi Ivory face powder was on the other hand a very good one. Too bad that it is gone. They repackaged the whole line and while they still have face powders they have different packaging and I don't know if they are the same. I will probably try one in the future but at the moment I think I have four or five quite full face powders that needs to be used up before I get some more.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day