30 November 2022



it is almost the end of the year, how is that possible? It feels like the Summer was here just yesterday and today it is freezing outside.

First is my beloved Avon care glycerin hand and nail cream. It has a soft floral scent, light texture which gets absorbed pretty quickly and my hands are left soft and moisturised afterwards. I bought this cream numerous times and I already have a few backups.

Next is L'occitane Fleur d'or & Acacia body oil. I remember having hand cream back In the day and I loved the scent but since this collection got discontinued and I couldn't get my hands on it. Up until recently where I saw this oil and swapped it with some fragrance. This oil still to this day smell divine to me, there is just something about Acacia scent which makes me all weak. The oil itself was on the dry side, it sinked in fast but at the same time I didn't have the felling that it did much for my skin, so I was layering it over something more moisturising and just enjoyed the scent.

Second to last is another repurchased item in my routine. It is Alkmene tea tree face wash. I used to love this face wash but lately I found myself just liking it. I think I prefer the Cerave one. This is gel like product, it thoroughly washes my face. It doesn't irritate my skin and the packaging works. I still have nothing bad to say about it but I feel like my skin just prefers something else at the moment.

And the last one is a mini, it was a gift with purchase (10 ml, otherwise you can get it in a bigger bottle). It is La Roche Posay Pure vitamin C10 serum. It has a bit of a weird scent (not citrusy but rather more chemical), it came as a thicker gel and even though it looks tiny, this bottle lasted me two weeks. I did like it but I think there are other cheaper options out there so probably I won't buy it again just because of the price.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 November 2022



this time I don't have a lot of products but almost all of them are make-up... I'm super happy to finally finish up some of my colored cosmetics since I find these to be much harder to get through plus some of these I almost got tired of and I can't wait to start using something else as a replacement.

First is my beloved Bioderma anti redness cream, it is a staple in my skincare routine for years now. I use it every second day at night time and my face is less red in the morning. The texture isn't too greasy which I appreciate as well. I already have a new tube and this cream will always be in my bathroom.

Next is MAC studio face and body foundation in the shade N1. On the bottom photo you can see swatch and on me this pulls yellow/orange and it is too dark. My solution was to apply it sheer... but then there is no coverage... I of course bought it blindly to get such an off matching but at the end I made it work. I was using it lightly on my neck, to avoid 'make-up face and bare everything else' look, just to have a sheer layer on my neck to help blend my face foundation better. I will not buy it again since the formula didn't work for me.

I finally finished up a blush! So very happy to see it gone. It was a lovely pastel peach shade and it will be missed but at the same time I'm ready to use something else as well. It is Tony Moly Salmon Nude shade but to me it is nether Salmon or nude like. It was completely matte and light in pigmentation. I really liked the formula since it was hard even for my pale complexion to get too much blush and I like sheer blushes, they work for my style of make-up.

The very last item is Catrice generation plump & shine lip gloss in the shade Rosy Amber. It was a light nudy-pink shade. On me a little too light and milky but a light layer looked ok. I loved the formula just the shade wasn't my favorite but I still made it work. I would not repurchase this shade (I think it is already discontinued) but I have one more to go through and that shade is more up my alley. 

Thank you for reading  and have a nice day

03 November 2022

Project Polish


I think this will be the last project polish post for this year and since I went through 17 bottles and my collection downsized I call this a success.

First is this gorgeous light and bright shade from Essence and it is called Eclectic Blue. It was vivid and it made me smile. I'm a sucker for this type of blue and I already have a few similar shades already so no need to hunt down this shade.

Next is also from Essence and it is named Indigo to go, dark base with blue shimmer. Super pretty and sparkly when the sun or the right light shined on it, otherwise it looked pretty modest. I love these almost black shades which hide a little secret :)

Beside blue I also love a good black with a twist. This is Misslyn Universe which dried to a sand finish witch has to be my favorite finish. This brand is no longer available here but thankfully I have a similar shade from Avon ready to be used up next.

The last in a row is another Essence, this one called Glitter Choc. A lovely dark brown which again was only noticeable in a bright light, otherwise it looked black. I absolutely adored this shade and after I will finish more bottles I will try to find a substitute. The only issue I had with this one was a massive tip wear.

Ok, all of these aren't finished but I'm giving up on them for various reasons. I will give them to my sister so maybe she will get some use out of them.

First is a lovely looking Catrice Want to be my brightsmaid? shade. I thought that it will be a milky soft color for everyday but it applies a bit streaky and uneven and after three coats it looks ok but I have other shades that look similar in tone but look so much nicer after just two coats so I decided to part with it because I don't like how sheer and uneven this one is.

Next is super old Essence Mother earth is watching you shade. Neutral with a silver frost. I recently pulled it out and decided to play with it but I'm just over it, it no longer makes me happy so I will pass it on, the formula is still really nice.

I bought this Catrice Clarity nail polish this year thinking it will replaced my lovely Misslyn Beauty Natural but this one is a tad more nude/brown and it just didn't look right in my opinion. besides the color this one also formed tip wear the very next day and I just don't want to deal with it so I will give it away.

The last one is Rimmel Sweet Retreat which I bought to use on my toes years ago but I only used it now. There is nothing wrong with it but my taste simply changed and I don't want to wear such a bright pink, that is all.

My number of nail polishes is still high but every year I manage to bring the number down and can't wait to get to a more manageable sized 'collection' of nail varnishes.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day